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Welcome to the Fight Klub interview section!

Interviews with Decipherians, supporters, connectors, mentors and players give you an exciting insight into the world of Fight Klub.

Interviews you find here have either been carried out and published by members of the openCards writer team or have been published on Deciphers website ( first. You can find all of them in the openCards interview database (use riter "Search"). There you can search these interviews by different criterias like interviewee or editor. Furthermore you can browse the list of latest interviews to take a look at what happened last in the Fight Klub scene (use riter "Latest").


Latest FK Interview on openCards:


This Interview with Tim Ellington was hold by Neal and was published first on "Decipher's Website (" at Mar 16th, 2009.

Neal: We are here with Tim Ellington from Decipher to talk about their new game Fight Klub. Fight Klub is something new to ccgs with both its "cross culture" theme and the way it is being sold and distributed. In this interview, Tim is going to tell us a little about how FK started and what went into making it. Hi Tim, thanks for giving us your time to talk about Fight Klub.

Tim: No problem, Neal. Happy to do it.

Neal: So let’s talk about how this game started. What is the story behind the origin of this game?

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