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Tradelists by users

    You see here a overview of all openCards members, of hom you will find tradelists on openCards (for a game specific view see here). Please keep in mind: a user may mark a card multiple times for haves or/and wants - this is the explanation for the high numbers of "Haves" and "Wants" for single users.

    Tradelists by users:

    UserGames# Haves# WantsLast update
    GB TCS Tigerclaw
    Tom Allen

    image image 1.3031.1641 week ago
    DE eberlems
    Markus Eberlein

    image image 3.6571911 week ago
    DE bursenski
    Stefan (last name not public)

    image image 22.1381282 weeks ago
    Maximilian Franckenstein

    image image 4752.5822 weeks ago
    DE MichaPre
    Michael Preßler

    image image 9.6088783 months ago
    DE paddy278
    (real name not public)

    image 1.0102225 months ago
    AT iFreestyler
    Matthias Stöhr

    image 10.108325 months ago
    GB darknight
    martyn gosden

    image image 3.7861.6266 months ago
    AT Chefoeffo
    T (first name not public)

    image image 1.198636 months ago
    DE terencespencer
    (real name not public)

    image image 453737 months ago
    DE DS9-Mike
    M!ke R.

    image image 32281311 months ago
    DE Trekdinner Krefeld
    Ralf Hammerschmidt

    image 6.8243221 year ago
    DE Prydain
    (real name not public)

    image 314351 year ago
    DE RobStar
    Robin (last name not public)

    image image 5.91231 year ago
    GB Starcarper
    Pete S

    image 001 year ago
    US Czarofthefrozentundra
    Jason Kiene

    image image image 432591 year ago
    CA DanLah
    Daniel Lahaie

    image image 3.5781141 year ago
    DE Quendan
    Uli Lindner

    image image 2.2202931 year ago
    DE Ausgang
    Gerald Sieber

    image 4872161 year ago
    DE Georg Walther
    Georg Walther

    image 3.6384131 year ago
    DE Tarjan
    Thorsten Diedrich

    image image image 4284172 years ago
    DE Heiko37
    Heiko Puse

    image 741772 years ago
    AT schachistccg
    Andreas instead of PM please email me at schachi_neu(AT)yahoo(dot)de

    image 820312 years ago
    DE Skywalker500
    (real name not public)

    image image image 4692482 years ago
    DE Deirdre1212
    (real name not public)

    image 3.66402 years ago
    DE BenW
    Benjamin Wadsack

    image image image 8135982 years ago
    NL Khouri
    (real name not public)

    image 003 years ago
    DE Fosco
    (real name not public)

    image 7752.3823 years ago
    DE Telak
    Ulf Benjes

    image image image image 7594853 years ago
    GB JeffHUKOneofZero
    Jeff H

    image 2.089633 years ago
    DE baschti
    Sebastian Höller

    image 770143 years ago
    DE stefan
    Stefan Karpinski

    image image 1.056433 years ago
    DE Pazuzu
    (real name not public)

    image image 6051403 years ago
    DE depfaelzer
    (real name not public)

    image 2013293 years ago
    DE MarcoDB
    Marco Bauer

    image 2.193153 years ago
    DE ununtrium
    Martin Fellmann

    image image 1249374 years ago
    US ChrisTW
    Chris (last name not public)

    image 1851284 years ago
    DE lt.Ptek
    Matthias (last name not public)

    image 69134 years ago
    DE Knusperstunde
    David (last name not public)

    image 1.2221.4944 years ago
    DE bunz
    Daniel (last name not public)

    image image 6601974 years ago
    DE Xellos
    Chritian Dietrich

    image image 8962344 years ago
    SE JoDa
    Jonas Danielsson

    image 764 years ago
    KG (last name not public)

    image 2.32404 years ago
    AT vagrak
    Josef Schober

    image 9.035594 years ago
    DE huckster
    Frank Bachert

    image 274344 years ago
    DE Palpa
    Benjamin Kirsch

    image 471364 years ago
    DE Feanwulf
    Patric Joerges

    image image 70614 years ago
    DE Veggi
    Stephan (last name not public)

    image 573684 years ago
    DE landei86
    Manuel Surek

    image image 1.0551804 years ago
    DE sfonweb
    Guido Bergmann

    image 2192555 years ago
    NL Dyluk
    (real name not public)

    image 005 years ago
    DE Wujekpiotr
    Piotr Pozorski

    image image 1421245 years ago
    DE Hannes
    (real name not public)

    image image 1.4961675 years ago
    AT Firejoe59
    Werner Grabler

    image 005 years ago
    NL tusculo
    (real name not public)

    image image 341565 years ago
    DE therock
    (real name not public)

    image image image 4105725 years ago
    DE scratch
    (real name not public)

