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Vehicle Vehicle card list

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityFaction
    SW 16  R 51Theed PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  C 313Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 16  U 52Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 1 U2 145
    Banthaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 3 C2 75A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 4 R1 73
    Blizzard 1image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 4 R2 74
    Blizzard 2image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 15  P 148Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 4 R1 75
    Blizzard Scout 1image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Dark Side
    SW 4 U2 76
    Blizzard Walkerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 11  R 171EndorRareLight Side
    SW 6  C 88Cloud CityCommonDark Side
    SW 6  C 178Cloud CityCommonLight Side
    SW 10  F 149Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW 10  C 150Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 10  R 151Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 14  C 89TatooineCommonLight Side
    SW 11  C 172
    Ewok Gliderimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonLight Side
    SW 16  C 113Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 152Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 16  C 114Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW S4 P 4The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player GamePromotion
    SW 3 C2 156
    Incom T-16 Skyhopperimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 82Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 16  C 115Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 10  R 314Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 1 C2 146
    Lift Tubeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 310
    Lift Tubeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW S3 P 10Jedi PackPromotion
    SW 1 U1 311
    Luke's X-34 Landspeederimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 3 C2 76A New Hope (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 16  U 53Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 315Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 153Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW S13 P 9Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW S13 P 19Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW S4 P 7The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player GamePromotion
    SW 4 R1 147
    Rogue 1image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 4 R2 148
    Rogue 2image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 4 R1 149
    Rogue 3image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Light Side
    SW 10  R 316Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 3 U1 157
    Rogue Banthaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Light Side
    SW 10  C 317Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 154Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 1 R2 147
    Sandcrawlerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 1 R2 312
    Sandcrawlerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 10  F 318Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 16  C 54Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 83Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 178Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 4 U2 150
    Snowspeederimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Light Side
    SW 1 C2 313Premiere (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 11  C 173EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 11  C 79
    Speeder Bikeimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonDark Side
    SW 4 C2 151
    Tauntaunimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Light Side
    SW 11  R 80
    Tempest 1image (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 11  U 81EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 11  R 82EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 83EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 84EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 85
    Tempest Scout 4image (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareDark Side
    SW 11  R 86EndorRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 87EndorRareDark Side
    SW 16  R 55Theed PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 16  R 56Theed PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 1 C2 148
    Ubrikkian 9000 Z001image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Dark Side
    SW 10  R 155Special EditionRareDark Side
    SW 10  R 156Special EditionRareDark Side