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Short cut indications of common used cards (1E only)

    This Strategy-Note article was written by openCards user KlimDokachin at Apr 15th, 2010.


    Here are some common used short cuts of 1E cards often used in e.g. tournament articles.  I read in the forum, that there is a need for some kind of this.

    If you have more than that, feel free to add them or write me, I try to update this list regulary.


    "AMS" Assign Mission Specialists Objective
    "ASP" Assign Support Personnel Objective
    "BWE" Bynars Weapon Enhancement Event
    "CMP" Collect Metaphasic Particles Objective
    "Combo Scow" Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow Dilemma
    "DH" Defend Homeworld Objective
    "DQSS" Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission Incident
    "DRGS" Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow Interrupt
    "HAFH" Home Away From Home Incident
    "HP010" Harness Particle 010 Objective
    "KMS" Kobayashi Maru Scenario Incident
    "LooS" Loss of Orbital Stability Interrupt
    "LOP" Lack of Preparation Dilemma
    "NPE" Negative Play Experience -
    "OBV" Obedience Brings Victory Interrupt
    "PNZ" Patrol Neutral Zone Mission
    "QIR" Quark's Isolinear Rods Incident
    "1RoA" 1st Rule of Acquisition Event
    "RRD" Ready Room Door Doorway
    "SaaaB" Smooth as an Android's Bottom? Interrupt
    "SSM" Senior Staff Meeting Interrupt
    "TMW" Temporal Micro-Wormhole Incident
    "VCM" Visit Cochrane Memorial Objective
    "WDGNWAS" What Does God Need With A Starship? Dilemma
    "WOA" Writ of Accountability Incident
    "YGII" Your Galaxy Is Impure Dilemma