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RR #32: Sisters of Duras

    Sisters of Duras

    Lursa and B'Etor, like their father before them, collaborated with the Romulan Star Empire.

    Romulan Romulan icon & Klingon Klingon icon  Personnel Personnel
    Gender: female & female. Species: Klingon / Klingon.
    Command & Staffing abilitys: Staff iconStaff icon
    Classification: V.I.P. / V.I.P.
    Restriction-Box: Do not work with Klingons who have Honor.
    Lursa: Red Dot Treachery   Red Dot Leadership   Red Dot Geology  
    Red Dot Greed   B'Etor: Red Dot Treachery   Red Dot Physics  
    Red Dot Youth   Red Dot Greed  

    Characteristics: "Continuing Mission"-related cards, Affiliation Klingon affiliation, Affiliation Romulan affiliation, Klingon species, matching commander.
    Requires: Klingon species.

    Rule hint for this card

    This card has an clarification:

    Because these personnel do not work with Klingons who have Honor, you may not give either of them the skill of Honor with Reflection Therapy. See dual-personnel cards, multi-affiliation cards.

    Taken form Glossary - Version 1.9.5.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    Sisters of Duras
    Sisters of Duras counts as "matching commander" for the following ships or facilities:
    - Cha'Johimage (5 R 264) from Deep Space Nine Deep Space Nine
    - Cha'Johimage (23 V 52) from The Sky's the Limit The Sky's the Limit
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    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at Oct 17th, 1997.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! All indications were that there was another great Romulan card lurking in the Fajo Collection, and it seems lurking may be just the word, because it turns out to be those treacherous...


    Yes, our newest Romulans are Klingons! And in a neat twist, you get two personnel for the card-draw and card-play price of one.

    How do they stack up to their separate personas? Almost identical; the Command stars on the separate "ladies" are downgraded to Staff stars here (so you'll need another Command star to fly a capital ship with them), and B'Etor loses Leadership (not to worry, Lursa still has hers so they can lead in battle). The separates have no restriction on what Klingons they can work with. Everything else is the same.

    Now, where Tallera actually may be more useful to the Klingons than the Romulans (without even possessing a Klingon icon), these bad Sisters are more useful to the Romulans than to their own countrymen. An excellent fit for a Romulan Treachery deck, the Sisters fill the "keynote skill x2" gap for the Romulans at last: whereas the Feds have always had a Diplomacy x2 (Picard and others), and the Klingons have had two Honor x2 since AU and the Two-Player Game (Governor Worf and Mogh), until now the Romulans have had no Treachery x2 to make Wormhole Negotiations a snap. Sure, the two Treachery are on two personnel, but it's still only one card. In addition, they enable a lovely Romulan strategy for a certain high-point mission (see The Major's Combos).

    For the Klingons, on the other hand, they will have much more limited use, simply because of that restriction box: "Do not work with Klingons who have Honor." That doesn't leave them all that many options for support crew; brother Duras, daddy Ja’rod, nephew Toral, and a few others, but all the big hitters for the Klingons have Honor. They will, of course, allow the seeding of an extra outpost, and they could espionage Romulan missions with NA support, but unless this or a pure Klingon Treachery deck is what you have in mind, you'll probably want to forgo that card advantage and use the old Lursa and B'Etor in your Klingon deck.

    Make no mistake, there will be some disadvantages even for the Romulans. Oh, they can pass Matriarchal Society alone, and have exceptional CUNNING and STRENGTH for a single card (but even together they can'tsurvive a Firestorm - now that's bad). But, since it seems likely that anything that happens to one sister will have to happen to the other (you certainly can't discard only one of them), a killer dilemma or a Female’s Love Interest will lose both of them for you. But all in all, a cool card, and one that I'll be happy to play in my Romulan decks.

    Tentatively I will assign them values in my Personnel Rating System of 111 for Klingon use, and 134 for Romulan use. (This compares to 62 for Lursa and 80 for B'Etor for a total of 142 for the separate sisters, Klingon use only of course.) The rating is tentative because I want to give more thought to the advantages and disadvantages of this cool 2-in-1 combination; it's going to take time to investigate all the implications. But basically, I treated the card as a "super personnel" with one VIP classification (since so far two VIPs are never required, the second is redundant and without value), two Staff stars (which are useful), and with skills of Treachery x2, Greed x2, Leadership, Geology, Physics, and Youth...and guess what, there's our 6-skilled Romulan, at last.

    The Major's Combos:

    • Sisters of Duras + Major Rakal + Sela + Maques + Diplomatic Conference. One outpost required, no waiting. :)
    • Sisters of Duras + I Am Not A Merry Man! (they sure aren't). Q-icon nullification for the Romulans!