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RR #19: Manheim's Dimensional Door-how it works

    Manheim's Dimensional Door

    Doorway Doorway
    Special icons: Alternate Universe

    Plays on any planet. Affects all players. While in play, whenever any player has a card in hand matching one just played by the opponent, The Manheim Effect (a temporal "hiccup") may occur. Opponent's card is suspended while player shows matching card, returns it to hand and plays any card from hand as if played normally. (Not duplicable). Nullify with Anti-Matter Pod.

    Rule hint for this card

    This card has an clarification:

    When this doorway allows a card to be played during a “temporal hiccup,” that card may itself be suspended and allow another card to be played, and so on. It is suggested that you take the suspended cards and put them in a stack. When no more temporal hiccups occur, resolve the suspended cards in order from the top of the stack to the bottom. Each card play may be responded to normally, and a card may be played that affects an earlier, suspended card play. See actions - step 2: responses. Example:

    1. I play K'chiQ. You show a K’chiQ from hand; mine is suspended.
    2. You play Palor Toff - Alien Trader. I show a Palor Toff; yours is suspended.
    3. I play Q's Tent. You show a Q’s Tent; mine is suspended.
    4. You play Q’s Tent (the same one you showed earlier). I show no Q’s Tent (my original one has been set aside and is not in my hand), so the card plays start to resolve.
    5. Your Q’s Tent resolves; you retrieve Wrong Door from your Tent.
    6. I attempt to resolve my Q’s Tent, but you respond with Wrong Door. I play Amanda Rogers to nullify your Wrong Door. My Q’s Tent resolves and I retrieve a Countermanda.
    7. You attempt to resolve Palor Toff. I play Countermanda, suspend your Palor Toff, and take three cards out of your discard pile. Your Palor Toff resolves; if no card remains to retrieve, simply discard Palor Toff.
    8. My K’chiQ resolves and reports for duty.

    Treat this doorway as if it read, “...whenever any player has a card in hand matching one just played face up by opponent...” Thus, you may not use the Manheim effect when a hidden agenda is played (because it must be played face down, and is immune to “general use cards”) or activated (because it was not “just played”). A “matching” card is a copy.

    Taken form Glossary - Version 1.9.5.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    Manheim's Dimensional Door

    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at May 15th, 1997.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! Today I'd like to hic review a card that has generated a lot of hic confusion and hic quite a few review requests. Thinking about how this hic card works always hic gives me a hic headache, or at the very least, a case of the hiccups...


    First, a definition: when you "suspend" a card play, the card does not resolve until whatever suspended it is resolved. The suspended card is not in your hand - you are in the act of playing it, but it is not yet in play.

    Manheim's magic door has two basic uses. First, and simplest, you can use it to gain a "free" card play, often during your opponent's turn. You play Kivas Fajo, I show a Kivas Fajoimage from my hand and suspend yours, and then I play a personnel card to my outpost. You then proceed with your Kivas draw, while I now have an extra personnel in play, a nice bonus if I don't have a Red Alert out. Better yet, I could use my "free" card play to get out my Red Alert!image which will then be ready to use on my turn. Or if what I really need is more cards in my hand, I can play the Kivas Fajo that I just showed, and have a better selection of cards to play when my turn comes.

    The second use is the one that can give you headaches. Instead of just getting in a free card play for yourself, you can play something that will actively interfere with the card that your opponent is attempting to play, by making that card play either illegal or useless. Card plays normally resolve "first in, first out", unless a card specifically modifies or nullifies the first card's effect. So when your opponent initiates an Away Team battle against you and plays Phaser Burnsimage, it's normally too late for you to destroy the enabling disruptor with a Disruptor Overloadimage. The Phaser Burns will resolve first, killing two of your personnel. Then the battle itself must resolve (you can't interrupt a battle action with a Disruptor Overload). After the battle is over, your Disruptor Overload will resolve. A bit too late.

    But if Manheim's Dimension Door is in play, you have a certain amount of "last in, first out" capability. Opponent initiates battle and plays Phaser Burns. If you can show Phaser Burns from your hand, then you can play your Disruptor Overload and take out his disruptor. Now his Phaser Burns play resumes and...oops! Without a disruptor present, Phaser Burnsis illegal, and he must return the card to his hand. The battle continues, but you still have your full complement to fight him.

    Other possible "hiccups" don't make the card play illegal, just useless. Opponent plays a single Rogue Borg on your ship in an attempt to stop you. Drat! You had Intruder Force Field in your hand but hadn't gotten to play it yet! No problem if you too have a Rogue Borg to show; now you play that Intruder Force Fieldimage, and his single Rogue Borg has no effect (unless he has two more to add to it). But it doesn't go back to his hand, because IFF doesn't make it illegal to play a single Rogue Borg, just ineffective. So the ineffective Borg goes to the discard pile.

    A "chain" of temporal hiccups may also occur.

    • You play Red Alert!.
    • I show Red Alert and play Major Rakal.
    • You show Major Rakal and play Kivas Fajo.
    • I show Kivas Fajo and play Yellow Alert.
    • You don't have a Yellow Alert to show, so mine resolves.
    • Your Kivas Fajo resolves and you draw three cards.
    • My Major Rakal resolves and reports for duty.
    • Your Red Alert can no longer resolve because of my Yellow Alert. It returns to your hand and you can play another card instead (perhaps one of the three you drew with Kivas).

    You can maximize your opportunities to use the Manheim Effect by including cards in your deck that you're pretty sure your opponent will also use. Most players are likely to use some combination of Amanda Rogersimage, Kevin Uxbridgeimage, Kivas Fajo, Red Alert, Traveler, and, since QC, Q’s Tent. At the very least, these will almost certainly net you some free card plays. If you know your opponent and have an idea of his typical deck, you may be able to include some personnel cards that he's likely to use. For example, most Romulan and Klingon players tend to supplement their affiliated personnel with non-aligneds. Maquesimage, Devinoni Ralimage, Roga Danarimage, Dr. Reygaimage, and Vekorimage turn up a lot. Romulan decks tend to have a certain Major for their prime Empath. Federation players will probably have all or most of the bridge crew. If you anticipate battle, be prepared with Phaser Burns and Anti-Matter Spreadimage.

    There are a couple of ways to nullify MDD, one to close it, and one to enhance it.

    To nullify it with an Anti-Matter Pod, you simply have an Away Team take the Pod (an Equipment card) to the planet where the Door is located. The Door is discarded, the Pod is not. If you're playing Federation, you can help protect your MDD by leaving Sonya Gomez on the planet; she has the skill of suspending Anti-Matter Pod effects.

    Paul Manheimimage has a two-way skill; he can nullify an MDD where present, or he can double its effect (i.e., you get to play two cards during the hiccup). Either player's Paul Manheim can affect either player's Door. You can close an MDD with a Revolving Doorimage. No more temporal hiccups may occur until the MDD is reopened, with either Kevin Uxbridge or an Alternate Universe Doorimage.

    One final note: since MDD is a Doorway card, it does not count as yourcard play when you play it on the planet, but you can only play it during your own turn.

    The Major's Combo:

    • Too many interesting possibilities to list here! Instead, my next review will consist of nothing but Manheim's Dimensional Door uses.