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[Reflections III] Reflections III (REF3)

Special set of 190 cards published by Decipher (2001-10-31).

Overview card types:
Admiral's OrderCharacterDeviceDefensive ShieldEffectEpic EventInterruptLocationObjectivePodracerStarshipVehicleWeapon
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
SW S15 VR 1[?]Battle Deployment (reprint)Very Rare FoilAdmiral's OrderDark Side
SW S15 SR 2[?]Arica (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 3[?]Aurra Sing (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 VR 4[?]Brangus Glee (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 5[?]Captain Gilad Pallaeon (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 6[?]Darth Maul (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 UR 7[?]Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 8[?]Destroyer Droid (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 VR 9[?]Dioxis (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 11[?]Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 12[?]Grand Admiral Thrawn (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 14[?]Guri (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 15[?]Lott Dod (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 VR 16[?]Mercenary Pilot (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 VR 17[?]Mighty Jabba (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 18[?]Nute Gunray (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 UR 19[?]P-59 (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 20[?]P-60 (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 21[?]Prince Xizor (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 VR 22[?]Sith Probe Droid (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 23[?]Snoova (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 24[?]TC-14 (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 25[?]Vigo (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 26[?]Watto (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterDark Side
SW S15 SR 27[?]After Her! (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 VR 28Disarmed (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 SR 29[?]Naboo Occupation (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 SR 30[?]Ominous Rumors (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 VR 31[?]Power Of The Hutt (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 SR 32[?]The Phantom Menace (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 VR 33[?]You May Start Your Landing (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectDark Side
SW S15 VR 34[?]Boonta Eve Podrace (reprint)Very Rare FoilEpic EventDark Side
SW S15 VR 35[?]Gravity Shadow (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 VR 36[?]I Have You Now (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 SR 37[?]Imperial Artillery (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 VR 38[?]Imperial Command (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 SR 39[?]Maul Strikes (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 SR 40[?]Rolling, Rolling, Rolling (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 VR 43[?]Vote Now! (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptDark Side
SW S15 VR 44[?]Tatooine: Desert Landing Site (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationDark Side
SW S15 SR 45[?]Sebulba's Podracer (reprint)Super Rare FoilPodracerDark Side
SW S15 SR 46[?]Maul's Sith Infiltrator (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
SW S15 SR 47[?]Stinger (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
SW S15 SR 48[?]Virago (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipDark Side
SW S15 VR 49[?]Maul's Lightsaber (reprint)Very Rare FoilWeaponDark Side
SW S15 SR 51[?]Artoo & Threepio (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 52[?]Captain Panaka (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 53[?]Chewbacca, Protector (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 54[?]Corran Horn (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 55[?]Dash Rendar (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 56[?]Jar Jar Binks (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 57[?]Lando With Vibro-Ax (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 59[?]Luke Skywalker, Rebel Scout (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 60[?]Mace Windu (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 61[?]Master Qui-Gon (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 62[?]Mirax Terrik (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 63[?]Obi-Wan Kenobi (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 65[?]Owen Lars & Beru Lars (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 66[?]Padmé Naberrie (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 67[?]Palace Raider (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 68[?]Prisoner 2187 (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 UR 69[?]Qui-Gon Jinn (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 70[?]Ric Olié (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 71[?]Shmi Skywalker (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 72[?]Supreme Chancellor Valorum (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 73[?]Talon Karrde (reprint)Super Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 UR 74[?]Threepio With His Parts Showing (reprint)Ultra Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 VR 76[?]Yoda, Senior Council Member (reprint)Very Rare FoilCharacterLight Side
