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RR #20: The many uses of Manheim's Dimensional Door

    Manheim's Dimensional Door

    Doorway Doorway
    Special icons: Alternate Universe

    Plays on any planet. Affects all players. While in play, whenever any player has a card in hand matching one just played by the opponent, The Manheim Effect (a temporal "hiccup") may occur. Opponent's card is suspended while player shows matching card, returns it to hand and plays any card from hand as if played normally. (Not duplicable). Nullify with Anti-Matter Pod.

    Rule hint for this card

    This card has an clarification:

    When this doorway allows a card to be played during a “temporal hiccup,” that card may itself be suspended and allow another card to be played, and so on. It is suggested that you take the suspended cards and put them in a stack. When no more temporal hiccups occur, resolve the suspended cards in order from the top of the stack to the bottom. Each card play may be responded to normally, and a card may be played that affects an earlier, suspended card play. See actions - step 2: responses. Example:

    1. I play K'chiQ. You show a K’chiQ from hand; mine is suspended.
    2. You play Palor Toff - Alien Trader. I show a Palor Toff; yours is suspended.
    3. I play Q's Tent. You show a Q’s Tent; mine is suspended.
    4. You play Q’s Tent (the same one you showed earlier). I show no Q’s Tent (my original one has been set aside and is not in my hand), so the card plays start to resolve.
    5. Your Q’s Tent resolves; you retrieve Wrong Door from your Tent.
    6. I attempt to resolve my Q’s Tent, but you respond with Wrong Door. I play Amanda Rogers to nullify your Wrong Door. My Q’s Tent resolves and I retrieve a Countermanda.
    7. You attempt to resolve Palor Toff. I play Countermanda, suspend your Palor Toff, and take three cards out of your discard pile. Your Palor Toff resolves; if no card remains to retrieve, simply discard Palor Toff.
    8. My K’chiQ resolves and reports for duty.

    Treat this doorway as if it read, “...whenever any player has a card in hand matching one just played face up by opponent...” Thus, you may not use the Manheim effect when a hidden agenda is played (because it must be played face down, and is immune to “general use cards”) or activated (because it was not “just played”). A “matching” card is a copy.

    Taken form Glossary - Version 1.9.5.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    Manheim's Dimensional Door

    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at May 16th, 1997.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! Now that I've gotten rid of those dratted hiccups, here's the combos I promised you...


    Last time I discussed how the card works. I'm not going to repeat the card text here (check Review #19 if you missed it), but I will repeat the important definition of "suspend": when you "suspend" a card play, the card does not resolve until whatever suspended it is resolved. The suspended card is not in your hand - you are in the act of playing it, but it is not yet in play.

    Also, there are three possible resolutions for a suspended card:

    • If you make it illegal to play the suspended card, it goes back to the player's hand (because it hasn't actually made it into play yet).
    • If you just make the suspended card irrelevant to play, it's "wasted" and discarded.
    • The hiccup card may have no direct effect on the suspended card.

    And now, without further ado, the examples, ably demonstrated by players K'lutz and N'Trepid. (I leave it to you to figure out what affiliations they are playing.) Note that there are many intervening turns in this game, not shown here. I also take no responsibility for figuring out where N'Trepid got all those cards from (Traveler and lots of Kivas's, maybe?).

    K'lutz plays a Q’s Tent to access his Tent. N'Trepid counters by showing a Q's Tent...and slaps a Revolving Doorimage on K'lutz's Tent. K'lutz can no longer access the Tent, and the Doorway card returns to his hand. Annoyed, K'lutz plays Red Alert! N'Trepid shows Red Alert!image and plays Yellow Alertimage. Red Alert is now illegal and returns to K'lutz's hand. He plays a Traveler instead.

    Over the next few turns, K'lutz collects cards in his hand with increasing frustration over his lack of a Red Alert, as he can only play them one at a time. Finally, however, he smiles and plays Kitrikimage (who has Cybernetics skill), then lays down one Soong-type Androidimage, starts to pull another card from his hand... N'Trepid shows an STA, then hiccups with a Brain Drainimage on Kitrik, who loses all his skills for the rest of this turn. Without Cybernetics present, the STA is an illegal play; Kitrik used up his card play for the turn. Back to the hand!

    Next turn, however, Kitrik has his Cybernetics back, and K'lutz, after playing another unique personnel, once again plays an STA, confident that N'Trepid won't have another Brain Drain. N'Trepid shows the same STA and and this time plays Masaka Transformationsimage, forcing K'lutz to place his handful of STAs on the bottom of his draw deck and replace with the random cards from the top of the deck.

    K'lutz finally attempts a mission (not at his outpost) and hitsFirestorm. Because his team relies heavily on Lursaimage, B’Etor, and a Targimage, he decides that a hasty retreat would be prudent, and plays Emergency Transporter Armbandsimage to beam out. N'Trepid shows ETA and plays a Temporal Riftimage on K'lutz's ship. With no ship to beam to, ETA is illegal and returns to K'lutz's hand. The Duras sisters and the Targ get toasted, and the rest of the decimated Away Team goes on and gets stopped by a Holographic Ruse.

    N'Trepid now beams down with some Jaronimages, STAs, and a Galathonimage, and attacks K'lutz's stopped Away Team. With his ship still lost in that Rift and inaccessible with ETA, the now-panicking K'lutz (who does not think it is a good day to die, and with only Kitrick, a few non-aligneds and a Disruptor left in his Away Team) plays Phaser Burnsimage instead. N'Trepid, not expecting such a display of resistance, unfortunately has no Disruptor Overloadimage handy (see Review #19). Thinking quickly, he shows a Phaser Burns anyway, and then plays Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Suddenly K'lutz's non-aligneds are all STRENGTH -4, and N'Trepid's are mostly STRENGTH +4. The Phaser Burns still take effect and N'Trepid loses a Jaron and an STA, but the respective STRENGTH drain and enhancement ultimately loses the battle for K'lutz, and his Amarieimage gets killed.

