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[Reflections II: Expanding the Universe] Reflections II: Expanding the Universe (REF2)

    Special set of 160 cards published by Decipher (2001-01-10).

    Overview card types:
    Admiral's OrderCharacterDeviceEffectInterruptLocationObjectiveStarshipVehicleWeapon
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW S14 VR 1[?]Fighters Coming In (reprint)Very Rare FoilAdmiral's OrderDark Side
    SW S14 SR 2[?]4-LOM With Concussion Rifle (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 3[?]Admiral Piett (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 4[?]Baron Soontir Fel (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 5[?]Boba Fett With Blaster Rifle (reprint)PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 6[?]Boelo (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 7[?]Bossk With Mortar Gun (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 8[?]Chall Bekan (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 9[?]Commander Igar (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 10[?]Darth Vader (reprint)PromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 11[?]Darth Vader With Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 12[?]Dengar With Blaster Carbine (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 13Djas Puhr (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 UR 14[?]Emperor Palpatine (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 15[?]IG-88 With Riot Gun (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 16[?]Janus Greejatus (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 17[?]Jodo Kast (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 UR 18[?]Lord Vader (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 UR 19[?]Mara Jade, The Emperor's Hand (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 20[?]Moff Jerjerrod (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 21[?]Myn Kyneugh (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 SR 22[?]Outer Rim Scout (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 23[?]Sim Aloo (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
    SW S14 VR 24[?]Bad Feeling Have I (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S14 VR 25[?]Scum And Villainy (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S14 VR 26[?]Sienar Fleet Systems (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
    SW S14 VR 27Lateral Damage (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 28[?]Force Lightning (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 29[?]Trample (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 30[?]Walker Garrison (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 VR 31[?]Vader's Obsession (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
    SW S14 SR 32[?]Death Star (reprint)Super Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 SR 33[?]Death Star II (reprint)Super Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 34[?]Death Star II: Throne Room (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 35[?]Executor : Holotheater (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 36[?]Executor : Meditation Chamber (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 37[?]Hoth: Wampa Cave (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 38[?]Kiffex (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
    SW S14 VR 39[?]Black Squadron TIE (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 40[?]Boba Fett In Slave I (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 41[?]Chimaera (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 42[?]Dengar In Punishing One (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 43[?]Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 44[?]Flagship Executor (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 VR 45[?]IG-88 In IG-2000 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 46[?]The Emperor's Shield (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 47[?]The Emperor's Sword (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 48[?]Zuckuss In Mist Hunter (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
    SW S14 SR 49[?]Imperial Walker (reprint)Super Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S14 SR 50[?]Tempest Scout 1 (reprint)Super Rare FoilVehicleDark Side
    SW S14 SR 51[?]Darth Vader's Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S14 SR 52[?]Mara Jade's Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
    SW S14 SR 53[?]Capital Support (reprint)Super Rare FoilAdmiral's OrderLight Side
    SW S14 SR 54[?]Admiral Ackbar (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 VR 55[?]Arleil Schous (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 56[?]Brainiac (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 57[?]Chewie With Blaster Rifle (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 58[?]Chief Chirpa (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 59[?]General Calrissian (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 60[?]General Crix Madine (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 61[?]Han With Heavy Blaster Pistol (reprint)PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 62[?]Kal'Falnl C'ndros (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 63[?]Leia (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 64[?]Leia With Blaster Rifle (reprint)PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 UR 65[?]Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 66[?]Luke With Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 67[?]Melas (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 68[?]Obi-Wan With Lightsaber (reprint)PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 69[?]Orrimaarko (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 70[?]See-Threepio (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 VR 71[?]Tawss Khaa (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 72[?]Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 73[?]Wicket (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
    SW S14 SR 74[?]Bacta Tank (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 SR 75[?]Echo Base Operations (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 76[?]Frozen Assets (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 77[?]Goo Nee Tay (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 SR 78[?]Kessel Run (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 79[?]Mantellian Savrip (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 VR 80[?]Order To Engage (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
    SW S14 SR 81[?]Don't Get Cocky (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 SR 82[?]Gift Of The Mentor (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 VR 83[?]Run, Luke, Run (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 VR 84[?]Lone Rogue (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 SR 85[?]Smoke Screen (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
    SW S14 VR 86[?]Kiffex (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationLight Side
    SW S14 SR 87[?]Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room (reprint)Super Rare FoilLocationLight Side
    SW S14 SR 88[?]Artoo-Detoo In Red 5 (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 89[?]B-wing Attack Squadron (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 90[?]Blue Squadron B-wing (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 91[?]Gold Leader In Gold 1 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 92[?]Gold Squadron 1 (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 93[?]Gold Squadron Y-wing (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 94[?]Green Squadron A-wing (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 95[?]Home One (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 96[?]Independence (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 97[?]Lando In Millennium Falcon (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 98[?]Liberty (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 99[?]Red Leader In Red 1 (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 100[?] Red Squadron 1 (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 101[?] Red Squadron X-wing (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 102[?] X-wing Assault Squadron (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 VR 103[?] Z-95 Headhunter (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
    SW S14 SR 104[?] Rebel Snowspeeder (reprint)Super Rare FoilVehicleLight Side
    SW S14 SR 105[?] Luke's Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilWeaponLight Side
    SW S14  P 106[?]Black Sun FleetPromotionAdmiral's OrderDark Side
    SW S14  P 107[?]AricaPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 108[?]Captain Gilead PellaeonPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 109[?]Dr Evazan & Ponda BabaPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 110[?]Grand Admiral ThrawnPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 111[?]GuriPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 112[?]Jabba's PrizePromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 113[?]Kir KanosPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 114[?]Prince XizorPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 115[?]SnoovaPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 116[?]The EmperorPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 117[?]VigoPromotionCharacterDark Side
    SW S14  P 118[?]Sunsdown & Too Cold For SpeedersPromotionEffectDark Side
    SW S14  P 119[?]There Is No Try & Oppressive EnforcementPromotionEffectDark Side
    SW S14  P 120[?]Abyssin Ornament & Wounded WookieePromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 121[?]Alter & Collateral DamagePromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 122[?]Control & Set For StunPromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 123[?]Dark Maneuvers & Tallon RollPromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 124[?]Defensive Fire & Hutt SmoochPromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 125[?]Evader & MonnokPromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 126[?]Ghhhk & Those Rebels Won't Escape UsPromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 127[?]Ommni Box & It's WorsePromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 128[?]Sense & Uncertain Is The FuturePromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 129[?]Sniper & Dark StrikePromotionInterruptDark Side
    SW S14  P 130[?]Agents of Black Sun / Vengeance Of The Dark PrincePromotionObjectiveDark Side
    SW S14  P 131[?]StingerPromotionStarshipDark Side
    SW S14  P 132ViragoPromotionStarship
    SW S14  P 133[?]No Questions AskedPromotionAdmiral's OrderLight Side
    SW S14  P 134[?]Artoo & ThreepioPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 135[?]Chewbacca, ProtectorPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 136[?]Corran HornPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 137[?]Dash RendarPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 138[?]LE-B02D9PromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 139[?]Luke Skywalker, Rebel ScoutPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 140[?]Mirax TerrikPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 141[?]Owen Lars & Beru LarsPromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 142[?]Talon KarrdePromotionCharacterLight Side
    SW S14  P 143[?]Mercenary ArmorPromotionDeviceLight Side
    SW S14  P 144[?]Obi-Wan's JournalPromotionDeviceLight Side
    SW S14  P 145[?]Do, Or Do Not Do & Wise AdvicePromotionEffectLight Side
    SW S14  P 146[?]Alter & Friendly FirePromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 147[?]Control & Tunnel VisionPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 148[?]Houjix & Out Of NowherePromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 149[?]Nar Shaddaa Wind Chimes & Out Of SomewherePromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 150[?]Out of Commission & Transmission TerminatedPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 151[?]Path Of Least Resistance & RevealedPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 152[?]Sense & Recoil In FearPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 153[?]Shocking Information & GrimtaashPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 154[?]Sorry About The Mess & Blaster ProficiencyPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 155[?]The Bith Shuffle & Desperate ReachPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 156[?]Yoda Stew & You Do Have Your MomentsPromotionInterruptLight Side
    SW S14  P 157[?]Watch Your Step / This Place Can Be A Little RoughPromotionObjectiveLight Side
    SW S14  P 158[?]OutriderPromotionStarshipLight Side
    SW S14  P 159[?]Pulsar SkatePromotionStarshipLight Side