SW S15 SR 77[?]Obi-Wan's Journal (reprint)Super Rare FoilDeviceLight Side
SW S15 VR 78[?]A New Secret Base (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
SW S15 VR 79[?]Brisky Morning Munchen (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
SW S15 VR 80[?]Echo Base Garrison (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
SW S15 VR 81[?]Seeking An Audience (reprint)Very Rare FoilEffectLight Side
SW S15 SR 82[?]They Win This Round (reprint)Super Rare FoilEffectLight Side
SW S15 SR 83[?]Boonta Eve Podrace (reprint)Super Rare FoilEpic EventLight Side
SW S15 VR 84[?]I Did it! (reprint)Very Rare FoilEpic EventLight Side
SW S15 VR 85[?]End Of A Reign (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW S15 SR 86[?]Gimme A Lift (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW S15 SR 87[?]Harvest (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW S15 VR 88[?]Rebel Artillery (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW S15 SR 89[?]Rebel Leadership (reprint)Super Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW S15 VR 90[?]Vote Now! (reprint)Very Rare FoilInterruptLight Side
SW S15 VR 91[?]Coruscant: Jedi Council Chamber (reprint)Very Rare FoilLocationLight Side
SW S15 SR 92[?]Anakin's Podracer (reprint)Super Rare FoilPodracerLight Side
SW S15 SR 93[?]Outrider (reprint)Super Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
SW S15 VR 94[?]Pulsar Skate (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
SW S15 VR 95[?]Queen's Royal Starship (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
SW S15 VR 96[?]Radiant VII (reprint)Very Rare FoilStarshipLight Side
SW S15 SR 97[?]Amidala's Blaster (reprint)Super Rare FoilWeaponLight Side
SW S15 SR 100[?] Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber (reprint)Super Rare FoilWeaponLight Side
SW 15  P 101[?]Bib FortunaPromotionCharacterDark Side
SW 15  P 102[?]Boba Fett, Bounty HunterPromotionCharacterDark Side
SW 15  P 103[?]Jabba Desilijic TiurePromotionCharacterDark Side
SW 15  P 104[?]Lord MaulPromotionCharacterDark Side
SW 15  P 105[?]Thok & ThugPromotionCharacterDark Side
SW 15  P 106[?]Stormtrooper GarrisonPromotionCharacterDark Side
SW 15  P 107[?]A Useless GesturePromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 108[?]Allegations Of CorruptionPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 109[?]Battle OrderPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 110[?]Come Here You Big CowardPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 111[?]CrossfirePromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 112[?]Do They Have A Code Clearance?PromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 113[?]FanfarePromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 114[?]Leave Them To MePromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 115[?]No EscapePromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 116[?]Oppressive EnforcementPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 117[?]ResistancePromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 118[?]Secret PlansPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 119[?]There Is No TryPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 120[?]We'll Let Fate-a Decide, Huh?PromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 121[?]Weapon Of A SithPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 122[?]Wipe Them Out, All Of ThemPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 123[?]You Cannot Hide ForeverPromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 124[?]You've Never Won A Race?PromotionDefensive ShieldDark Side
SW 15  P 125[?]Colo Claw FishPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 126[?]Conduct Your SearchPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 127[?]Energy WallsPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 128[?]Fear Is My AllyPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 129[?]Opee Sea KillerPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 130[?]Prepare For A Surface AttackPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 131[?]Sando Aqua MonsterPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 132[?]The Hutts Are GangstersPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 133[?]They Must Never Again Leave This CityPromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 134[?]Where Are Those Droidekas?!PromotionEffectDark Side
SW 15  P 135[?]Deep HatredPromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 136[?]Blow ParriedPromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 137[?]Dark RagePromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 138[?]Force PushPromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 139[?]No Match For A SithPromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 140[?]Qui-Gon's EndPromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 141[?]The Ebb Of BattlePromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 142[?]Through The CorridorPromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 143[?]UnsalvageablePromotionInterruptDark Side
SW 15  P 144[?]Blockade Flagship: HallwayPromotionLocationDark Side
SW 15  P 145[?]Naboo: Theed Palace GeneratorPromotionLocationDark Side
