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[Tournament & Promotional Foils] Tournament & Promotional Foils (TPF)

    Special set of 28 cards published by Decipher (since 2000).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    SW 0 P 1Battle Order (reprint)PromotionEffect
    SW 0 P 2Dark Maneuvers (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 3Battle Plan (reprint)PromotionEffect
    SW 0 P 4A Few Maneuvers (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 5Imperial Barrier (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 6Masterful Move (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 7You Are Beaten (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 8Imperial-Class Star Destroyer (reprint)PromotionStarship
    SW 0 P 9Clash Of Sabers (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 10The Signal (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 11Corellian Corvette (reprint)PromotionStarship
    SW 0 P 12Imperial Decree (reprint)PromotionEffect
    SW 0 P 13Alter (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 14Sense (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 15Rebel Barrier (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 16Snowspeeder (reprint)PromotionVehicle
    SW 0 P 17Twi'lek Advisor (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 18It Could Be Worse (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 19Imperial Arrest Order (reprint)PromotionEffect
    SW 0 P 20Insurrection (reprint)PromotionEffect
    SW 0 P 21Alter (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 22Ghhhk (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 23Darth Maul With Lightsaber (reprint)PromotionCharacter
    SW 0 P 24Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber (reprint)PromotionCharacter
    SW 0 P 25Sense (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 26Grimtaash (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 27Houjix (reprint)PromotionInterrupt
    SW 0 P 28Monnok (reprint)PromotionInterrupt

    Tournament foils are foilized versions of non-rare cards that were given out to tournament directors, who then gave one to the winner of their tournament and the other to a random participant in that tournament. Each month a new card was rotated into the program, with one leaving, meaning that a card was initially available for two months, with one usually being Light Side and one Dark Side. After the program ended, the tournament foils were still used as prize support, however without being confined to the original release schedule.

    Various other foils have been made as incentives for players, retailers, and distributors to buy products.