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Light Side card list

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    Admiral's Order - Character - Creature - Device - Effect - Epic Event - Interrupt - Location - Objective - Podracer - Starship - Vehicle - Weapon -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    SW 13  R 92Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 93Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 94Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 95Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 16  R 61Theed PalaceRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 16  R 62Theed PalaceRareAdmiral's Order
    SW S14  P 133Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 96Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 4 R1 82
    [?]2-1B (Too-Onebee)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 1 U1 163
    [?]2X-3KPR (Tooex)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 91Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13 XR 97Death Star IIX-RareCharacter
    SW 10  C 163Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 164Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 3 C2 82
    [?]Arconaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 7  R 92Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 93Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 63Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW S14  P 134Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 10  F 165Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 7  R 94Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 97Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 166Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 164
    [?]Beru Larsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  R 98Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 165
    [?]Biggs Darklighterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 7  C 96Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 166
    [?]BoShekimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 16  R 64
    [?]Boss Nassimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  C 167Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 168Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 83
    [?]Brainiacimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  U 169Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 170Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 167
    [?]C-3PO (See-Threepio)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 4 U2 83
    [?]Cal Alderimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 14  C 46TatooineCommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 171Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 6  R 91Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 91CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 92CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 65Theed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 98Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 91EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 99Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R2 84
    [?]Chewbaccaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 11  R 92
    [?]Chewbacca Of Kashyyykimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareCharacter
    SW S14  P 135Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 15  P 151Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 11  R 93EndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 172Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 6  C 92Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 6  C 93Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 99Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 173Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 100Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 C1 85A New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 4 R1 84Hoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 3 U2 86A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  R 174Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 3 C2 87
    [?]Corellianimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  U 175Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 94EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 95EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 96EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 97EndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 101Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 102Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 66Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 136Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 15  C 93CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 168
    [?]CZ-3 (Seezee-Three)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4 R2 85
    [?]Dack Ralterimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 16  U 67Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 137Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 11  R 98
    [?]Daughter Of Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 176Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 47TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 94CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 4 U1 86Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  C 100Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 169
    [?]Dice Ibegonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 3 U2 88
    [?]Doikk Na'tsimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  R 95Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 11  C 99EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 177Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 101Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 170
    [?]Dutchimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 4 C3 87
    [?]Echo Base Trooperimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 4 C1 88Hoth (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 4 C1 89
    [?]EG-4 (Eegee-Four)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 7  C 102Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 178Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  C 100EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  C 101EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  C 102EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  C 103EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U2 171
    [?]Figrin D'animage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  U 179Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 103Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 103Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 95CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 4 C2 90
    [?]FX-7 (Effex-Seven)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 7  R 104Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 89
    [?]Garouf Lafoeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  R 105Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 104Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 4 R2 91Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 11  R 104EndorRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 172
    [?]General Dodonnaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 16  R 68
    [?]General Jar Jarimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 180Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 105
    [?]General Soloimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 13  U 105Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 106Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 106EndorRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 107Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 96CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 106Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 13  C 107Death Star IICommonCharacter
    SW 13  C 108Death Star IICommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 181Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 48TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 69Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 70Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 97CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 R1 173
    [?]Han Soloimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  U 182Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 U2 90
    [?]Het Nkikimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  C 108Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 183Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  P 152Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 15  C 98CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 91
    [?]Hunchbackimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 3 U2 92
    [?]Ickabel G'ontimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  C 184Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 109Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 110Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 14  R 49TatooineRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 99CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 174
    [?]Jawaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 1 U1 175
    [?]Jek Porkinsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 4 U1 92
    [?]Jeroen Webbimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 16  U 71Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 111Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 185Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 4 R1 93
    [?]K-3PO (Kay-Threepio)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 1 U1 176
    [?]Kabeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 1 R1 177
