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Dark Side card list

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    Admiral's Order - Character - Creature - Device - Effect - Epic Event - Interrupt - Location - Objective - Podracer - Starship - Vehicle - Weapon -

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingExpansionRarityType
    SW 13  R 1Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW S14  P 106Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 2Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 3Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 4Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 16  R 1Theed PalaceRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 16  R 2Theed PalaceRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 13  R 5Death Star IIRareAdmiral's Order
    SW 10  C 1Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 6Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 3Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 4Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 5Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 1
    [?]4-LOMimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 1
    •5D6-RA-7 (Fivedesix)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  C 1Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 6Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 2
    •Admiral Mottiimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 4 R1 1
    [?]Admiral Ozzelimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 13 XR 7Death Star IIX-RareCharacter
    SW 3 C2 1
    [?]Advoszeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  U 2Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 1CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 2Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 3Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 3Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 4Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 107Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 4 C2 2
    [?]AT-AT Driverimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 11  C 1EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 14  R 1
    [?]Aurra Singimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 5Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 6Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 8Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 4Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 2CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 7Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 8Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 7Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 8Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 101Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 11  C 2
    [?]Biker Scout Trooperimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 6  R 1Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 5Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 102Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 10  R 6Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 9Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 2
    [?]Bosskimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 7Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 6  R 2Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 10Theed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 108Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 13  U 9Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 10Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 U1 2
    [?]Captain Khurgeeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 4 U1 3
    [?]Captain Lennoximage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 5  R 3
    [?]Captain Needaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 4 R2 4
    [?]Captain Piettimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 13  R 11Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 12Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 9Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 3
    •Chief Bastimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 6  R 3Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 3CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 8Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 6  C 4Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 6  C 5Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 13Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 3EndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 14Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 4
    •Colonel Wullf Yularenimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 5  U 5
    [?]Commander Brandeiimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 6  U 6Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 6
    [?]Commander Gherantimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 4EndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 15Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 5  U 7
    [?]Commander Nemetimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 1 U2 5
    •Commander Prajiimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 5  C 4
    [?]Comm Chiefimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 5EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 8
    [?]Corporal Derdramimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 6EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 7EndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 9Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 8EndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 9EndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 10Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 9
    [?]Corporal Vandolayimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 11Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 4CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 10Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 3
    [?]Dannik Jerrikoimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  C 12Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 3 U2 4
    [?]Danz Borinimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 14  R 2TatooineRareCharacter
    SW 14  R 3
    [?]Darth Maulimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 16  R 11Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  R 5Coruscant (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 16  R 12
    [?]Darth Sidiousimage (first print)
    Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 6
    •Darth Vaderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  R 13Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 7
    •Dathchaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 15  R 6CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 3 C1 5
    [?]Death Star Gunnerimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 1 C2 8
    Death Star Trooperimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C2 6
    [?]Defelimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 5  R 10
    [?]Dengarimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  R 7CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 9
    •Djas Puhrimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  U 14Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 10
    •Dr. Evazanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW S14  P 109Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 13  U 16Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 17Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 11
    •DS-61-2image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 1 R1 12
    •DS-61-3image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 3 R2 7
    [?]DS-61-4image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 6  R 7Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 8CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U2 13
    EG-6 (Eegee-Six)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 11  C 10Endor (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 13 UR 18Death Star IIUltra RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 11Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  C 15Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 12Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 U1 14
    •Feltipern Trevaggimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 13Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 4 C2 5
    [?]FX-10 (Effex-ten)image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 7  R 14Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 4TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 15Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 15  U 9CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 15
    •Garindanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  U 16Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 1 R2 16
    •General Taggeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 4 R1 6
    [?]General Veersimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 14  U 5TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 16Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 6TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 110Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 1 R1 17
    •Grand Moff Tarkinimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  U 17Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 8
    [?]Greedoimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 15  R 10CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 111Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 3 R1 9
    [?]Hem Dazonimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  R 17Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 18Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 18Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 5  R 11
    [?]IG-88image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  F 19Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 3 C2 10
    [?]Imperial Commanderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 4 C2 7
    [?]Imperial Gunnerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 5  C 12
    [?]Imperial Helmsmanimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 18
    Imperial Pilotimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C3 11
    [?]Imperial Squad Leaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 1 C2 19
