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Federation icon (7) •U.S.S. Defiant, Patrolling Warship

    U.S.S. Defiant, Patrolling Warship

    Federation Federation icon Ship Ship (Defiant Class / Cloaking Device )
    Staffing reqirements: Command Command Command Staff
    Icons: Deep Space Nine related card
    When an opponent's ship move to this mission, if this ship's Commander is aboard it, that opponent's ship is stopped.

    "Restricting the Defiant to guard duty would be a serious mistake."

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    Characteristics: Federation affiliation, Deep Space None Deep Space Nine related card related, Defiant-class, Cloaking Device, U.S.S. Defiant, ship with four or more staffing icons.
    Requires: Commander.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at Jan 1st, 2008.

    ST2E libraryCollector's Info

    Rare card from Captain's Log Captain's Log (Copyright 2006)
    Image Source: Motion picture "Star Trek: First Contact" (1996)
    UCT-ID : ST2E 10 R 109 (manufactor info on card: 10 R 109)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / non-foil
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    - "Utter Defiance" by Nathan Miracle at Oct 11th, 2006
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