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A Miner Confrontation

A Miner Confrontation

Harassed by maurauding Klingons, deuterium miners found they needed both guys and guile to protect their assets.

Dilemma Dilemma - Planet dilemma Planet
Special icons: Botany Bay

To get past requires three personnel with Leadership OR three personnel with ENGINEER classification.

Characteristics: Botany Bay icon dilemma, wall dilemma, Botany Bay-icon.

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ST1E libraryCollector's Info

Virtual card from Broken Bow Broken Bow (by The Continuing Committee)
Image Source: Enterprise - Marauders (Season 2 - Episode 6)
UCT-ID : ST1E 32 V 1 (manufactor info on card: 1 V)
Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / non-foil
No "reprints" for this card (no cards published with same title and game text in another expansion or with another collection info).

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- "Botany Bay? Botany Bay?!" >by Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich)
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