SW 15  P 146[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Generator CorePromotionLocationDark Side
SW 15  P 147[?]Let Them Make The First Move / At Last We Will Have RevengePromotionObjectiveDark Side
SW 15  P 148[?]Blizzard 4PromotionVehicleDark Side
SW 15  P 149[?]Aurra Sing's Blaster RiflePromotionWeaponDark Side
SW 15  P 150[?]Maul's Double-Bladed LightsaberPromotionWeaponDark Side
SW 15  P 151[?]Chewie, EnragedPromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 152[?]Horace VancilPromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 153[?]Lando Calrissian, ScoundrelPromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 154[?]Leia, Rebel PrincessPromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 155[?]Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi KnightPromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 156[?]Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi MasterPromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 157[?]Sio BibblePromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 158[?]Yoda, Master Of The ForcePromotionCharacterLight Side
SW 15  P 159[?]A Close RacePromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 160[?]A Tragedy Has OccurredPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 161[?]Aim HighPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 162[?]Another Pathetic LifeformPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 163[?]Battle PlanPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 164[?]Do, Or Do NotPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 165[?]Don't Do That AgainPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 166[?]He Can Go About His BusinessPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 167[?]Let's Keep A Little Optimism HerePromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 168[?]Only Jedi Carry That WeaponPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 169[?]Ounee TaPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 170[?]Planetary DefensesPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 171[?]UltimatumPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 172[?]Wise AdvicePromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 173[?]Your Insight Serves You WellPromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 174[?]Your Ship?PromotionDefensive ShieldLight Side
SW 15  P 175[?]A Remote PlanetPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 176[?]An Unusual Amount Of FearPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 177[?]Armament DismantledPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 178[?]Colo Claw FishPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 179[?]Echo Base SensorsPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 180[?]Energy WallsPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 181[?]Ewok CelebrationPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 182[?]Lando's Not A System, He's A ManPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 183[?]Opee Sea KillerPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 184[?]Sando Aqua MonsterPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 185[?]Weapon Of A Fallen MentorPromotionEffectLight Side
SW 15  P 186[?]Inner StrengthPromotionEpic EventLight Side
SW 15  P 187[?]Clinging To The EdgePromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 188[?]Darth Maul's DemisePromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 189[?]Desperate TimesPromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 190[?]Diversionary TacticsPromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 191[?]Fall Of A JediPromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 192[?]Jedi LeapPromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 193[?]Strike BlockedPromotionInterruptLight Side
SW 15  P 194[?]Naboo: Theed Palace GeneratorPromotionLocationLight Side
SW 15  P 195[?]Naboo: Theed Palace Generator CorePromotionLocationLight Side
SW 15  P 196[?]We'll Handle This / Duel Of The FatesPromotionObjectiveLight Side
SW 15  P 197[?]Han, Chewie, And The FalconPromotionStarshipLight Side
SW 15  P 198[?]Jar Jar's ElectropolePromotionWeaponLight Side
SW 15  P 199[?]Obi-Wan's LightsaberPromotionWeaponLight Side
SW 15  P 200[?]Qui-Gon's LightsaberPromotionWeaponLight Side

Reflections III: Released October 31, 2001

  • Booster Packs (18 cards) (MSRP $4.95)
    • 14 completely random cards from Premiere thru Endor of all rarity levels
    • 1 Reflections III foil card
    • 3 Reflections III Premium cards
  • Booster Box (30 Booster Packs)
    • Rules Supplement and Card List


Set Information

  • 100 Premium cards (50 Dark Side and 50 Light Side)
    • All cards appeared on the rare sheet three times, except certain defensive shields (generally the ones that had already appeared in the game as effects), which appeared only twice
  • 100 Foils (50 Dark Side and 50 Light Side)
    • 42 VRF (21 per side) (appear 3 times on foil sheet)
    • 54 SRF (27 per side) (appear 2 times on foil sheet)
    • 4 URF (2 per side) (appear 1 time on foil sheet)
      • Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (AI)
      • P-59
      • Qui-Gon Jinn (AI)
      • Threepio With His Parts Showing (AI)

Note: the Episode I Tournament Foils (Darth Maul With Lightsaber and Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber) were printed on the Reflections III foil sheets as well.