    [?]Kal'Falnl C'ndrosimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  R 112Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 109Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 186Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 107EndorRareCharacter
    SW 6  U 94Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 110Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 187Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 100CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 188Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 111Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 189Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 113Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 114Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 6  R 95Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 153Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 115Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 138Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 1 R2 178
    [?]Leesub Sirlnimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 1 R1 179
    [?]Leia Organaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 15  P 154Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 116Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 101CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 72Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 112Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 73Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 108EndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 190Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 191Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 109EndorRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 74Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 113Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 192Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 114Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 102CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 C1 180Premiere (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 6  R 96Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 50TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 110EndorRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 117Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 181
    [?]Luke Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 13 UR 115Death Star IIUltra RareCharacter
    SW S14  P 139Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 11  U 111EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 103
    [?]Mace Winduimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 16  R 75Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 4 R2 94
    [?]Major Bren Derlinimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 13  U 116Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 117Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 193Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 118Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 104CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 105
    [?]Master Qui-Gonimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 118Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 194Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 3 U1 93A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW S14  P 140Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 10  C 195Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U2 182
    [?]Momaw Nadonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 11  R 112EndorRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 106CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 107CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 3 U2 94
    [?]Nalan Cheelimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  U 196Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 119Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 183
    [?]Obi-Wan Kenobiimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 15  P 155Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 14  R 51Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 16  U 76Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 77Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 78Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 119Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 113EndorRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 120Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 184
    [?]Owen Larsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW S14  P 141Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 14  R 52
    [?]Padmé Naberrieimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 121Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 79Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 11  U 114
    [?]Paplooimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 108CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 109CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 185
    [?]Popsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 6  R 97Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 122Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 197Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 123Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 80
    [?]Queen Amidalaimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  R 110Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 14  R 53
    [?]Qui-Gon Jinnimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  P 156Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 16  R 81Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 3 R2 95
    [?]R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 1 C2 186
    [?]R2-X2 (Artoo-Extoo)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  U 198Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 4 R2 95
    [?]R-3PO (Ar-Threepio)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  R 199Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 1 C2 187
    [?]R4-E1 (Arfour-Eeone)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C2 96
    [?]R5-D4 (Arfive-Defour)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4  P 96
    [?]R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)PromotionCharacter
    SW 3 C2 97
    [?]RA-7 (Aray-Seven)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 11  U 115EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  F 200Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 10  C 201Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 125Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 C2 98
    [?]Rebel Commanderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 1 C2 188
    [?]Rebel Guardimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 1 C2 189
    [?]Rebel Pilotimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4 C1 97
    [?]Rebel Scoutimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 3 C3 99
    [?]Rebel Squad Leaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 3 C1 100
    [?]Rebel Techimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 1 C3 190
    [?]Rebel Trooperimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 1 R1 191
    [?]Red Leaderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  R 126Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 82Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 111CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 83Theed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 124Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 C2 98
    [?]Rogue Gunnerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4 U2 99
    [?]Romas "Lock" Navanderimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 11  R 116EndorRareCharacter
    SW 16  C 84Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 202Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 112CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 113CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 127Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 C2 101
    [?]Saurinimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 15  U 114CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 115
    [?]Senator Palpatineimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 11  R 117EndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 118EndorRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 128Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 203Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 204Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  U 119EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 129Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 U1 100
    [?]Shawn Valdezimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 1 C2 192
    [?]Shistavanen Wolfmanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 14  R 54TatooineRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 130Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  P 157Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 7  C 131Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 91
    [?]Son of Skywalkerimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 205Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 116Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW S14  P 142Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 1 C2 193
    [?]Talzimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4 U2 101
    [?]Tamizander Reyimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  R 132Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 133Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 C2 102
    [?]Tauntaun Handlerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  R 206Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 120EndorRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 117CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 120Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 134Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 207Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 208Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 121
