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With the Strategy-Note you have a medium on openCards to discuss common themes around the strategy of Star Trek Second Edition.

In opposition to a Card-Review,  the Strategy- Note focusses not a single card but common strategy themes like e.g. a special dilemma strategy or how to build a battle deck.

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imageNotes on the Multiplayer Team Tournament - Part 2

This Strategy-Note article was written by openCards user thsch and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Sep 24th, 2010.

Using a straight solver in a Multiplayer Tournament sounds dangerous, taking into account that in the worst case you have to face two bloodthirsty, hunting, assimilating and sabotaging opponents. And believe me, if you just combine two of your best single-player solvers, it is! On the other hand, if you prepare for the possibilities this format has to offer, you can survive (and win).

Playing in any kind of Team Tournament means you have to rely on your teammate if you want to win. Playing in a Multiplayer Team Tournament also means that you can rely on him or her if you face an obstacle you cannot handle on your own. Thus, one of the most important points to keep in mind when choosing affiliations is not only to combine their strengths, but also to cover each other's weaknesses.

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imageNotes on the Multiplayer Team Tournament - Part 1

This Strategy-Note article was written by openCards user zippercommander and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Sep 22nd, 2010.

This year, a great format will celebrate its premiere at the World Championship – the Multiplayer Team Tournament. Maybe some of you already enjoyed a game of multiplayer together with some friends, but this new format will combine the fun of multiplayer sessions with the responsibility of a team competition.

Two players will form a team and will play against another team of two players at one table. The winning conditions can only be fulfilled by both players of a team, so there is a great variety of ways to victory. On the surface, the possibilities include two straight solvers (very boring), two interactive decks (whether capture, battle, assimilation, sabotage – it’s your choice) or a smart combination.

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image2010 2nd Annual Worlds Prediction Show

This Strategy-Note article was written by openCards user Hoss-Drone and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Sep 3rd, 2010.

Recently, Nathan talked about traditions in the game. Well every tradition starts with a first time and as far as I'm concerned, I started a new tradition of writing an article predicting the decks that I thought have the best chance of taking worlds a little more than a year ago.

I'll give the same (top 5) caveats for this article as I did for the previous article:

  1. I am not predicting any one particular deck will win. I'm simply stating that based on my observation of the current meta, which decks are currently the strongest, all things being equal.
  2. Individual skill and the specifics of which cards are in the deck mean more than the deck and will have a greater impact than the deck. However, its still true that a deck can carry a player (or lose for that player) in specific instances.
  3. I'm basing my opinions on decks I’ve personally seen played in front of me, played myself, have seen a deck list with results that impressed me, or am anticipating doing well after Peak Performance.
  4. The decks I link are either the exact deck I’m referring to or a close approximation of the deck that would do well. I usually imply or openly state this fact.
  5. If I knock on a deck that doesn’t mean it cannot or will not do well, I just don't think any builds I've seen up till now can get it done. If you build a better version then good for you and good luck.


Now that's out of the way, I get to spring the surprise. This article will not just be about the decks like last year. I'm also going to make some wild predictions about who might show up with each deck and I will ALSO make a prediction of my Top 5 contenders to win worlds. My Worlds Fantasy Team, if you will.

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