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    Annorax, Temporal Architect

    Non-aligned Non-Aligned icon Personnel Personnel of Krenim species.
    Icons: Command Alternate Universe
    Red Dot Anthropology   Red Dot 2 Engineer   Red Dot Leadership  
    Red Dot Physics   Red Dot Science   Red Dot 2 Treachery  
    Commander: Kyana's Hope. While this personnel is aboard your non-Federation ship, that ship is Weapons +2. Order - Remove your Temporal event that has a cost of 3 or more from the game to name an event. Each player shuffles each copy of that event they command into its owner's deck.

    Further game play infos

    Annorax, Temporal Architect counts as "matching commander" for the following ship cards:

    Characteristics: event related card, destroy an event, Non-Aligned "affiliation", enhance your WEAPONS (other cards), remove cards from the game (other cards), Alternate universe Alternate Universe related, Commander, personnel who has a cost of 3 or more, personnel who has a cost of 4 or more, personnel who has a cost of 5 or more, Krenim species.
    Requires: Temporal.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at Jan 1st, 2008.

    ST2E libraryCollector's Info

    Virtual card from The Undiscovered Country The Undiscovered Country (Copyright 2008)
    Image Source: Voyager - The Year of Hell, Part I (Season 4 - Episode 8)
    UCT-ID : ST2E 15 V 39 (manufactor info on card: 15 V 39)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / non-foil
    No "reprints" for this card (no cards published with same title & sub-title in other expansions).

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    - "2e NACC Achievements for Ken" by Kenneth Tufts
    - "Starfleet EC 2008" by Allarick
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