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RR #113: Keras


    Expert strategist. Followed orders despite misgivings about provoking another war with the Federation. In a different reality, he could have called Kirk friend.

    Romulan Romulan icon  Personnel Personnel
    Gender: male. Species: Romulan.
    Command & Staffing abilitys: Command Alternate Universe The Original Series
    Classification: OFFICER
    Red Dot Leadership x2   Red Dot Astrophysics   Red Dot Geology  
    Red Dot Honor   Special Download Engage Cloak. Special Download Auto-Destruct Sequence.

    Characteristics: Affiliation Romulan affiliation, Original Series The Original Series, Romulan species, matching commander.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    Keras counts as "matching commander" for the following ships or facilities:

    This Card-Review article was written by Kathy McCracken and was published first on "Major Rakals Tal Shiar Headquarters (members.cox.net/majorrakal)" at Mar 9th, 2001.

    This article is part of the article serie "Romulan Review" from "Major Rakal (Kathy Mc Kracken)". Also see:

    Aefvadh! It's been a busy year, so much so that I find it's been over a year since I reviewed any of our fine Romulan personnel. From the two Romulan episodes in the original series, the last two OS-themed expansions have drawn five Romulan personnel and two ships. The first is a somewhat unusual case: a key guest star character who was never named in the episode (Balance of Terror), being known only as "The Romulan Commander". The game designers nevertheless created an appropriate name for him...


    "Expert strategist. Followed orders despite misgivings about provoking another war with the Federation. In a different reality, he could have called Kirk friend."

    Keras is the kind of personnel Romulan fans would have killed for in premiere days. Six skills, including the unusual (for a Romulan) Honor, are complemented by equally impressive attributes -- CUNNING of 9 and STRENGTH of 8 are not unusual for Romulans, but he shares his INTEGRITY of 8 with only five others (two of whom make up the dual-personnel card Data and Picard). While such a high INTEGRITY may occasionally be a liability (he can be "stopped" by Don't Call Me Ahab), you'll be glad you have him to help get you past Chula: The Dice, Conundrum, Q, and a host of other dilemmas.

    Leadership is required by an increasing number of dilemmas, with Q, Friendly Fire, and Horta needing the two that Keras supplies. That high level of Leadership will protect your Away Teams from Gorn Encounters, too, as the Gorn always attacks the personnel with the most leadership -- and his printed STRENGTH plus number of skill dots is 13, saving him from death. Put that together with his Geology for Seismic Quake and Odo's "Cousin", and you'll find Keras perfect for planet mission attempts. But you'll want him is space, too, where his Astrophysics will help with any number of space missions. Amd while Honor isn't in high demand, his will be welcome if you decide to use Khitomer Research, largely ignored by Romulan players due to its Honor x3 requirement.

    Two special downloads fit the Balance of Terror storyline perfectly, as well as saving you a seed slot for Engage Cloak and giving you an emergency "out" when your ship is about to be commandeered or assimilated.

    Oh, and what was so appropriate about his name? Fans of Star Trek from original series through the movies and Next Generation will recognize that reversing his name gives that of another, much more significant character played by actor Mark Lenard, Spock's father Sarek.

    The Major's Combos:

    • Keras + Gal Gath'thong: Download Keras to his ship with its special download, or use a Ready Room Door and save the special download for his Centurion.
    • Keras + The Centurion + Dr. Telek R'Mor + Dr. Koramar + Wormhole Negotiations: If you ever find yourself inexplicably unable to turn up Treachery x4 to complete this mission (it can happen, even in a Romulan deck, especially if you are cursed with the Rakal Shuffle), try doing it the "hard" way with Honor x4 instead.