    In retribution for Amarie (he has a Ressikan Fluteimage under that mission), once his ship returns from the Temporal Rift, K'lutz beams up the remnants of his Away Team, initiates a ship battle against the Haakonaimage, and plays Anti-Matter Spreadimage. N'Trepid shows Anti-Matter Spread, and plays another Temporal Rift, this time on his own ship. Now K'lutz has nothing to attack. Anti-Matter Spread returns to his hand.

    Having no luck in battle, K'lutz retreats to his outpost and attempts to report Zonimage for duty. N'Trepid shows Zon and hiccups with a Wrong Doorimage, moving the Revolving Door to K'lutz's Alternate Universe Doorimage.With that Doorway closed, it is illegal to play an AU-icon personnel, so Zon returns to K'lutz's hand.

    K'lutz is now really steamed. Determined to play his Zon, he tries to Kevin Uxbridgeimage that blasted Revolving Door. N'Trepid shows Kevin and plays Rishon Uxbridgeimage on the Revolving Door, protecting it by making it illegal to play Kevin on it, and Kevin returns to the hand. (Before everyone rushes to tell me that the QC Rules Supplement says the Kevin targets Rishon instead, I'll just tell you that Q gave me this ruling. Kevin Uxbridge targets an Event card, not a location. K'lutz could redirect Kevin to Rishon, but he doesn't have to.)

    K'lutz urgently needs some personnel and plays Res-Qimage to get back Lursa. N'Trepid shows Res-Q, hiccups with Devidian Foragersimage, and puts Lursa and B'Etor out of play, leaving K'lutz with a lowly Targ and Amarie as his only choices. He chooses the Targ and ends his turn.

    N'Trepid now has a bit of bad luck. He audaciously attempts the space mission at K'lutz's outpost location from the Haakona and hits a Quantum Singularity Lifeformsimage, putting the ship and all his crew (not to mention K'lutz's) into stasis. As N'Trepid ponders his next move, a gloating K'lutz pulls out a Dead in Bedimage and prepares to choose one of N'Trepid's crew to die. N'Trepid smiles, shows a Dead in Bed, and hiccups withEmergency Transporter Armbands, removing the ship and crew from stasis and rendering Dead in Bed illegal.

    Now K'lutz is getting desperate. He plays Subspace Schismimage when N'Trepid draws his end-of-turn card. N'Trepid shows Subspace Schism and plays the card he just drew, reporting a personnel to his outpost. K'lutz's Subspace Schism now has no legal target, and returns to his hand.

    N'Trepid plays Palor Toff. Fearing that he's going to retrieve one of the hated Temporal Rifts, K'lutz plays Countermanda. But N'Trepid shows Countermandaimage, hiccups with a Res-Q, and grabs the Temporal Rift out of the discard pile. When K'lutz's Countermanda resolves, there's nothing left in the discard pile for him to put out of play except the Res-Q, the personnel he killed earlier with Phaser Burns, and a couple of dilemmas. Only a partial recovery for N'Trepid, but at least he got his Rift back.

    The hapless K'lutz now plays Plasma Fireimage on N'Trepid's ship. N'Trepid shows a Plasma Fire and then plays Thermal Deflectorsimage. The Plasma Fire is not illegal, but it is immediately nullified when it resolves.

    On his next turn, N'Trepid plays a Tox Uthatimage (retrieved earlier from a mission) on the table, making K'lutz a bit nervous. He still has a Kevin Uxbridge in hand, but he can't decide whether to use it on the Tox (maybe N'Trepid doesn't have the Supernova yet), or to get rid of that miserable Revolving Door. When N'Trepid moves his ship away from K'lutz's outpost, K'lutz's anxiety level increases and he decides to go for the Tox. N'Trepid, of course, shows a Kevin, and hiccups with a Supernovaimage that takes out K'lutz's outpost and sole ship and crew.

    There are plenty of variations on the above examples.

    • Playing Thermal Deflectors as a hiccup card after Fire Sculptorimage, Phaser Burns, or Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scowimage will nullify the first two and protect your personnel from the effects of the third.
    • The Temporal Rift in response to Anti-Matter Spread could actually be played on either ship. The attacker can't continue the battle once his ship is Rifted. The Rift could also be played as a hiccup after almost any card played on a ship (Ship Seizureimage, Transwarp Conduitimage, Distortion Of Space/Time Continuumimage), leaving no target.
    • Instead of Brain-Draining Cybernetics away, if your opponent is relying on Juliana Tainerimage, turn her off with an Off Switchimage instead to prevent free deployment of STAs. Or Brain Drain Mr. Homnimage to keep him from reporting an Empath to his location.
    • Use Fire Sculptor as a hiccup card after a Res-Q or Palor Toff, instead of Devidian Foragers. It only puts one card out of play instead of two, but if you get the one he needed most, it will do its trick. And an all-purpose Interrupt-stopper: Goddess of Empathyimage. Show a duplicate of your opponent's interrupt (except Kevin orQ2image) and hiccup with the Goddess. His interrupt is now illegal, as are all others until the end of your next turn (double-edged, because you can't play them either).

    The Major's Combo:

    • What, that wasn't enough??? ;-) Have fun figuring out your own devious uses for the magic door.