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Tradelists for ST1E "The Dominion"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    ST1E 6 R 1Croden's KeyRareArtifact69111 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 2Orb of Prophecy and ChangeRareArtifact6791 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 3The Earring of Li NalasRareArtifact69111 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 4Berserk ChangelingUncommonDilemma5021 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 5Chula: Pick One to Save TwoUncommonDilemma5141 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 6Chula: The ChandraRareDilemma25181 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 7Chula: The DiceCommonDilemma5441 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 8CrisisCommonDilemma6511 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 9Founder SecretRareDilemma36191 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 10Friendly FireCommonDilemma4841 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 11Mission FatigueUncommonDilemma4741 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 12Navigational HazardsCommonDilemma5431 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 13Sleeper TrapRareDilemma46181 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 14Surprise AssaultCommonDilemma5341 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 15Dominion PADDCommonEquipment5041 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 16Jem'Hadar Birthing ChamberCommonEquipment5041 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 17Jem'Hadar DisruptorCommonEquipment5141 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 18Jem'Hadar Disruptor RifleUncommonEquipment4131 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 19Ketracel-WhiteCommonEquipment4541 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 20Crew ReassignmentUncommonEvent5111 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 21Espionage: Dominion on FederationCommonEvent4941 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 22Espionage: Dominion on KlingonCommonEvent5031 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 23Espionage: Dominion on RomulanCommonEvent4531 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 24Fair PlayUncommonEvent4621 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 25Invasive Beam-InCommonEvent5121 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 26Sisko 197 SubroutineUncommonEvent4231 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 27Tactical ConsoleUncommonEvent3221 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 28Treaty: Bajoran/DominionCommonEvent5231 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 29Treaty: Cardassian/DominionCommonEvent4821 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 30Treaty: Romulan/DominionCommonEvent4541 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 31Primary Supply DepotCommonFacility5251 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 32Remote Supply DepotCommonFacility6051 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 33The Great LinkRareFacility54151 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 34Office of the PresidentRareFacility51171 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 35The Great HallRareFacility60111 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 36Empok NorRareFacility51151 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 37Office of the ProconsulRareFacility46171 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 38Caught Red-HandedCommonInterrupt5621 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 39Flight of the IntruderUncommonInterrupt4051 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 40In the BagCommonInterrupt4241 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 41Jem'Hadar SacrificeCommonInterrupt4921 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 42Shape-ShiftUncommonInterrupt5341 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 43Strike ThreeCommonInterrupt4131 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 44You Dirty RatUncommonInterrupt4131 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 45Archanis DisputeUncommonMission5731 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 46Betazed InvasionRareMission45161 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 47Bioweapon RuseUncommonMission4431 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 48Construct DepotCommonMission4931 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 49Intelligence OperationUncommonMission4851 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 50Investigate CoupUncommonMission5641 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 51Mining SurveyUncommonMission4441 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 52Protect ShipmentUncommonMission4951 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 53Quest for the SwordUncommonMission4471 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 54Rescue FounderUncommonMission4551 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 55Security BriefingUncommonMission5741 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 56Uncover DNA CluesUncommonMission5461 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 57Engage CloakUncommonObjective6121 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 58Establish Dominion FootholdUncommonObjective3851 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 59Install Autonomic Systems ParasiteUncommonObjective5241 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 60Issue Secret OrdersRareObjective48151 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 61Operate Wormhole RelaysUncommonObjective5011 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 62Post GarrisonUncommonObjective5841 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 63Subjugate PlanetCommonObjective4341 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 64General HazarCommonPersonnel6231 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 65Kai WinnRarePersonnel63151 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 66Keeve FalorCommonPersonnel6011 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 67OrtaUncommonPersonnel5131 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 68ZayraRarePersonnel60121 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 69DamarRarePersonnel54131 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 70DaroUncommonPersonnel4931 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 71DejarUncommonPersonnel5521 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 72GarakRarePersonnel73171 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 73MacetUncommonPersonnel4241 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 74Silaran PrinUncommonPersonnel4621 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 75TelleCommonPersonnel5621 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 76Amat'iganRarePersonnel51181 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 77Arak'TaralUncommonPersonnel4931 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 78Azet'izanCommonPersonnel3931 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 79BorathRarePersonnel51121 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 80ErisCommonPersonnel4841 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 81FounderUncommonPersonnel4651 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 82Founder LeaderRarePersonnel53161 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 83Goran'AgarRarePersonnel55141 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 84Gurat'urakCommonPersonnel4631 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 85KeevanRarePersonnel59131 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 86KilanaRarePersonnel43151 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 87Kira FounderRarePersonnel63151 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 88Koret'alakCommonPersonnel6031 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 89Leyton FounderRarePersonnel51131 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 90Limara'SonCommonPersonnel4531 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 91Lovok FounderRarePersonnel48171 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 92Makla'GorCommonPersonnel5741 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 93Martok FounderRarePersonnel58141 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 94Meso'ClanUncommonPersonnel3441 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 95O'Brien FounderRarePersonnel51141 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 96Omet'iklanRarePersonnel52141 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 97OrnitharCommonPersonnel4641 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 98Remata'KlanRarePersonnel56111 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 99Talak'talanRarePersonnel54171 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 100Temo'ZumaCommonPersonnel6331 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 101Toman'toraxRarePersonnel47161 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 102Virak'karaCommonPersonnel4651 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 103WeyounRarePersonnel52141 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 104Yak'TalonCommonPersonnel4531 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 105YelgrenRarePersonnel45161 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 106Young Jem'HadarCommonPersonnel4051 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 107ZyreeCommonPersonnel4531 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 108Admiral LeytonRarePersonnel76121 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 109Jaresh-InyoRarePersonnel43141 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 110KeoghRarePersonnel59121 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 111Michael EddingtonRarePersonnel49121 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 112AtulUncommonPersonnel4931 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 113Ch'PokRarePersonnel47151 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 114MartokRarePersonnel45121 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 11510 and 01RarePersonnel50141 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 116AnyaUncommonPersonnel5841 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 117SaliaRarePersonnel43121 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 118SotoUncommonPersonnel5621 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 119LovokRarePersonnel54171 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 120Senator VreenakRarePersonnel56151 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 121T'RulUncommonPersonnel5521 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 122Keldon AdvancedRareShip30211 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 123TragerRareShip58131 month ago
    ST1E 6 C 124Jem'Hadar Attack ShipCommonShip57151 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 125Jem'Hadar WarshipUncommonShip4781 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 126U.S.S. DefiantRareShip40141 month ago
    ST1E 6 U 127U.S.S. OdysseyUncommonShip4941 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 128U.S.S. Rio GrandeRareShip72121 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 129I.K.C. RotarranRareShip52171 month ago
    ST1E 6 R 130D'deridex AdvancedRareShip40191 month ago
    ST1E 6 P 131Seven of NinePromotionPersonnel14281 month ago
    ST1E 6 P 132Admiral RikerPromotionPersonnel14291 month ago
    ST1E 6 P 133Captain KirkPromotionPersonnel11301 month ago
    ST1E 6 P 134Worf Son of MoghPromotionPersonnel17231 month ago