    [?]Threepioimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 14  R 55Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 6  C 98Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 209Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 4 U1 103
    [?]Tigran Jamiroimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 3 U2 102
    [?]Tireeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  R 210Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 4 U1 104
    [?]Toryn Farrimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 6  U 99Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 6  U 100Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 121Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 3 R2 103
    [?]Tzizvvtimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  R 211Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 135Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 C1 105Hoth (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 1 R2 194Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 3 R1 104
    [?]Wedge Antillesimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 13  R 122Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 4 R2 106
    [?]Wes Jansonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 11  R 122EndorRareCharacter
    SW 6  U 101Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 195
    [?]Wiosleaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 10  F 212Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 11  U 123EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 4 U2 107
    [?]Wyron Serperimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 15  U 118CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 136Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 119CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  F 213Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 5  R 92
    [?]Yodaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  P 158Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 15  R 120Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 14  U 56TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 137Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 R2 108
    [?]Zev Senescaimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 3 C1 105
    [?]Zuttonimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 5  C 93
    [?]Bog-wingimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 5  C 94
    [?]Mynockimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 5  C 95
    [?]Nudjimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 10  F 214Special EditionFixedCreature
    SW 5  R 96
    [?]Space Slugimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCreature
    SW 5  C 97
    [?]Vine Snakeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 7  U 138Jabba’s PalaceUncommonCreature
    SW 7  U 139Jabba’s PalaceUncommonDevice
    SW 4 R2 109
    [?]Artillery Remoteimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Device
    SW 5  C 98
    [?]Astromech Translatorimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonDevice
    SW 6  R 102Cloud CityRareDevice
    SW 1 U2 196
    [?]Callerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 6  U 103Cloud CityUncommonDevice
    SW 5  C 99
    [?]Droid Sensorscopeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonDevice
    SW 4 C2 110
    [?]Echo Trooper Backpackimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 197
    [?]Electrobinocularsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 3 U2 106
    [?]Fire Extinguisherimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 1 C2 198Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 5  R 100
    [?]Han's Toolkitimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDevice
    SW 7  U 140Jabba’s PalaceUncommonDevice
    SW 7  U 141Jabba’s PalaceUncommonDevice
    SW 4 C2 111
    [?]Hoth Survival Gearimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 U2 199
    [?]Hydroponics Stationimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 5  R 101
    [?]Landing Clawimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDevice
    SW 6  U 104Cloud CityUncommonDevice
    SW 5  R 102
    [?]Luke's Backpackimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareDevice
    SW 3 R2 107
    [?]Magnetic Suction Tubeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Device
    SW S14  P 143Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDevice
    SW S14  P 144Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionDevice
    SW 5  C 103Dagobah (first print)CommonDevice
    SW 10  C 215Special EditionCommonDevice
    SW 4 C2 112
    [?]R2 Sensor Arrayimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 5  C 104
    [?]Rebel Flight Suitimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonDevice
    SW 3 C2 108
    [?]Rectennaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 3 C2 109
    [?]Remoteimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 200
    [?]Restraining Boltimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 5  C 105
    [?]Retractable Armimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonDevice
    SW 3 U1 110
    [?]Sensor Panelimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 1 U1 201
    [?]Targeting Computerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 1 C2 202
    [?]Tatooine Utility Beltimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 203
    [?]Vaporatorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 10  C 216Special EditionCommonDevice
    SW 15  P 159Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 161Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 162Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 160Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 163Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 165Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 164Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 166Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 167Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 168Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 169Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 170Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 171Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 172Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 173Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 174Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 6  C 105Cloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 6  R 106Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 205
    [?]Affect Mindimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 7  U 142Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 124EndorRareEffect
    SW 6  R 107Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 5  C 106Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 15  U 123CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 15  P 176Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  P 175Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  P 177Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  U 124CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 5  C 107
    [?]Asteroid Sanctuaryimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 5  R 108Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  R 109
    [?]At Peaceimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 15  U 121CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 204
    [?]A Tremor In The Forceimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 15  U 122CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 4 R2 113
    [?]Bacta Tankimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 7  U 143Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 11  U 125
    [?]Battle Planimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 125CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 206
    [?]Beggarimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  R 108Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 7  U 144Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 14  R 57TatooineRareEffect
    SW 3 R1 111
    [?]Cell 2187image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  U 109Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 6  C 110Cloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 13  C 123Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 10  R 217Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 15  P 178Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 11  C 126EndorCommonEffect
    SW 3 R2 112
    [?]Commence Rechargingimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 10  R 218Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 10  R 219Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 11  R 127EndorRareEffect
    SW 6  U 111Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 207
    [?]Crash Site Memorialimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 15  C 126CoruscantCommonEffect
    SW 1 R1 208
    [?]Death Star Plansimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 1 R2 209
    [?]Demotionimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 5  R 110
    [?]Descent Into The Darkimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 R1 210
    [?]Disarmedimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 4 R1 114
    [?]Disarming Creatureimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  R 112Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 10  R 220Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 14  C 58TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 5  C 111
    [?]Do, Or Do Notimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW S14  P 145Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionEffect
    SW 10  U 221Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 222Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 4 R2 115
