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RR #98: 6th Rule of Acquisition

    6th Rule of Acquisition

    "Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity."

    Event Event
    Special icons: Rule

    Plays on your Ferengi who has Greed or Treachery; place beneath draw deck another Ferengi present who names (or is named by) this one in lore. Download two Equipment cards or one Affiliation Ferengi ship here OR draw up to three cards. Discard event.

    Characteristics: Rule, Rule-icon.
    Requires: Affiliation Ferengi affiliation, Ferengi species.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    6th Rule of Acquisition

    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at May 7th, 2000.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! The Rules of Acquisition expansion brought us the first few installments of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, implemented as Event cards. I'm going to start off by reviewing one that is very un-Romulan, other than calling upon the Romulan trademark skill of Treachery (but in this case, it has to be on a Ferengi)...

    6th Rule of Acquisition

    Simple enough concept; a greedy or treacherous Ferengi (affiliation or species) can "trade in" one of his family members or business associates for some new equipment, a ship or three card draws. And considering the kind of family and associates some of these Ferengi have, it can be a pretty good deal. No dearth of greedy and treacherous Ferengi, either: as of Rules of Acquisition, there are 19 of them; of those, 13 name or are named by another existing Ferengi personnel card in their lore.

    What are your "profits" from the trade-in? A Affiliation Ferengi ship isn't anything to sneeze at. From a shuttle to a marauder, any one of them can be yours for the price of one no-good cousin. Equipment? Choose from mundane Medical Kits and PADDs or such exotic items as Small Cloaking Devices, Anti-Matter Pods, teddy bears or Breen CRM114s, or even Gold-Pressed Latinum for paying bribes or purchasing moons. Or if you can't think of any equipment you need today, just take three card draws and see what interesting personnel might turn up.

    It may not seem too cost-effective when you consider that you not only have to put the "associate" under your draw deck, but also have to draw and play the 6th Rule itself. The easiest way to cut those costs is to have a Nagus with his Scepter available to play the 6th Rule for free. As for the card draw, several of the other Rules also provide lots of extra card draws, and The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition lets you recycle the ones you don't currently need, so getting the 6th Rule into your hand should be relatively painless. And a fair number of the personnel cards are "recyclable" either by downloading to Cargo Bay (Smuggling and Acquisition personnel) or Quark’s Bar (Quark, Rom, Pel) or with Assign Mission Specialists (Dr. Borts and Qol).

    Too bad the Ferengi don't have any treaties so other affiliations, like the Romulans, could use this. Then again, a treaty isn't essential. A Ferengi Trading Post will allow all your affiliations to mix aboard. It's the perfect place to play your greedy, treacherous Ferengi and his expendable associates to get card draws and equipment for your other affiliation to use, while acting as a backup outpost. Because it's an outpost, you can use it to retrieve, via AMS, any mission specialists you trade in. Or play a Nor with a Cargo Bay and choose a pair who each have Smuggling and/or Acquisition so they can report and download there.

    Check my website for a complete list of all the Ferengi qualifying to use the 6th Rule and who they can dispose of.

    The Major's Combos:

    • 6th Rule of Acquisition + Ferengi Trading Post + Lurin + Dr. Borts + Par Lenor + Qol + Assign Mission Specialists: Start the game with Dr. Borts and Qol at the trading post. Tent for Lurin and/or Par Lenor. Trade in the mission specialists for loot and card draws, hopefully drawing another AMS to download Dr. Borts and Qol again. Lather, rinse and repeat.
    • 6th Rule of Acquisition + Cargo Bay + Grand Nagus Zek + Ishka + Scepter of the Grand Nagus + The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition: Both Zek and Ishka may report or download to Cargo Bay. You need one 6th Rule to start off; trade Ishka in for the Scepter and the book of Rules. Download Ishka again to Cargo Bay. Zek plays the 6th Rule for free each time you want a ship, two equipment or three card draws and recycles any unneeded Rule cards to get 6th Rules as needed.