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[Mount Doom] Mount Doom (MD)

    Regular expansion of 244 physical cards published by Decipher (2004/07/14).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    LotR 10 R 1[?]Great Day, Great Hour (first print)RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 10 U 2[?]Memories of Darkness (first print)UncommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 10 R 3[?]More Yet to Come (first print)RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 10 U 4[?]Aegnor, Elven Escort (first print)UncommonGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 U 5[?]Arwen, Echo of Lúthien (first print)UncommonGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 R 6[?]Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men (first print)RareGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 R 7[?]Celeborn, Lord of the Galadhrim (first print)RareGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 R 8[?]Círdan, The Shipwright (first print)RareGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 R 9[?]Elrond, Venerable Lord (first print)RareGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 C 10[?]Fleet-footed (first print)CommonEreignisElven icon
    LotR 10 R 11[?]Galadriel, Lady Redeemed (first print)RareGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 U 12[?]Glimpse of Fate (first print)UncommonBedingungElven icon
    LotR 10 R 13[?]Phial of Galadriel, Star-glass (first print)RareArtefaktElven icon
    LotR 10 R 14[?]Borne Far Away (first print)RareEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 10 U 15[?]Brooding on Tomorrow (first print)UncommonBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 10 C 16[?]Gathering Wind (first print)CommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 10 R 17[?]Out of the High Airs (first print)RareEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 10 R 18[?]Treebeard, Keeper of the Watchwood (first print)RareGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 10 R 19[?]A Dark Shape Sprang (first print)RareEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 10 U 20[?]Final Strike (first print)UncommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 10 R 21[?]Gollum, Mad Thing (first print)RareKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 10 U 22[?]Reclaim the Precious (first print)UncommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 10 R 23[?]Shelob, Her Ladyship (first print)RareKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 10 C 24[?]Unabated in Malice (first print)CommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 10 R 25[?]Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 U 26[?]Cursed of Erech (first print)UncommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 C 27[?]Dead Man of Dunharrow (first print)CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 R 28[?]Denethor, Lord of Minas Tirith (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 R 29[?]Drawing His Eye (first print)RareEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 C 30[?]End of the Game (first print)CommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 C 31[?]Every Little is a Gain (first print)CommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 U 32[?]Fifth Level (first print)UncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 10 U 33[?]Hardy Garrison (first print)UncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 10 C 34[?]Last Throw (first print)CommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 U 35[?]Suffered Much Loss (first print)UncommonBedingungIsengard icon
    LotR 10 C 36[?]Cast Unto the Winds (first print)CommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 C 37[?]Corsair Boatswain (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 R 38[?]Corsair Brute (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 U 39[?]Corsair Ruffian (first print)UncommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 R 40[?]Easterling Berserker (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 C 41[?]Easterling Pillager (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 C 42[?]Far Harad Mercenaries (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 U 43[?]Field of the Fallen (first print)UncommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 U 44[?]High Vantage (first print)UncommonEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 10 R 45[?]Mûmak Chieftain (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 R 46[?]Quelled (first print)RareEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 10 U 47[?]Rallying Call (first print)UncommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 R 48[?]Seasoned Leader (first print)RareBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 C 49[?]Southron Fanatic (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 C 50[?]Southron Savage (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 R 51[?]Stampeded (first print)RareEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 10 C 52[?]Under Foot (first print)CommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 U 53[?]Black Marshal (first print)UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 U 54[?]Cirith Ungol Scavenger (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 55[?]Cirith Ungol Soldier (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 56[?]Cirith Ungol Warrior (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 U 57[?]Cirith Ungol Watchman (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 58[?]Dark Swooping Shadows (first print)RareEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 59[?]Gorbag, Covetous Captain (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 60[?]Gorbag's Sword (first print)RareAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 61[?]Houses of Lamentation (first print)CommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 62[?]Morgul Banner-bearer (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 63[?]Morgul Vanguard (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 64[?]Stooping to the Kill (first print)CommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 65[?]Swarming Like Beetles (first print)CommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 C 66[?]Ten Times Outnumbered (first print)CommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 67[?]Úlairë Cantëa, Thrall of The One (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 68[?]Úlairë Enquëa, Thrall of The One (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 U 69[?]Úlairë Lemenya, Thrall of The One (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 U 70[?]Úlairë Nelya, Thrall of The One (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 71[?]Úlairë Toldëa, Thrall of The One (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 R 72[?]