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Epic Event Epic Event card list

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    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityFaction
    SW 3 R2 123
    Attack Runimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Light Side
    SW 14  R 65TatooineRareLight Side
    SW 14  R 25TatooineRareDark Side
    SW 3 R2 49A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 11  R 133EndorRareLight Side
    SW 6  R 39Cloud CityRareDark Side
    SW 14  R 66TatooineRareLight Side
    SW 14  U 26TatooineUncommonDark Side
    SW 15  P 186Reflections IIIPromotionLight Side
    SW 4 R2 34Hoth (first print)Rare-2Dark Side
    SW 13  R 44Death Star IIRareDark Side