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On openCards you can easely publish your ST1E Deck, because you can simply choose the cards from filtered card lists corresponding to the different deck parts like seed deck, play deck and the different usable side decks without typing any card name.
After saving your Deck, a deck statistics will be generated automatically and you can print a deck list of your Deck as pdf.
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The ST1E Deck database contains all Decks ever published on openCards. You can search the database easely by different criterias like player of the Deck, the event where this Deck was played or the the main affiliation of the Deck (use riter "Search").
So you can look e.g. for the Decks played on the last world championships or for Decks played on tournaments located in your area!


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You will find the latest 1 Decks here (order desc by publishing date).

imageAn Archer, By Any Other Name

This Deck article was written by Paddy Tye and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Mar 24th, 2017.

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