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EC 2008 - Day 2: all decks online!

    Long-Small-BannerimageWritten as part of the coverage for the Big-Event "EC 2008".

    This News article was written by openCards user Telak at Aug 10th, 2008.

    We have published today all 16 decks from the EUROPEAN CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP - Day 2 (Potsdam / BERLIN/Germany) on openCards!

    A good reason to enhance our deck section for the presentation of this powerful decks. Beside the well known deck listing you will find also a skill statistic beside the mission requirements and an overview of the dilemma costs for each deck now.

    Both days of the EC 2008 have been dominated by the Borg (first and second place on both days). But we also see two Bajoran decks on day 2 at the third and fourth places - a little surprise, because there was no Bajoran deck in the complete first day at all.

    The decks from the first day follow in the next weeks - but you can already see the results and played affiliations of EUROPEAN CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP - Day 1 too.