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[Black Beauty 2] Black Beauty 2 (BB)

Special set of 6 physical cards published by Decipher (2009/02).

Overview card types:
CharacterEffectFight Card
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
FK 2 R BB1Go NowRareEffectHero
FK 2 R BB2Mimetic PolyalloyRareEffectVillian
FK 2 R BB3Decipher ThisRareFight CardUniversal
FK 3 R BB1John ConnorRareCharacterHero
FK 3 R BB2Don't Even Think About ItRareFight CardHero
FK 3 R BB3The EdgeRareFight CardUniversal


"Black Beauty" is a free gift with the purchase of every three Kilos of "Two." It contains a special group of eleven cards: three rare gameplay cards (two of which are Terminator 2 cards featuring the unique game function called "Morph") and eight viral marketing cards.

If you buy three Kilos at once, you receive a free "Black Beauty" with that shippment. If you buy three Kilos in separate transactions, it will ship with the third Kilo. There are no added shipping charges.

The offer described above is only availible on Decipher's website which is the only location, where you can buy Fight Klub cards. If you are not a founding member of Fight Klub you need a invitation for this site. Because openCards is a official supporter of Fight Klub you can use our handle "opencards" to enter the Fight Klub site!