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ST1E - overview "OTF-Banlist"

You will find here an overview of all ST1E cards, that appear on the actual OTF banlist from The Continuing Committee. Please keep in mind, that this section depends on the data of the Interactive-Card-Database - only cards that are edited as part of the banlist there, can be shown here. So, if you miss something, maybe because there was a current OTF-Banlist update, feel free to add this new rule to our database on the one hand (use tab "Add") and also feel free to update the affected cards in our interactive card database on the other hand.

At this time 44 cards are on the banlist. Only the first print of a individual card is listed here. All reprints of a card (cards with the same title and gametext printed in another expansion) are not listed here - but those cards are banned as well.

Banned cardTypeExpansion
All ThreesInterruptHA
Anti-Time AnomalyEventPrem-BB
Beware of QObjectiveDS9
Black HoleDoorwayTFC
Clone MachineIncidentHA
Data, Keep DealingInterruptHA
Delta Quadrant Spatial ScissionIncidentVOY
Destroy Radioactive Garbage ScowInterruptAU
Devidian DoorDoorwayAU
Distortion Of Space/Time ContinuumInterruptPrem-BB
Dixon HillPersonnelHA
Fair PlayEventDom
General QuartersEventTNG
Genetronic ReplicatorEventPrem-BB
Intermix RatioEventFC
In the ZoneIncidentHA
Jack, Maladjusted MisfitPersonnelCTA
Jem'Hadar ShroudingIncidentHA
Organ TheftObjectiveVOY
Palor Toff - Alien TraderInterruptPrem-BB
Qol, Lascivious LackeyPersonnelTatV
Q's PlanetQ-CardQC
Raise the StakesEventPrem-BB
Red Alert!EventPrem-BB
Revisionist HistoryEventEC
Revolving DoorEventAU
Rogue Borg MercenariesInterruptPrem-BB
Scanner InterferenceIncidentBoG
Senior Staff MeetingInterruptAU
Shape-Shift InhibitorEventAgT
Sherlock HolmesPersonnelHA
Smooth as an Android's Bottom?InterruptTMP
Standard OrbitEventWYLB
Subspace SchismInterruptPrem-BB
Temporal WakeInterruptFC
Terraforming StationFacilityQC
The Big PictureEventBoG
The SheliakDilemmaQC
Time Travel PodArtifactPrem-BB
Tox UthatArtifactPrem-BB
War CouncilIncidentVOY
What Does God Need With A Starship?InterruptTMP
You Are a MonumentEventTNG