    [?]Echo Base Operationsimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 15  P 179Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 3 C2 113
    [?]Eject! Eject!image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 1 C2 211
    [?]Ellorrs Madakimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 5  C 112
    [?]Encampmentimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 15  P 180Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 10  R 223Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 4 U1 116
    [?]Evacuation Controlimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 15  P 181Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 1 U1 212
    [?]Eyes In The Darkimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  U 113
    [?]Flash Of Insightimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 4 C2 117
    [?]Frostbiteimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 6  R 113Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 16  C 85Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 10  R 224Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 3 C2 114
    [?]Grappling Hookimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 14  R 59TatooineRareEffect
    SW 5  U 114
    [?]Grounded Starfighterimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 16  C 86Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 6  R 114Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 10  U 225Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 6  U 115Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 115
    [?]Hiding In The Garbageimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 6  R 116Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 13  U 124Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 117Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 10  U 226Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 14  C 60TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 4 U1 118
    [?]Ice Stormimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 13  U 125Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 11  U 128EndorUncommonEffect
    SW 10  R 227Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 7  R 145Jabba’s PalaceRareEffect
    SW 13  R 126Death Star IIRareEffect
    SW 10  R 228Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 5  U 116
    [?]Ineffective Maneuverimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 11  U 130
    [?]Insurrectionimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 128CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 16  C 87Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 15  U 127CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 11  U 129EndorUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 213
    [?]Jawa Siestaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 14  R 61TatooineRareEffect
    SW 1 R2 215
    [?]Kessel Runimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 1 R1 214
    [?]K'lor'slugimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 10  R 229Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 15  P 182Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 13  R 127Death Star IIRareEffect
    SW 10  C 230Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 6  R 118Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 13  C 128Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 1 R1 216Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 3 U2 115
    [?]Logistical Delayimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 3 R1 116
    [?]Luke's Capeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 10  C 231Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 217
    [?]Mantellian Savripimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 10  R 232Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 10  R 233Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 13  C 129Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 3 C2 117
    [?]Merc Sunletimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 16  R 88Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 5  C 117Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 10  U 234Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 218
    [?]Nightfallimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  R 118
    [?]No Disintegrations!image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  R 119
    [?]Obi-Wan's Apparitionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 R1 219
    [?]Obi-Wan's Capeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  P 183Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 5  R 120
    [?]Order To Engageimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 R1 220Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 1 U2 221
    [?]Plastoid Armorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 15  U 129CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 121Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 7  U 146Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 5  C 122
    [?]Quick Drawimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 10  R 235Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 C2 222
    [?]Rebel Plannersimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 5  R 123
    [?]Reflectionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  R 124
    [?]Report To Lord Vaderimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 U1 223
    [?]Restricted Deploymentimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 R1 224
    [?]Revolutionimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  C 125
    [?]Rogue Asteroidimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 225
    [?]Rycar Ryjerdimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  R 126
    [?]Rycar's Runimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 C2 226
    [?]Sai'torr Kal Fasimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 15  P 184Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 7  U 147Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 3 U1 118
    [?]Scanner Techsimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  U 127
    [?]Scrambleimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 237Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 15  U 130CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 15  U 131CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 16  R 89Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 10  C 236Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 10  R 238Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 5  R 128
    [?]Smuggler's Bluesimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 3 C2 119
    [?]Solomahalimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 1 U1 227
    [?]Special Modificationsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 13  C 130Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 13  C 131Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 16  C 90Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 5  R 129
    [?]Stone Pileimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 13  C 133Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 13  R 132Death Star IIRareEffect
    SW 13  C 134Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 10  R 239Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 4 U1 119
    [?]Tauntaun Bonesimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 11  R 131EndorRareEffect
    SW 14  C 62TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 120Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 132CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 240Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 130
    [?]The Professorimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  R 63TatooineRareEffect
    SW 13  C 135Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 13  U 136Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 3 R1 120
    [?]They're On Dantooineimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 16  R 91Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 15  C 133CoruscantCommonEffect
    SW 1 U2 228
    [?]Traffic Controlimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 1 U1 229
    [?]Tusken Breath Maskimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 13  R 137Death Star IIRareEffect
    SW 10  U 241Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 7  U 148Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 119Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 3 U2 121
    [?]Undercoverimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 5  U 131Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  P 185Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 10  C 242Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 6  U 120Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 16  C 92Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 15  C 134CoruscantCommonEffect
    SW 16  C 93Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 5  R 132Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 3 U2 122A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 14  U 64TatooineUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 243Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 132EndorRareEffect
    SW 7  U 149Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U2 230
    [?]Yavin 4 Sentryimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 1 U1 231
    [?]Yerka Migimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  R 133
    [?]Yoda's Gimer Stickimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  U 134
    [?]Yoda's Hopeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 13  U 138Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 135CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 15  R 136CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 3 R2 123
    [?]Attack Runimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Epic Event
    SW 14  R 65TatooineRareEpic Event
