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ST1E "link" - Botany Bay icon dilemma

A card with the Botany Bay icon represents an unpleasant surprise for players who try to uncover what is better left buried. If a player examines a card with the Botany Bay icon any time other than during a mission or scouting attempt, place it on the mission where it was seeded. That player may not attempt or scout this mission until another mission has been completed or scouted by either player, then re-seed the dilemma at the same mission. If multiple dilemmas are to be simultaneously re-seeded in this way, re-seed them so that they are encountered in the original order.

Characteristic "Botany Bay icon dilemma":

Dilemma A Miner Confrontation (32 V 1)
Dilemma Authorized Access Only (32 V 2)
Dilemma Faux Pas (32 V 5)
Dilemma Rock People (32 V 9)
Dilemma Stand-off (32 V 11)
Dilemma The Ghost of Cyrus Ramsey (32 V 13)

Require "Botany Bay icon dilemma":