    image 6005 years ago
    US hale239
    Steve Hale

    image image 3.4143595 years ago
    DE thewitchhunter
    Michael Kühn

    image 118715 years ago
    DE Frathag
    (real name not public)

    image 332545 years ago
    DE The Balrog
    (real name not public)

    image 4.8612125 years ago
    DE Odofounder
    Andreas (last name not public)

    image 491495 years ago
    US braxtont
    Braxton Thomason

    image image image 1.74735 years ago
    DE chris.burkert
    Christian (last name not public)

    image 02295 years ago
    ES ardacho
    Ignacio Calvo Gozalbo

    image image 14.306976 years ago
    DE Thors Stein
    (real name not public)

    image 394486 years ago
    DE Emil
    Emil Thies

    image image image 1.613316 years ago
    ZA Fritzinger
    Fritz (last name not public)

    image 85486 years ago
    DE AdmiralLeyton
    Chris (last name not public)

    image 881506 years ago
    AT freezer1984
    Bernhard Stagl

    image 1.56516 years ago
    CH janosicek
    Jan Senko

    image image image 610906 years ago
    DE feiffert
    Frank Eiffert

    image image 7576846 years ago
    DE netbuster21
    Benjamin (last name not public)

    image 5041026 years ago
    BR DaniPepper
    Daniela Santos

    image image 93086 years ago
    DE propaghandi
    Christoph (last name not public)

    image 39246 years ago
    DE Scherzkeksi
    (real name not public)

    image 2.2076966 years ago
    GB nuttersuclan
    Danny Nuttall

    image image 7502436 years ago
    GB GrilkasHouseOfCards
    Danny N

    image 1.170516 years ago
    DE MiG305
    Michael (last name not public)

    image image 171426 years ago
    DE meyer2k3
    (real name not public)

    image 98886 years ago
    DE negelein
    andreas von negelein

    image 762356 years ago
    CA maximum_high
    Tuan Nguyen

    image image 6711976 years ago
    DE HempMode
    Martin Hempel

    image 026 years ago
    US Trader_ALE
    Thomas Moore

    image image 788546 years ago
    DE reman_grunt
    Thomas Baumert

    image 12606 years ago
    DE DrMcCoy
    Matthias (last name not public)

    image 6014116 years ago
    US nightman1701
    Chris Norris

    image 311.4116 years ago
    US NX01Dave
    (real name not public)

    image 09317 years ago
    DE Polkommo
    Jeff Morales

    image 1042787 years ago
    DE Dakoon
    Marcel (last name not public)

    image image image 57797 years ago
    DE Nessi
    Carsten Ostmann

    image 7252857 years ago
    US stylez777
    Eric (last name not public)

    image 28017 years ago
    DE Mithrandir1978
    Kamil Holys

    image 2.6645667 years ago
    GB dman-no-one
    Sam (last name not public)

    image 5847 years ago
    DE Romaen84
    Roman (last name not public)

    image 007 years ago
    DE metaq
    Rene Hager

    image image 1581587 years ago
    DE bashircommander
    Oliver Thust

    image 1241587 years ago
    US eeb3
    Eddie Butler

    image image 4.30411.1037 years ago
    DE octavian
    Matthias Schlee

    image image 27867 years ago
    DE Quosa
    (real name not public)

    image 4631797 years ago
    US Venona
    Cory Watterson

    image 821787 years ago
    DE Griiver
    Markus Müller

    image 0577 years ago
    CA Shinzon
    (real name not public)

    image 017 years ago
    GB gibbo247
    Ian Gibbs

    image image 6032037 years ago
    VU TheEmissary
    A B

    image image image image 1.1013.0827 years ago
    DE Sebastian.Hartmann
    Sebastian (last name not public)

    image 255207 years ago
    DE Mechmanu
    Manuel Zabsky

    image 107 years ago
    CA kevkruk
    Kevin Kruk

    image image 410827 years ago
    DE Knochengeiger
    Martin Pineda

    image 3.1886897 years ago
    DE Lt.Com.Steff
    Steff Kothe

    image 1.8999417 years ago
    DE sisko23
    Mario Knoche-Iskif

    image 18907 years ago
    US spccwby23
    John Reynolds

    image image 1.7111657 years ago
    DE zippercommander
    Christian Zipper

    image 26047 years ago
    US QContinuum
    Quentin (last name not public)

    image 3.3362657 years ago
    PL Grealiusz
    Grzesiek Paterka

    image 107567 years ago
    DE Kothe_Christian
    Christian Kothe

    image 2.472677 years ago
    DE Laser
    Andreas Hemmis

    image 217668 years ago
    US JaySly
    Jason Sliwinski

    image 285458 years ago
    DE Dreadnought
    (real name not public)

    image 3041568 years ago
    NL Worfsonofmogh
    (real name not public)