    SW 11  R 133EndorRareEpic Event
    SW 14  R 66TatooineRareEpic Event
    SW 15  P 186Reflections IIIPromotionEpic Event
    SW 3 U1 124
    [?]Advance Preparationimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 232
    [?]A Few Maneuversimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 14  C 67TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 68TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 69TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 70TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 244Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 15  R 137CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 15  U 138CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 233
    [?]Alterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 146Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 125A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 121Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 13  R 139Death Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 245Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 139CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 6  U 122Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 123Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 150Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 16  U 94Theed PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 124Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 71TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 121
    [?]Attack Pattern Deltaimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 5  U 135
    [?]Away Put Your Weaponimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  U 246Special EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  C 140CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 234
    [?]Beru Stewimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 16  C 95Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 5  C 136
    [?]Blasted Varmintsimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 7  R 151Jabba’s PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 6  C 125Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 126
    [?]Blast The Door, Kid!image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 127
    [?]Blue Milkimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 235
    [?]Cantina Brawlimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 6  U 126Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 127Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 134EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 72TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  C 152Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 128
    [?]Clash Of Sabersimage (first print)
    Cloud City (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 187Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  U 137
    [?]Closer?!image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 129Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 236
    [?]Collision!image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 237
    [?]Combined Attackimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  C 130Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  U 141CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  U 138
    [?]Controlimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 147Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 7  U 153Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 128
    [?]Corellian Slipimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 131Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 11  U 135EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 13  C 140Death Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 132Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 4 R1 122
    [?]Dark Dissensionimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 247Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 188Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 133Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 134Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 248Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 189Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 10  C 249Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 190Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 135Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  C 154Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 238
    [?]Don't Get Cockyimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 10  R 250Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 239Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 3 R2 129
    [?]Double Agentimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 240
    [?]Droid Shutdownimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 155Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 139
    [?]Effective Repairsimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 140
    [?]Egregious Pilot Errorimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 14  U 73TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  R 74TatooineRareInterrupt
    SW 11  R 136
    [?]Endor Celebrationimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 14  U 75TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 241
    [?]Escape Podimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 14  U 76TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 137
    [?]Ewok And Rollimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 138EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 139EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 123
    [?]Fall Back!image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 156Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 191Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  U 136Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 137Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 140EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  F 251Special EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 11  R 141EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 5  U 141Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  U 142EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 142CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 242
    [?]Friendly Fireimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 243
    [?]Full Throttleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 138Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 11  U 143EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 244
    [?]Gift Of The Mentorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 16  R 96Theed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 139Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 130
    [?]Grimtaashimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 U2 245
    [?]Han's Backimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 246
    [?]Han's Diceimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  R 252Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 13  C 141Death Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 13  C 142Death Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 247Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 248Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 144EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 10  R 253Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 140Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 10  R 254Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 131
    [?]Houjiximage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 148Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 249Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 250
    [?]Hyper Escapeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 141Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 142Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 11  C 145EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 132A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  R 146EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 133A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 142Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 15  C 143CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 143Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 13  C 143Death Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 252Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 144Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 125
    [?]It Can Waitimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 253
    [?]It Could Be Worseimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R1 124Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 6  U 145Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  F 255Special EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 15  C 144CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 251Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 157Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 77TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 192Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  R 143
    [?]Jedi Levitationimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 7  R 158Jabba’s PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 254
    [?]Jedi Presenceimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 7  C 159Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 146Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 255
    [?]Krayt Dragon Howlimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 U2 256
    [?]Leia's Backimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 3 R1 134
    [?]Let The Wookiee Winimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 5  U 144
    [?]Levitationimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 7  R 160Jabba’s PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 6  C 147Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 145
