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Jiri Paska, Czech

    Long-Small-BannerimagePart of the coverage for the Big-Event "EC 2007".

    This Interview with Taurnil was hold by openCards user FutureGuy.

    Top Player Interview – European Continental Championships 2007

    • Name: Jiri Paska
    • Known on the dboards as: Taurnil or Taurnil34
    • Age: 19
    • Regular player group: Czech
    • Current/highest Decipher rating: 1911
    • STCCG 2E accomplishments: nothing noticeable

    1). How did you start playing Star Trek CCG?

    I like the Star Trek movies and different series a lot and was playing lots of CCG, so I just put two things together.

    2). Do you play any other TCGs beside Star Trek?

    About seven. I like Magic the Gathering which I played for a long time and even today - when asked - I would never deny a game.

    3). Can you remember your first Star Trek 2E tournament? How did you do?

    November 2005, I played a Borg starter with one Locutus and some good dilemmas, I went fourth and lost against Vlad 100:0. I will never forget that game. He was playing an alpha Borg solver and I got hit by two Gomtuu Shockwaves.

    4). Since Worlds 2006, we have seen Starfleet, Voyager and The Original Series enter the game. Do you think these 3 affiliations will make an impact at the European Championships?

    Well Voyager is good, fast and easy to play, TOS is a complex affiliation with a unique way to counter interupts, and with A Sight for Sore Eyes and At What Cost? Starfleet can beat anything if played properly and with TWT it has good matchup with Gal Gath’thong. The new affilitions are very strong and will have great impact on the EC field.

    5). What was the first major 2E event you attended outside of your own country or outside your regular playing area? Do you feel that your game improved after playing?

    My first event outside was in Celle, I have never played outside the Czech republic before. The deck i brought to Celle would not be considered a tier 1 deck here. I won 4 games and lost two, and the two losses were because I had four ships and three interupts in my opening hand, respectively to Johannes, who successfully hit Dabo eight times in a row. I think my game hasn’t changed after that experience. Maybe I would bring a different deck today.

    6). Last year you’ve visited Germany’s yearly Grand Prix Convention in Celle for the first time. What experience did you make there with the German players and their way of playing?

    Germans have a different point of view on the game than me. They are very good players and deckbuilders, I like those 2-3 HQ combo decks, but sometimes pure speed is better. And one thing I have noticed is that they are very slow. Almost half of their games ended on time. Once at a tournament in Prague some player brought a chess clock and time of my part of a whole game was about four minutes. The reason for this is in fact that most of the Czech players are smokers and we need time for having a cigarette and talk about the opponents after the game, so thirty minutes for a game should suffice.

    7). How do the German decks differ from those of Czech players? What kind of strategies are typical for Czech decks?

    In the Czech republic you can expect one headquarter speed solvers with about 40 cards and dilemma piles called “Vlad’s Random”. In Germany you must expect everything from 35 card speed solvers to 60 card 3HQ crazy Ferengi decks.

    8 ). What’s the best method to have a lot of fun with German players?

    I think beer is best bridge between any nations;-)

    9). Some of the players travelling to Berlin will have never played in such a large event. What advice can you give to these players who want to build the best possible deck for the event?

    Don’t play more than 45 cards draw decks, look on the internet for decklists, then you will know what to expect, don’t be nervous it’s just a game

    10). If you had to place a 10 euro bet to name 3 players to reach the final 16 on day 2, which 3 players would you choose?

    Czech Team in top 16 and Vlad will win

    11). What are your personal goals that you hope to achieve at EC2007. How far do you think you will go?

    well I would be satisfied with top 16, but I hope for more;-)

    12). What 3 cards released so far from In a Mirror, Darkly do you expect to see a lot of at the European Championships?

    USS Lakota, Phoenix, Unimatrix zero (but personaly most broken for me is the whole mirror Starfleet sub-affiliation)

    13). If you could change one rule, or one game mechanic, of 2E, what would you do?

    Give players the possibility to change their opening hand and something about going second and first.

    14). When not playing Star Trek, what else do you enjoy doing?

    I play computer games (Warcraft III), I like listening to music (hard rock and hardcore punk), I watch movies (sci-fi)

    15). Are you already planning your European Championships deck, or will you wait until In a Mirror, Darkly is released?

    I have built 4 decks and about 5 more in DeckPADD, but playtesting will show what I will play.

    16). Name your favourite ever card? Why?

    Voyager Seven of Nine, look at that picture and ask again;-)

    17). Have you ever built a deck that looked great on paper, but did terrible in a tournament.

    I have two kinds of decks. First which do 5:1 (losing only to Vlad) which are crappy, and second which do 6:0, these I consider to be competetive. But the first group leads 16:4

    18 ). Can you tell us the most memorable game of Star Trek 2E you have ever played? Why does this game in particular stick out in your mind?

    It was my first game ever. When I discovered that I don´t see the opponent’s personnel I told him this is the most stupid game I ever played.

    19). Create a 2E dream card of yourself!

    2 Jirka Paska Lucky man

    Starfleet Command star Human

    Acquisition, 2 Diplomacy, Leadership, Telepathy

    When you’re about to draw a card, you may download a card from your deck and put it on top. When your opponent is randomly selecting personnel you may select any personnel present instead.

    “I really need that At what cost”

    Integrity 6, Cunning 7, Strength 6