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Mercenary Draft (V.2)

    This House-Rule was build by openCards user thsch.

    Mercenary Draft will be played using the Dangerous Mission Draft rules (using one Starter without Rares (that is not drafted) and four boosters) plus the following additional rules:

    1. Every personnel gets the additional game text: „When this personnel is stopped by a dilemma, choose an opponent and place this personnel at his or her headquarters mission, That opponent now commands this personnel“.
    2. You own every card in your deck, hand, discard pile, dilemma pile, core, under or above your missions, every dilemma that you are facing, every personnel, equipment and ship you currently command, every damag marker on your ship, and every personnel in you brig. After the game you keep all cards you are currently owning.
    3. Non-Ship cards which are placed in the discard pile are placed in the opponent's discard pile.
    4. Every affiliation icon on every card is replaced by . Every mission can be attempt by .
    5. After the game, each player sorts out all not (printed) personnel he or she currently owns that could be played at the opponent's headquarters mission. Starting with the winner, each player chooses three of the personnel sorted out by the opponent that way to add to his or her deck. Those players now own that cards. Ownership of the other cards is not changed.
    6. Banned cards: Quarren Labor Shortage (1U47), Information Drone (3C130) and all headquarters missions not included in your starter deck.

    Please remark this notes from the author when you try this House-Rule out!

    • This House-Rule could be used in both ST2E scenarios ("Standard" and "Traditional")!
    • Finally this House-Rule should only be used in a Sealed (Draft) enviroment.