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[This Side of Paradise] This Side of Paradise (TSOP)

    Regular expansion of 45 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2009-08-14).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    ST2E 18 V 1VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 2VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 3VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 4VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 5
    Polywater Intoxicationimage (first print)
    ST2E 18 V 6VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 7VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 8VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 9VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 10VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 11VirtualDilemma
    ST2E 18 V 12VirtualEvent
    ST2E 18 V 13VirtualEvent
    ST2E 18 V 14
    Raise the Stakesimage (first print)
    ST2E 18 V 15VirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 18 V 16VirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 18 V 17VirtualInterrupt
    ST2E 18 V 18VirtualMission
    ST2E 18 V 19VirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 18 V 20VirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST2E 18 V 21VirtualPersonnelBorg icon
    ST2E 18 V 22VirtualPersonnelCardassian icon
    ST2E 18 V 23VirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST2E 18 V 24VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 25VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 26VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 27VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 28VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 29VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 30VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 31VirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST2E 18 V 32VirtualPersonnelFerengi icon
    ST2E 18 V 33VirtualPersonnelFerengi icon
    ST2E 18 V 34VirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
    ST2E 18 V 35VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 18 V 36VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 18 V 37VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 18 V 38VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 18 V 39VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 18 V 40VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST2E 18 V 41VirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
    ST2E 18 V 42VirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
    ST2E 18 V 43VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST2E 18 V 44VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST2E 18 V 45VirtualShipFederation icon

    This Side of Paradise banner This Side of Paradise

    This Side of Paradise is the fourth virtual set from The Continuing Committee.

    "Take a walk on the wild side with the arrival of This Side of Paradise, the latest virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee. Forty-five cards featuring the most beautiful ladies of Star Trek herald not only new opportunities, but dangerous threats for each and every player's best decks. Add some beauty and some danger with each new card, only with This Side of Paradise."

    You can download this virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee as PDF:
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