Éowyn, Lady of Ithilien (first print)RareGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 10 U 73[?]Fell Deeds Awake (first print)UncommonBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 10 U 74[?]Unyielding (first print)UncommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 10 R 75[?]Advance Captain (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 76[?]Advance Marauder (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 77[?]Advance Regular (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 78[?]Advance Scout (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 79[?]Barren Land (first print)CommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 80[?]Beaten Back (first print)CommonEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 81[?]Cirith Ungol Guard (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 82[?]Cirith Ungol Patroller (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 83[?]Cirith Ungol Sentinel (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 84[?]Cirith Ungol Sentry (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 85[?]Flames Within (first print)CommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 86[?]Gorgoroth Keeper (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 87[?]Gorgoroth Swarm (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 88[?]Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 89[?]Gothmog's Warg (first print)RareAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 90[?]Mordor Brute (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 91[?]Mordor Fiend (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 92[?]Mordor Pillager (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 93[?]Mordor Wretch (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 94[?]Orc Ravager (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 95[?]Orc Slaughterer (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 96[?]Rank and File (first print)UncommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 97[?]The Ring is Mine! (first print)UncommonEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 U 98[?]Ruinous Hail (first print)UncommonEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 99[?]Shagrat, Captain of Cirith Ungol (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 100[?]Speak No More to Me (first print)RareEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 101[?]Troll of Cirith Gorgor (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 102[?]Uruk Axe (first print)CommonAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 10 C 103[?]Window of The Eye (first print)CommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 R 104[?]Birthday Present (first print)RareBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 U 105[?]Brave and Loyal (first print)UncommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 C 106[?]Chance Observation (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 C 107[?]Great Heart (first print)CommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 U 108[?]A Light in His Mind (first print)UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 C 109[?]Make Haste (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 C 110[?]A Marvel (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 U 111[?]Narrow Escape (first print)UncommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 C 112[?]Nine-fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 C 113[?]Orc Armor (first print)CommonAusrüstungShire icon
    LotR 10 U 114[?]Shadowplay (first print)UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 U 115[?]Slunk Out of Sight (first print)UncommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 U 116[?]The Tale of the Great Ring (first print)UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 U 117[?]Base of Mindolluin (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 10 U 118[?]Pelennor Prairie (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 10 U 119[?]Steward's Tomb (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 10 U 120[?]Watchers of Cirith Ungol (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 10 P 121[?]Frodo, Resolute Hobbit (first print)PromotionGefährteShire icon
    LotR 10 P 122[?]Sam, Great Elf Warrior (first print)PromotionGefährteShire icon
    LotR 10 RF 1[?]Great Day, Great Hour (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 10 UF 2[?]Memories of Darkness (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 10 RF 3[?]More Yet to Come (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 10 UF 4[?]Aegnor, Elven Escort (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 UF 5[?]Arwen, Echo of Lúthien (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 6[?]Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 7[?]Celeborn, Lord of the Galadhrim (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 8[?]Círdan, The Shipwright (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 9[?]Elrond, Venerable Lord (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 CF 10[?]Fleet-footed (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 11[?]Galadriel, Lady Redeemed (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 10 UF 12[?]Glimpse of Fate (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 13[?]Phial of Galadriel, Star-glass (reprint)Subset Rare FoilArtefaktElven icon
    LotR 10 RF 14[?]Borne Far Away (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 10 UF 15[?]Brooding on Tomorrow (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 10 CF 16[?]Gathering Wind (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 10 RF 17[?]Out of the High Airs (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 10 RF 18[?]Treebeard, Keeper of the Watchwood (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 10 RF 19[?]A Dark Shape Sprang (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 10 UF 20[?]Final Strike (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 10 RF 21[?]Gollum, Mad Thing (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 10 UF 22[?]Reclaim the Precious (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 10 RF 23[?]Shelob, Her Ladyship (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 10 CF 24[?]Unabated in Malice (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 10 RF 25[?]Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 UF 26[?]Cursed of Erech (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 CF 27[?]Dead Man of Dunharrow (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 RF 28[?]Denethor, Lord of Minas Tirith (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 10 RF 29[?]Drawing His Eye (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 CF 30[?]End of the Game (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 CF 31[?]Every Little is a Gain (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 UF 32[?]Fifth Level (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 10 UF 33[?]Hardy Garrison (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 10 CF 34[?]Last Throw (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 10 UF 35[?]Suffered Much Loss (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungIsengard icon