    [?]Light Maneuversimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 10  U 256Special EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 78TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  R 147EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 146
    [?]Lost Relayimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 126
    [?]Lucky Shotimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 1 U2 257
    [?]Luke's Backimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 161Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 145CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 15  C 146CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 258
    [?]Move Along...image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 5  C 147Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 15  U 147CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 259
    [?]Nabrun Leidsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 260
    [?]Narrow Escapeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 162Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 149Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 14  U 79TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  C 148CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 127Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 261
    [?]Noble Sacrificeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 16  R 97Theed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 148Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 15  U 149CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 149Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 262
    [?]Old Benimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 150Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 10  R 257Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 128
    [?]One More Passimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 258Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 263
    [?]On The Edgeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 10  C 259Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 13  U 144Death Star IIUncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U2 135
    [?]Out Of Commissionimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 150Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 264
    [?]Out Of Nowhereimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 151Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 265
    [?]Panicimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  C 152Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 151Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 129
    [?]Perimeter Scanimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 14  U 80TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 260Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 261Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 153Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 154Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  C 155Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 136
    [?]Quite A Mercenaryimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 266
    [?]Radar Scannerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  R 148EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 262Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 263Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 150CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 267
    [?]Rebel Barrierimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  R 145Death Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 268
    [?]Rebel Reinforcementsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 5  C 148
    [?]Recoil In Fearimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 156Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  C 157Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 269
    [?]Return Of A Jediimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 163Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  C 151CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R1 130
    [?]Rug Hugimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 3 U1 137
    [?]Sabotageimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 270
    [?]Scomp Link Accessimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 U1 271
    [?]Senseimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 15  U 152CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 152Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 158Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 153Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  U 149
    [?]Shoo! Shoo!image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 7  U 164Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 272
    [?]Skywalkersimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 264Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 159Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 273
    [?]Solo Hanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 165Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 160Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 138
    [?]Sorry About The Messimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 154Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  C 149EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 274
    [?]Spaceport Speedersimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 15  R 153CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 10  R 265Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 5  U 150
    [?]Starship Levitationimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  C 154CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  U 266Special EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 267Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  R 166Jabba’s PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 15  P 193Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 10  C 268Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 275
    [?]Surprise Assaultimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 150EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 161Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  U 162Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 269Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 11  C 151EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 98Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 276
    [?]Thank The Makerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 277
    [?]The Bith Shuffleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 155Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 278Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 7  C 167
    [?]The Signalimage (first print)
    Jabba’s Palace (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 5  C 151Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 270Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  R 152EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 279Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 163Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 152
    [?]This Is More Like Itimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 153
    [?]This Is No Caveimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 154Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 11  U 153EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 155
    [?]Tight Squeezeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 14  U 81TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  U 156Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  F 271Special EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 5  U 157
    [?]Tunnel Visionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 131
    [?]Under Attackimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 7  R 168Jabba’s PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 280
    [?]Utinni!image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 5  C 158
    [?]Visored Visionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 155CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 4 U2 132
    [?]Walker Sightingimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 281
    [?]Warrior's Courageimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 169Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 159Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 16  R 99Theed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 160Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 164Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 282
    [?]We're Doomedimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  R 154EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 16  C 100Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 156CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 5  R 161
    [?]WHAAAAAAAAAOOOOW!image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 16  C 101Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R1 133Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 11  C 155EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 R1 139
    [?]Wookiee Roarimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 165Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 5  U 162
    [?]Yoda Stewimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 156Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  R 163
    [?]Yoda, You Seek Yodaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 5  U 164Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R1 134Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  U 82TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 R1 140
    [?]You're All Clear Kid!image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 4 R1 135Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 7  C 170Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 156EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 283
