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The Greatest Hero of the Klingon Empire

    (3) • Arne Darvin, "Hero of the Empire"

    Klingon Klingon icon Personnel Personnel of Klingon species.
    Icons: Command
    Red Dot Anthropology   Red Dot Archaeology   Red Dot Intelligence  
    Red Dot 2 Treachery  
    Assassin. Infiltrator. When your Infestation stops a personnel, you may stop this personnel to kill that stopped personnel.

    "I've been thinking about my statue in the Hall of Warriors... I see myself standing with Kirk's head in one hand and a tribble in the other."

    Characteristics: "Infestation"-related cards, kill opponent's personnel, Klingon affiliation, Assassin, Infiltrator, personnel who has a cost of 3 or more, Klingon species.

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    Arne Darvin, "Hero of the Empire"

    This Card-Review article was written by Nathan Miracle and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at May 23rd, 2018.

    Welcome to the Hall of Warriorsimage Here you will see statues standing as great monuments to the heroes of our people. To your left, Kahless, The Unforgettableimage, who slew the Tyrant Molor with The Sword of Kahlessimage. To your right, Rurik the Damned, who conquered the Zora Fel and liberated Vrax. And of course in the center of the hall we have our main attraction, the man who finally defeated our greatest nemesis, James T. Kirk, Highly-Decorated Captainimage, none other than Arne Darvin.

    History shows that Darvin first encountered Kirk on Deep Space Station K-7, Monitor Federation Commerceimage, while working undercover for Klingon Intelligence. The treacherous Terran used another of our greatest enemies, a Tribble, to expose Darvin and foil what would otherwise have been a great victory for the Klingon Empire. But a true warrior like Darvin knows that patience brings victory, and he spent the next Earth century studying both Tribbles and relics which might aid in his quest. Songs are sung of how his anthropological studies helped in the Great Tribble Hunt of Iota Geminorum IV, Relocate Polygeminus Greximage and other similar battles. But Darvin’s greatest victory came from his archaeological skills, as he obtained the Orb of Time.

    Our great hero Arne Darvin transported himself to the year 2267, when he placed a Tribble Bomb in a Storage Compartmentimage. Despite the interference of the traitor of the Empire Worf, Clandestine Stafferimage and his Federation allies, Darvin slew Kirk and earned his place in the Hall of Warriors.

    Below is a record of Arne Darvin’s exploits and some of the many Klingons he has inspired…

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    by Nathan Miracle, Hall of Warriors Tourist