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    Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Klingon Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet 

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    Personnel - Ship -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    ST2E 17 V 80Raise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 110These Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 103In A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 93To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 94To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 103Captain's Log (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 104In A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 46Peak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 42 V 9Dead StopVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 9 R 14Dangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 95To Boldly Go (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 96To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 97To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 38A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 19A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 10 C 105Captain's LogCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 98To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 28 V 49Matter of TimeVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 108
    D'Velaimage (first print)
    What You Leave Behind (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 38AllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 99To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 20A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 100To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 U 104Captain's LogUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 43Zero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 43This Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 101To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 18 V 44This Side of ParadiseVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 102To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 39AllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 32 V 1720th Anniversary CollectionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 111These Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 105In A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 39A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 106
    •Hoshi Sato, Empressimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 103To Boldly Go (first print)UncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 104To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 R 112These Are The VoyagesRarePersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 105To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 21A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 9 R 15Dangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 107In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 47Peak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 24 V 40Tacking Into the WindVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 106To Boldly Go (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 15 V 43The Undiscovered CountryVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 40A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 41A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 22A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 40AllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 107To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 109What You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 108In A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 20 V 41AllegianceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 48Peak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 C 109In A Mirror, DarklyCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 40 V 44Zero HourVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 108To Boldly GoRarePersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 49UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 16 V 44Favor the BoldVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 110In A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 109To Boldly GoRarePersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 110To Boldly GoCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 23A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 42A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 17 V 81Raise the StakesVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 113These Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 24A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 111To Boldly Go (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 49Peak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 111In A Mirror, DarklyRarePersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 43A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 25 V 50UnityVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 114These Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 12 C 115These Are The VoyagesCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 39 V 17Star Trek 50VirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 112In A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 14 C 110What You Leave BehindCommonPersonnel
    ST2E 48 V 25A Less Perfect UnionVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 8 C 112To Boldly Go (first print)CommonPersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 50Peak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 113In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)UncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 9 R 16Dangerous MissionsRarePersonnel
    ST2E 13 R 114
    •T'Pol, Not a Slaveimage (first print)
    In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RarePersonnel
    ST2E 36 V 44A Time to StandVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 22 V 51Peak PerformanceVirtualPersonnel
    ST2E 13 U 115In A Mirror, DarklyUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 8 R 113To Boldly GoRarePersonnel
    ST2E 8 U 114To Boldly GoUncommonPersonnel
    ST2E 10 R 120Captain's Log (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 9 R 19Dangerous MissionsRareShip
    ST2E 22 V 54Peak Performance (first print)VirtualShip
    ST2E 8 R 117To Boldly Go (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 20 V 45AllegianceVirtualShip
    ST2E 13 U 121In A Mirror, DarklyUncommonShip
    ST2E 13 R 122In A Mirror, Darkly (first print)RareShip
    ST2E 48 V 26A Less Perfect UnionVirtualShip
    ST2E 17 V 90Raise the StakesVirtualShip
    ST2E 8 C 118To Boldly GoCommonShip
    ST2E 8 R 119To Boldly GoRareShip
    ST2E 8 R 120To Boldly GoRareShip
    ST2E 24 V 54Tacking Into the WindVirtualShip