    [?]Alderaanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 5  U 170
    [?]Anoatimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 13  C 147Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 5  C 171
    [?]Asteroid Fieldimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 6  U 166Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 6  U 167Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 172
    [?]Big Oneimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 173Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 16  U 102Theed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 10  F 272Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 11  U 157EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 3 R2 141
    [?]Clak'dor VIIimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 6  U 168Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 273Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 6  C 169Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 10  U 274Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 10  R 275Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 6  R 170Cloud CityRareLocation
    SW 6  C 171Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  U 172Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  C 276Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 173Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 174Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 277Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 175Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 3 R1 142
    [?]Corelliaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 15  C 157CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  R 278Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 15  C 158CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 159CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  R 160CoruscantRareLocation
    SW 5  U 174
    [?]Dagobahimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  R 175
    [?]Dagobah: Bog Clearingimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 5  U 176
    [?]Dagobah: Jungleimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 177
    [?]Dagobah: Swampimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  C 178Dagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 5  R 179
    [?]Dagobah: Yoda's Hutimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 1 U1 284
    [?]Dantooineimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 10  R 279Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 1 U2 285Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 10  C 280Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 1 C2 286Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 U1 287Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 3 R2 143
    [?]Death Star: Trenchimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 3 R1 144
    [?]Dejarik Hologameboardimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 10  F 281Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 11  U 158EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 159EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 160EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  R 161EndorRareLocation
    SW 11  C 162EndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  U 163
    [?]Endor: Ewok Villageimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 11  C 164EndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  U 165EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  C 166EndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  R 167EndorRareLocation
    SW 10  F 282Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 283Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 13  C 148Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  R 149Death Star IIRareLocation
    SW 4 U2 136
    [?]Hothimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 137Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 U2 138Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 139
    [?]Hoth: Echo Corridorimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 140Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 141
    [?]Hoth: Echo Med Labimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 U2 142Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 143
    [?]Hoth: North Ridgeimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 144
    [?]Hoth: Snow Trenchimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 7  U 171Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 172Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 10  F 284Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 3 C1 145
    [?]Kashyyykimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 1 U2 288
    [?]Kesselimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 7  R 173Jabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 7  R 174Jabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 15  U 161CoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 13  C 150Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 15  U 162CoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 163CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 16  U 103Theed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 16  U 104Theed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 164CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 165CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 166CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  P 194Reflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 15  P 195Reflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 16  U 105Theed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 167CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 4 U2 145
    [?]Ord Mantellimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 5  R 180
    [?]Raithalimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 3 C1 146
    [?]Ralltiirimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  R 285Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 10  U 286Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 3 R1 147A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 10  F 287Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 288Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 289Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 13  C 151Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 10  F 290Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 1 C2 289
    [?]Tatooineimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 15  U 168CoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 10  F 291Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  R 292Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 1 R2 290
    [?]Tatooine: Cantinaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 14  U 83TatooineUncommonLocation
    SW 7  C 175Jabba’s PalaceCommonLocation
    SW 1 C2 291Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 C1 292
    [?]Tatooine: Dune Seaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 7  U 176Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 10  C 293Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 293
    [?]Tatooine: Jawa Campimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  U 294Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 294Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 15  C 169CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 1 U2 295
    [?]Tatooine: Mos Eisleyimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 14  C 84TatooineCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 170CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 1 R1 296Premiere (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 14  C 85TatooineCommonLocation
    SW 14  C 86TatooineCommonLocation
    SW 14  U 87TatooineUncommonLocation
    SW 10  C 295Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 171CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 7  R 177Jabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 1 C2 297
    [?]Yavin 4image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 3 U1 148A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 1 C2 298
    [?]Yavin 4: Docking Bayimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 C1 299
    [?]Yavin 4: Jungleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  R 296Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 3 U1 149A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 1 R1 300Premiere (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 1 U2 301Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 5  U 165
    [?]A Jedi's Strengthimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonJedi Test
    SW 5  U 166
    [?]Domain Of Evilimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonJedi Test
    SW 5  C 167
    [?]Great Warriorimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonJedi Test
    SW 5  R 168Dagobah (first print)RareJedi Test
    SW 5  R 169
    [?]Size Matters Notimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareJedi Test
    SW 13  R 146Death Star IIRareJedi Test
    SW 10  R 297Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 10  R 298Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 10  R 299Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 10  R 300Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 15  U 172CoruscantUncommonObjective
    SW 11  R 168EndorRareObjective
    SW 10  R 301Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 15  U 173CoruscantUncommonObjective
    SW 13  R 152Death Star IIRareObjective
    SW S14  P 157Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionObjective
    SW 16  U 106Theed PalaceUncommonObjective
    SW 15  P 196Reflections IIIPromotionObjective
    SW 14  R 88TatooineRarePodracer
    SW 13  C 153Death Star IICommonStarship