    LotR 10 CF 36[?]Cast Unto the Winds (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 CF 37[?]Corsair Boatswain (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 RF 38[?]Corsair Brute (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 UF 39[?]Corsair Ruffian (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 RF 40[?]Easterling Berserker (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 CF 41[?]Easterling Pillager (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 CF 42[?]Far Harad Mercenaries (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 UF 43[?]Field of the Fallen (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 UF 44[?]High Vantage (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 10 RF 45[?]Mûmak Chieftain (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 RF 46[?]Quelled (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 10 UF 47[?]Rallying Call (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 RF 48[?]Seasoned Leader (reprint)Subset Rare FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 CF 49[?]Southron Fanatic (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 CF 50[?]Southron Savage (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 10 RF 51[?]Stampeded (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 10 CF 52[?]Under Foot (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 10 UF 53[?]Black Marshal (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 UF 54[?]Cirith Ungol Scavenger (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 55[?]Cirith Ungol Soldier (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 56[?]Cirith Ungol Warrior (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 UF 57[?]Cirith Ungol Watchman (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 58[?]Dark Swooping Shadows (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 59[?]Gorbag, Covetous Captain (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 60[?]Gorbag's Sword (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 61[?]Houses of Lamentation (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 62[?]Morgul Banner-bearer (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 63[?]Morgul Vanguard (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 64[?]Stooping to the Kill (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 65[?]Swarming Like Beetles (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 CF 66[?]Ten Times Outnumbered (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 67[?]Úlairë Cantëa, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 68[?]Úlairë Enquëa, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 UF 69[?]Úlairë Lemenya, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 UF 70[?]Úlairë Nelya, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 71[?]Úlairë Toldëa, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 10 RF 72[?]Éowyn, Lady of Ithilien (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 10 UF 73[?]Fell Deeds Awake (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 10 UF 74[?]Unyielding (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 10 RF 75[?]Advance Captain (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 76[?]Advance Marauder (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 77[?]Advance Regular (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 78[?]Advance Scout (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 79[?]Barren Land (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 80[?]Beaten Back (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 81[?]Cirith Ungol Guard (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 82[?]Cirith Ungol Patroller (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 83[?]Cirith Ungol Sentinel (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 84[?]Cirith Ungol Sentry (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 85[?]Flames Within (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 86[?]Gorgoroth Keeper (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 87[?]Gorgoroth Swarm (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 88[?]Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 89[?]Gothmog's Warg (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 90[?]Mordor Brute (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 91[?]Mordor Fiend (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 92[?]Mordor Pillager (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 93[?]Mordor Wretch (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 94[?]Orc Ravager (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 95[?]Orc Slaughterer (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 96[?]Rank and File (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 97[?]The Ring is Mine! (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 UF 98[?]Ruinous Hail (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 99[?]Shagrat, Captain of Cirith Ungol (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 100[?]Speak No More to Me (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 101[?]Troll of Cirith Gorgor (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 102[?]Uruk Axe (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 10 CF 103[?]Window of The Eye (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 10 RF 104[?]Birthday Present (reprint)Subset Rare FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 105[?]Brave and Loyal (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 CF 106[?]Chance Observation (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 CF 107[?]Great Heart (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 108[?]A Light in His Mind (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 CF 109[?]Make Haste (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 CF 110[?]A Marvel (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 111[?]Narrow Escape (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 CF 112[?]Nine-fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 CF 113[?]Orc Armor (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 114[?]Shadowplay (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 115[?]Slunk Out of Sight (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 116[?]The Tale of the Great Ring (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 10 UF 117[?]Base of Mindolluin (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 10 UF 118[?]Pelennor Prairie (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 10 UF 119[?]Steward's Tomb (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 10 UF 120[?]Watchers of Cirith Ungol (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 10 PF 121[?]Frodo, Resolute Hobbit (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteShire icon
    LotR 10 PF 122[?]Sam, Great Elf Warrior (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteShire icon

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