    image image 2.2888878 years ago
    NL enrico81
    Enrico Evink

    image 028 years ago
    GB andrewcarter
    Andrew Carter

    image 1291008 years ago
    US Ithai
    David Marsch

    image 18178 years ago
    SE Coolgate
    Kaj Suokko

    image 1308 years ago
    FR DarthRevan666
    (real name not public)

    image 068 years ago
    US bigpawn
    CJ Armenta

    image 1.230588 years ago
    DE kernelpanic
    Benjamin Weps

    image 008 years ago
    AT sherlockdataholmes
    Thomas Gesierich

    image 1.7094268 years ago
    DE KaiserK
    Johannes Klarhauser

    image image 203578 years ago
    US Kevin Uxbridge
    Jack Becker

    image 503758 years ago
    DE Cmdr_Saljeth
    Gerhard Wagner

    image 4881818 years ago
    DE mhau
    Paul (last name not public)

    image 342988 years ago
    ZA Omedon
    Mark Inman

    image 37128 years ago
    US robotmonster
    Drew Christensen

    image 338 years ago
    GB ninque
    Marcin Pinczewski

    image 3798 years ago
    US Maquis
    Community Exchange

    image image 51528 years ago
    DE bastianholtermann
    Bastian Holtermann

    image 1.1002.1508 years ago
    GB Xirtha
    Mariusz Suchanecki

    image 018 years ago
    US toho
    tony holley

    image image 2.632128 years ago
    CZ Taurnil
    Jirka Paska

    image 058 years ago
    GB trekkerdude
    Gareth Smith

    image 11208 years ago
    DE Exokomp
    Daniel Niedermayr

    image image 3.1499878 years ago
    US barclay02
    Bryan Baird

    image image 992638 years ago
    James (last name not public)

    image 02778 years ago
    DE Fähnrich.Nadine
    Nadine Lorenz

    image 492998 years ago
    US lore10
    David Baird

    image image 1.091428 years ago
    CA tksolway
    Thomas Solway

    image image 1.0201858 years ago
    DE Tribble
    Thomas Vorwerk

    image image 163858 years ago
    DE Divinius
    (real name not public)

    image 0248 years ago
    DE JC-Denton
    Jochen (last name not public)

    image 2958 years ago
    NL domo10000
    Dominic Dirkx

    image 47549 years ago
    DE Rekar
    Jens Petritzki

    image 2689 years ago
    DE tharean
    Bernd Perplies

    image image 1363049 years ago
    FR russ29
    olivier (last name not public)

    image 1.135199 years ago
    US MilesMcCloud
    Ben Georgeson

    image image 4943119 years ago
    DE Viper1976
    Sascha Lang

    image 28709 years ago
    Chris Hopper

    image image 625879 years ago
    FI platinakettu
    Jarkko Laurila

    image 3049 years ago
    US sirdan
    Dan Hamman

    image 112259 years ago
    US AdmRiker
    Dustin Eckhoff

    image image 9676329 years ago
    DE marcbender
    Marc Bender

    image 1.085419 years ago
    DE Kamin
    Robert Wischnat

    image 1.6552369 years ago
    US lou
    Lou Huang

    image 4509 years ago
    NL TaranAtar
    (real name not public)

    image 5533289 years ago
    AU Magnat84
    Bj Bere

    image 46609 years ago
    DE zero-tx
    Frank (last name not public)

    image image 18409 years ago
    DE Worf.2008
    Mario Knoche-Iskif

    image image 4836929 years ago
    US tuvix5
    (real name not public)

    image image 42339 years ago
    DE KTu
    Kristofferson Krauß

    image 109 years ago
    DE bigworm
    Werner Philipps

    image 39409 years ago
    DE algonquin89
    Sascha Hansen

    image image 250369 years ago
    US tiburongirl
    Kim Clark

    image 509 years ago
    GB paulhanselluk
    (real name not public)

    image 436689 years ago
    HU jack ketch
    jack ketch

    image 3.17909 years ago
    DE Lecaro
    Sven Bayer

    image image 1.758189 years ago
    DE Bigfoot_2k
    Klaus Holzenhauer

    image image 6754039 years ago
    DE Sunshine
    Waltraud Rohr

    image 103209 years ago
    FR justeleblanc
    (real name not public)

    image 209 years ago
    GB JJ_159
    (real name not public)

    image 0210 years ago
    DE timmi
    (real name not public)

    image 506010 years ago
    DE ComancheMan
    Martin Tschitschke

    image 97216610 years ago
    DE Lt.Cmdr. Scanman
    Thomas Müller

    image 141410 years ago
    DE Frank
    Frank (last name not public)

    image 164010 years ago
    BE bp696
    (real name not public)

    image 0110 years ago
    DE Jaglom Shrek
    Thorsten Wanek

    image 1710 years ago