    SW 13  U 156Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  R 157Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 16  R 107Theed PalaceRareStarship
    SW 16  U 108Theed PalaceUncommonStarship
    SW 16  U 109Theed PalaceUncommonStarship
    SW 16  U 110Theed PalaceUncommonStarship
    SW 16  U 111Theed PalaceUncommonStarship
    SW 16  R 112Theed PalaceRareStarship
    SW 6  R 176Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 10  F 302Special EditionFixedStarship
    SW 13  R 154Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  C 155Death Star IICommonStarship
    SW 1 U2 302
    [?]Corellian Corvetteimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Starship
    SW 13  R 158Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 1 R2 303
    [?]Gold 1image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Starship
    SW 3 U1 150
    [?]Gold 2image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 10  U 303Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 10  U 304Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 1 R2 304
    [?]Gold 5image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Starship
    SW 10  U 305Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 13  R 159Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 160Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 161Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  R 162Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 163Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 164Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 15  P 197Reflections IIIPromotionStarship
    SW 13  R 165Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 166Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 167Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 168Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  R 169Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 10  U 306Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 4 U2 146
    [?]Medium Transportimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Starship
    SW 1 R1 305
    [?]Millennium Falconimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 13  R 170Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 15  C 174CoruscantCommonStarship
    SW 13  U 171Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW S14  P 158Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionStarship
    SW S14  P 159Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionStarship
    SW 15  R 175CoruscantRareStarship
    SW 15  R 176CoruscantRareStarship
    SW 1 U1 306
    [?]Red 1image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 10  U 310Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 3 R1 151
    [?]Red 2image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 1 R2 307
    [?]Red 3image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Starship
    SW 3 R1 152
    [?]Red 5image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 3 U1 153
    [?]Red 6image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 10  U 307Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 10  U 308Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 10  U 309Special EditionUncommonStarship
    SW 6  R 177Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 13  R 172Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 173Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 174Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 15  C 177CoruscantCommonStarship
    SW 10  R 311Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 13  R 175Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 176Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 3 R1 154
    [?]Tantive IVimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 11  R 169EndorRareStarship
    SW 1 C2 308
    [?]X-wingimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 10  R 312Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 11  C 170EndorCommonStarship
    SW 1 C2 309
    [?]Y-wingimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 3 U1 155A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 10  C 313Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 11  R 171EndorRareVehicle
    SW 6  C 178Cloud CityCommonVehicle
    SW 14  C 89TatooineCommonVehicle
    SW 11  C 172
    [?]Ewok Gliderimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonVehicle
    SW 16  C 113Theed PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 16  C 114Theed PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 3 C2 156
    [?]Incom T-16 Skyhopperimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 16  C 115Theed PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 10  R 314Special EditionRareVehicle
    SW 1 C2 310
    [?]Lift Tubeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 1 U1 311Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Vehicle
    SW 10  C 315Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 4 R1 147
    [?]Rogue 1image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Vehicle
    SW 4 R2 148
    [?]Rogue 2image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Vehicle
    SW 4 R1 149
    [?]Rogue 3image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Vehicle
    SW 10  R 316Special EditionRareVehicle
    SW 3 U1 157
    [?]Rogue Banthaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Vehicle
    SW 10  C 317Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 1 R2 312
    [?]Sandcrawlerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Vehicle
    SW 10  F 318Special EditionFixedVehicle
    SW 7  C 178Jabba’s PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 4 U2 150
    [?]Snowspeederimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Vehicle
    SW 1 C2 313Premiere (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 11  C 173EndorCommonVehicle
    SW 4 C2 151
    [?]Tauntaunimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 11  R 174EndorRareWeapon
    SW 16  R 116Theed PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 4 R1 152
    [?]Anakin's Lightsaberimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 4 U2 153
    [?]Atgar Laser Cannonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Weapon
    SW 13  C 177Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 11  C 175EndorCommonWeapon
    SW 1 C2 314
    [?]Blasterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 1 C1 315
    [?]Blaster Rifleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Weapon
    SW 16  C 117Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 3 R2 158
    [?]Bowcasterimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 16  C 118Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 11  R 176EndorRareWeapon
    SW 6  C 179Cloud CityCommonWeapon
    SW 4 R1 154
    [?]Concussion Grenadeimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 13  C 178Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 10  F 319Special EditionFixedWeapon
    SW 4 U1 155
    [?]Dual Laser Cannonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 10  C 320Special EditionCommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 119Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 179Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 11  C 177EndorCommonWeapon
    SW 11  U 178EndorUncommonWeapon
    SW 11  C 179EndorCommonWeapon
    SW 11  U 180EndorUncommonWeapon
    SW 4 U1 156
    [?]Golan Laser Batteryimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 1 R2 316Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 13  C 180Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 4 C2 157
    [?]Infantry Mineimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 10  F 321Special EditionFixedWeapon
    SW 15  P 198Reflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 3 C2 159
    [?]Jawa Ion Gunimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 1 U1 317
    [?]Jedi Lightsaberimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 10  R 322Special EditionRareWeapon
    SW 10  R 323Special EditionRareWeapon
    SW 1 U1 318Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 6  R 180Cloud CityRareWeapon
    SW 3 U1 160
    [?]Luke's Hunting Rifleimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 13  R 181Death Star IIRareWeapon
    SW 4 C1 158Hoth (first print)Common-1Weapon
    SW 7  C 179Jabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 3 R2 161
    [?]Motti Seekerimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 15  C 178CoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 15  C 179CoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 1 R1 319
    [?]Obi-Wan's Lightsaberimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 15  P 199Reflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 13  C 182Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 15  R 180CoruscantRareWeapon
    SW 4 R2 159Hoth (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 4 U1 160
    [?]Power Harpoonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 16  C 120Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 1 C2 320
    [?]Proton Torpedoesimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 1 U1 321
    [?]Quad Laser Cannonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 14  R 90Tatooine (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 15  P 200Reflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 4 R2 161
    Surface Defense Cannonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 3 R2 162
    [?]SW-4 Ion Cannonimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 1 R2 322
    [?]Tagge Seekerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 1 R2 323
    [?]Tarkin Seekerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 1 C2 324
    [?]Timer Mineimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 4 C2 162
    Vehicle Mineimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 7  C 180Jabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 10  C 324Special EditionCommonWeapon