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CommonCommon (C)1195
CommonAlternate Affiliation Common (C*)11
UncommonUncommon (U)1166
UncommonAlternate Affiliation Uncommon (U*)3
RareRare (R)1073
RareRare Plus (R+)183
RareUltra Rare (UR)25
RareAlternate Affiliation Rare (R*)28
VirtualVirtual (V)1986
VirtualVirtual Promo (VP)74
VirtualVirtual Archive Portrait (VAP)1
StarterStarter (S)63
StarterStarter Reprint Card (SR)69
StarterStarter Alternate Image Reprint Card (SAR)27
Promos & FoilsPromotion Foil (PF)76
Promos & FoilsPromotion (P)534
Promos & FoilsArchive Portrait Foil (APF)7
Promos & FoilsTournament Foil (TF)20
Promos & FoilsVery Rare Foil (VRF)54
Promos & FoilsSuper Rare Foil (SRF)56
Promos & FoilsUltra Rare Foil (URF)8
Promos & FoilsBox Topper Foil (BTF)4
Promos & FoilsCase Topper Foil (CTF)1
OversizeOversize Promo (OP)4

We distinguish between the rarities you can see on the left side for Star Trek First Edition on openCards. Click on the name of a rarity, to navigate to a list with all cards of that rarity.