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RR #97: Hate Crime

    Hate Crime

    Outraged by a crime on Deep Space 9, Bajorans defaced Odo's security office. The xenophobic vandals were quick to judge the "shifter" simply because he was different.

    Dilemma Dilemma - Dual dilemma Dual
    Special icons: Countdown 3

    Place on a non-Borg personnel who is the only member of its species present (opponent's choice). That personnel may not use any of its skills.

    Characteristics: Countdown icon dilemma, murder OR crime -related dilemma.
    Requires: Borg species.

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    See species.

    Taken form Glossary - Version 1.9.5.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    Hate Crime

    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at Mar 3rd, 2000.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! Although dilemma resolution is one of my areas of expertise, for some reason I don't actually review individual dilemmas very often. So let's make a move toward correcting that oversight, with a look at an unusual "filter" dilemma that leaves the personnel in the Away Team and just filters out their skills...

    Hate Crime

    Hate Crime doesn't kill anyone, affects only a minority of available personnel and has a 3-turn countdown. Why exactly would you want to use it? Let's pick this apart a bit to find out.

    First off, it has no conditions - there are no skills you can have present to overcome it. The most important effect of this lack of conditions is that the dilemma does not "stop" anyone. Your crew or Away Team must continue the mission attempt, regardless of what skills they may have lost. If you can "filter" out just the right skill to set up the next dilemma, it can have much worse effect.

    Next, it affects only a personnel who is "the only member of its species present." And it does not affect Borg at all. So if you're playing Borg or if your crew or Away Team is all one species (or more than one, as long as you have several of each), you're safe. But regardless, the non-Borg player will have to allow the opponent to see the lore and card images of all his personnel present, to prove whether or not there is anyone to be affected. If there is more than one personnel present that is the only member of its species, your opponent gets to choose which one to affect. If there is no one to place the dilemma on, it is simply discarded (as are all dilemmas without conditions that don't enter play).

    Since the majority of Cardassian personnel are Cardassian, the majority of Romulan personnel are Romulan and so on, your best chance for snagging someone with Hate Crime is with the Non-Aligned "support staff" that most players use. And that is key to the dilemma's value, because in fact some crucial skills are provided largely (or entirely) by Non-Aligned personnel to all but the Federation. While the Federation has less need for Non-Aligned personnel, they also have greater diversity of species and thus are still quite likely to have a non-human (but affiliated) crew member present.

    What skills are most likely to be vulnerable to filtering via Hate Crime? The most obvious and important is Empathy. The Federation has three Betazoids (with two versions of the Deanna Troi (Prem) persona) and the "human" Commander Troi (see below). The Romulans have Major Rakal, who is considered Romulan (also see below). Everyone else has to make do with Non-Aligneds: a Betazoid/human, a Cairn, an Ullian and two Letheans. So there's an excellent chance of nailing whatever empath your opponent is using (how many have two?). With several hard-hitting Empathy-requiring dilemmas available to follow up with, this alone makes Hate crime worth using.

    Other regular skills are more scattered on the Non-Aligneds and hard to pick off. However, most of the Dominion's MEDICAL and Diplomacy is concentrated in their Vorta. Unless your opponent's crew has multiple Vorta (don't forget that they're harder to get into the Alpha Quadrant), you may be able to remove those two skills.

    Perhaps more important is the ability to remove certain key special skills for three turns. While some are important for dilemma setups (Dathon is the only Tamarian, so you can keep him from being able to pass Shaka for three turns), the loss of others may handicap your opponent in subtler ways. If they are relying on The Traveler for quick ship movement, keep him from using his special "wormhole" skill for three turns. If Kivas Fajo can't use his points-gathering skill for artifacts, it may give you three extra turns to win. Spot can't pounce; Targs can't nullify Rogue Borg; Suna can't download Reflection Therapy; Amarie's Music is no good for a Flute; he'll have to put off killing Kova Tholl for points; Dr. Soong (a prominent choice for Cybernetics for non-human affiliations) can't report Soong-type Androids for free or reprogram them; 10 and 01 can't nullify Computer Crashes.

    When you check species, there are a couple of things to remember. One is that a personnel of mixed species counts as both. For example, Deanna Troi is half-human and half-Betazoid. So if she is with a group of humans, she is still "the only Betazoid present." If she is with her mother Lwaxana Troi and Tam Elbrun (both full Betazoids), Deanna will be the only human present.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that species is determined first by lore, then by image. In many cases the lore identifies the species (as with Deanna Troi), and this can be particularly important for impersonators: their lore will give their true species, often changeling (but not always; some other examples are the Romulan La Forge Impersonator and Cardassian Boone Impersonator). You must go by the lore, even if it does not match the image. But if the lore does not say, you go by the image. In other words, if the personnel looks human, they are considered human. If they look Romulan, they are Romulan, and so on.

    You might have to temper this with knowledge of the affiliation. Someone who looks like he might be Klingon but is not Klingon affiliation would not be considered Klingon unless his lore says he is. For example, many people feel that The Albino's forehead ridges look Klingon. But his lore does not say he is Klingon (it says he is "humanoid") and his affiliation is not Klingon (he's Non-Aligned).

    This results in some slightly peculiar situations. Major Rakal's primary affiliation is Romulan, she's dressed in a Romulan uniform and she looks like a Romulan. Now, we "know" that she is really Deanna Troi in disguise and that Deanna is half-Betazoid half-human; but Major Rakal's lore does not say what her species is, and some players may not be familiar with The Next Generation or have a Deanna Troi card. So for purposes of Hate Crime, the Major is Romulan. (Stefan De Seve, however, is human, because despite his affiliation and uniform, he clearly looks human, not Romulan.) On the other hand, Commander Troi (the Barash-icon illusion of Deanna) is Federation-affiliation and looks human. Her lore also does not identify her true species, so we must consider her human for Hate Crime.

    Don't confuse an affiliation or other designation with a species. Dominion is an affiliation, Founder is more or less a "political" description and shape-shifter is a term that includes the species of changelings and allasamorphs. Dominion affiliation includes many species, including changelings, Vorta, Jem'Hadar and Dosi. The Bajoran-affiliation Odo is a changeling by species but not a Founder.

    Finally, there are a few things designated as "species" in gameplay terms that are not actual biological species. Androids (which now include Exocomps) are considered a single species for purposes of this dilemma. So are holograms, regardless of what they look like. Some personnel are designated in their lore as "humanoid." This does not mean human! However, just because two personnel are both called "humanoid" does not make them the same species. You'll have to go by image also; if they look like the same humanoid species, that's what you would consider them to be, but if they look different (usually you can tell from the nose and forehead bumps), then they would be considered different species.

    The Major's Combos:

    • Hate Crime + Cardassian Trap: Make the Trap almost a sure thing. With most affiliations, you'll be able to siphon off their only empath. Probably least reliable against Romulans, if they use Major Rakal for Empathy.
    • Hate Crime + Lethean Telepathic Attack: Most Away Teams don't have two Empathy to start with, but if by chance they do, Hate Crime will make sure they don't. And they may think they're safe with a single Soto, but after Hate Crime he won't be able to use his special skill to nullify the LTA.
    • Hate Crime + Yuta: Hate Crime doesn't let your opponent look at the entire personnel card (i.e., the attribute numbers) unless he has to make a choice between two or more "only members of their species." But even seeing the personnel images may be enough to remind you of a key Yuta number. And should your opponent happen to have Marouk present, you can filter out the skills of the only Acamarian in the game - so she won't be able to nullify Yuta.