    Reflections II: Expanding the Universe: Released January 10, 2001

    • Booster Packs of 18 cards (MSRP $4.95)
      • 15 random cards from Premiere thru Endor of all rarity levels
      • 1 foil card
      • 2 Premium cards (generally 1 “combo” card and 1 “Expanded Universe” card)


    General pack breakdown: 6 random cards (usually 3x WB Premiere, 3x Jabba‟s Palace), 1 foil, 3 random cards (generally Cloud City), 2 premium cards, 1 Japanese card, 5 random cards (generally 3x Special Edition, 2x WB Premiere)

    • Booster Box: 30 Booster Packs.
      • Rules Sheet and Card list
      • 1 “box topper” foil per box
        • Boba Fett With Blaster Rifle
        • Han With Heavy Blaster Pistol
        • Leia With Blaster Rifle
        • Obi-Wan With Lightsaber
    • Case: 6 Booster Boxes
      • Japanese Darth Vader foil


    Set information

    • 54 Premium Cards (27 for each side)
      • 28 “Expanded Universe” cards (14 per side)
      • 26 “Combo” cards (13 per side)
    • 100 Foils (not including the box topper or case topper foils above) (50 for each side)
      • 34 Very Rare Foils (appear 3 times on the foil sheet) (19 Dark Side and 15 Light Side)
      • 56 Super Rare Foils (appear 2 times on the foil sheet) (28 per side)
      • 4 Ultra Rare Foils (appear 1 time on the foil sheet)
        • Emperor Palpatine
        • Lord Vader
        • Mara Jade, The Emperor‟s Hand
        • Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight

    Note: the box and case toppers were printed on the foil sheets with the other foils from their respective allegiance and appear as frequently as the “Super Rare Foils.” The sheet also contained one “blank” spot. Accordingly, it mathematically would take 230 packs to obtain one complete “cut set” of foils.