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[Triumph and Menace Series] Triumph and Menace Series (TMS)

Special set of 13 cards published by Decipher ().

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
LotR 0 W 1Army of DunlandVirtualKnechtDunland faction
LotR 0 W 2Dwarven EscortVirtualGefährteDwarven faction
LotR 0 W 3Legolas, Nimble ElfVirtualGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 W 4Treebeard, Enemy of the HandVirtualGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 W 5Gollum, Worker of MischiefVirtualKnechtGollum faction
LotR 0 W 6Aragorn, The DunadanVirtualGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 W 7Army of IsengardVirtualKnechtIsengard faction
LotR 0 W 8Army of MoriaVirtualKnechtMoria faction
LotR 0 W 9Army of HaradVirtualKnechtRaider faction
LotR 0 W 10The NazgulVirtualKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 W 11Eowyn, Daughter of KingsVirtualGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 W 12Army of SauronVirtualKnechtSauron faction
LotR 0 W 13Sam, Lover of TreesVirtualGefährteShire faction

Created for the LOTR Online game only and therefore not availible as a printed version.