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Weapon Weapon card list

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityFaction
    SW 5  R 84DagobahRareDark Side
    SW 11  R 174EndorRareLight Side
    SW 16  U 57Theed PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  R 116Theed PalaceRareLight Side
    SW 4 R1 152HothRare-1Light Side
    SW 7  U 84Jabba’s PalaceUncommonDark Side
    SW 1 R2 149PremiereRare-2Dark Side
    SW 4 U1 77HothUncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 4 U2 153HothUncommon-2Light Side
    SW 11  R 88EndorRareDark Side
    SW 15  P 149Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 13  C 177Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 15  C 87CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 11  C 175EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 1 C2 314PremiereCommon-2Light Side
    SW 1 C2 150PremiereCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 1 C1 315PremiereCommon-1Light Side
    SW 6  R 89Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 16  C 117Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 151PremiereUncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 5  R 85DagobahRareDark Side
    SW 3 R2 158A New HopeRare-2Light Side
    SW 16  C 118Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 11  R 176EndorRareLight Side
    SW 6  C 90Cloud CityCommonDark Side
    SW 6  C 179Cloud CityCommonLight Side
    SW 4 R1 154HothRare-1Light Side
    SW 13  C 86Death Star IICommonDark Side
    SW 13  C 178Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 152PremiereUncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 13  R 87Death Star IIRareDark Side
    SW 5  R 86DagobahRareDark Side
    SW 7  R 85Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  F 157Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW 10  F 319Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 7  R 86Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 10  U 158Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  C 58Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 4 U1 155HothUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 10  C 320Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 16  C 119Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 16  C 59Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 13  C 179Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 3 C2 77A New HopeCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C1 78HothCommon-1Dark Side
    SW 11  C 177EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 11  U 178EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 11  C 179EndorCommonLight Side
    SW 11  U 180EndorUncommonLight Side
    SW 10  U 159Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 13  C 88Death Star IICommonDark Side
    SW 1 C2 153PremiereCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 7  C 87Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 4 U1 156HothUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 1 R2 154PremiereRare-2Dark Side
    SW 1 R2 316PremiereRare-2Light Side
    SW 13  C 89Death Star IICommonDark Side
    SW 13  C 180Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 5  R 87DagobahRareDark Side
    SW 5  R 88DagobahRareDark Side
    SW 1 C2 155PremiereCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 79HothCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 157HothCommon-2Light Side
    SW 10  F 160Special EditionFixedDark Side
    SW 10  F 321Special EditionFixedLight Side
    SW 1 U1 156PremiereUncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 15  P 198Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 3 C2 78A New HopeCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 3 C2 159A New HopeCommon-2Light Side
    SW 1 U1 317PremiereUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 10  R 322Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 15  U 88CoruscantUncommonDark Side
    SW 1 U2 157PremiereUncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 10  R 323Special EditionRareLight Side
    SW 3 R2 79A New HopeRare-2Dark Side
    SW 1 U1 318PremiereUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 1 R1 158PremiereRare-1Dark Side
    SW 6  R 180Cloud CityRareLight Side
    SW 1 R2 159PremiereRare-2Dark Side
    SW 3 U1 160A New HopeUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 13  R 181Death Star IIRareLight Side
    SW S11 P 8Enhanced Jabba’s PalacePromotion
    SW 15  P 150Reflections IIIPromotionDark Side
    SW 14  R 45TatooineRareDark Side
    SW 4 C1 158HothCommon-1Light Side
    SW 7  C 88Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 179Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 3 R2 161A New HopeRare-2Light Side
    SW 15  C 89CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 15  C 90CoruscantCommonDark Side
    SW 15  C 178CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW 15  C 179CoruscantCommonLight Side
    SW 1 R1 319PremiereRare-1Light Side
    SW 15  P 199Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 13  C 182Death Star IICommonLight Side
    SW 15  R 180CoruscantRareLight Side
    SW 4 R2 159HothRare-2Light Side
    SW 10  U 161Special EditionUncommonDark Side
    SW 4 U1 160HothUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 4 U2 80HothUncommon-2Dark Side
    SW 5  U 89DagobahUncommonDark Side
    SW 1 C2 320PremiereCommon-2Light Side
    SW 16  C 120Theed PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 1 U1 321PremiereUncommon-1Light Side
    SW 14  R 90TatooineRareLight Side
    SW 15  P 200Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 11  C 89EndorCommonDark Side
    SW 13  C 90Death Star IICommonDark Side
    SW 10  C 162Special EditionCommonDark Side
    SW 11  U 90EndorUncommonDark Side
    SW 16  C 60Theed PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW S13 P 10Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW S13 P 20Jabba’s Palace Official Tournament Sealed DeckPromotion
    SW 3 R2 80A New HopeRare-2Dark Side
    SW 13  U 91Death Star IIUncommonDark Side
    SW 4 R2 161HothRare-2Light Side
    SW 3 R2 162A New HopeRare-2Light Side
    SW 1 R2 322PremiereRare-2Light Side
    SW 1 R2 323PremiereRare-2Light Side
    SW 7  R 89Jabba’s PalaceRareDark Side
    SW 1 C2 160PremiereCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 1 C2 324PremiereCommon-2Light Side
    SW 1 R2 161PremiereRare-2Dark Side
    SW 3 U1 81A New HopeUncommon-1Dark Side
    SW 1 R1 162PremiereRare-1Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 81HothCommon-2Dark Side
    SW 4 C2 162HothCommon-2Light Side
    SW 7  C 90Jabba’s PalaceCommonDark Side
    SW 7  C 180Jabba’s PalaceCommonLight Side
    SW 10  C 324Special EditionCommonLight Side
    SW 5  R 90DagobahRareDark Side