    Imperial Trooper Guardimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 6  U 8Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  C 13Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R1 12
    [?]IT-O (Eyetee-Oh)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 10  R 20Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 103Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW S14  P 112Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 20Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 19Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 11CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 20
    Jawaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 7  R 19Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 21Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  R 12CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 22Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 23Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 113Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 21Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R1 21
    •Kitik Keed'kakimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 7  R 22Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 22
    •Labriaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 6  R 9Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 14  U 7TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 11EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 4 U2 8
    [?]Lieutenant Cabbelimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 6  U 10Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 5  U 13Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 20Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 12EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 21Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 13EndorRareCharacter
    SW 6  R 11Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 5  R 14
    [?]Lieutenant Subaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 23
    •Lieutenant Tanbrisimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 5  U 15
    [?]Lieutenant Venkaimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 14EndorRareCharacter
    SW 1 C1 24Premiere (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 3 U2 13
    [?]Lirin Car'nimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  C 24Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 25Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  P 104Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 13  R 22Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 13CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 3 C1 14
    [?]Lt. Pol Treidumimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 3 U1 15
    [?]Lt. Shann Childsenimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 10  U 26Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 15EndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 16EndorRareCharacter
    SW 13  U 23Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 24Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  U 25Death Star IIUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  F 27Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 7  R 23Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 25
    •M'iiyoom Onithimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 13  R 26Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 16
    [?]Mosepimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 1 U1 26
    MSE-6 'Mouse' Droidimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 24Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 13  R 27Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 27
    •Myoimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 10  C 28Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 11  C 17EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 18EndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  C 19EndorCommonCharacter
    SW 11  U 20EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 29Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 14CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 30Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 25Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 26Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 15CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 14Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 7  R 27Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 C1 17
    [?]Officer Evaximage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 16  U 15Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 31Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 16CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 28Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 32Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 10  R 33Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 16Theed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 17CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 18CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  C 19CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 14  C 8TatooineCommonCharacter
    SW 1 U1 28
    •Ponda Babaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  R 29Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 114Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 4 C2 9
    [?]Probe Droidimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 1 U1 29
    •Prophetessimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 7  C 30Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 30
    R1-G4 (Arone-Geefour)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 10  U 34Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 C2 18
    [?]R2-Q2 (Artoo-Kyootoo)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 R1 19A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 1 C2 31
    R4-M9 (Arfour-Emmnine)image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 C2 20
    [?]R5-A2 (Arfive-Aytoo)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 14  U 9TatooineUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  C 35Special EditionCommonCharacter
    SW 10  U 36Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 17Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 3 U2 21
    [?]Reegeskimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  R 31Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 3 U1 22
    [?]Reserve Pilotimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Character
    SW 3 C2 23
    [?]Rodianimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 13  C 28Death Star IICommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 37Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 20CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 16  R 18Theed Palace (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 10  R 38Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 32Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 10  F 39Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 14  R 10
    [?]Sebulbaimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 15  C 21CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 21EndorRareCharacter
    SW 11  U 22EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 11  R 23EndorRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 40Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 41Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 10  U 42Special EditionUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 43Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  U 24EndorUncommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 44Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 11  R 25EndorRareCharacter
    SW 16  U 19Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 13  R 29Death Star IIRareCharacter
    SW 14  R 11TatooineRareCharacter
    SW 7  C 33Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 115Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 4 C3 10
    [?]Snowtrooperimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 4 C1 11
    [?]Snowtrooper Officerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Character
    SW 16  U 20Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  U 21Theed PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 16  R 22Theed PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 C3 32
    Stormtrooperimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-3Character
    SW 15  P 106Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 10  F 45Special EditionFixedCharacter
    SW 10  R 46Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 16  C 23Theed PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 34Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 15  R 22CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 24
    [?]Tech Mo'rimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 15  R 23CoruscantRareCharacter
    SW 15  U 24CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW S14  P 116Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 15  P 105Reflections IIIPromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 35Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 6  C 12Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 25CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 R1 33
    •Tonnika Sistersimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 15  U 26CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 36Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 3 R2 25
    [?]Trooper Davin Felthimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 6  U 13Cloud CityUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 27CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 1 C2 34
    Tusken Raiderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Character
    SW 3 R1 26
    [?]U-3PO (Yoo-Threepio)image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Character
    SW 6  R 14Cloud CityRareCharacter
    SW 6  C 15Cloud CityCommonCharacter
    SW 10  R 47Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 3 U2 27
    [?]URoRRuR'R'Rimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 10  R 48Special EditionRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 37Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 38Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW S14  P 117Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionCharacter
    SW 7  R 39Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 5  U 16
    [?]Warrant Officer M'Kaeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCharacter
    SW 14  R 12
    [?]Wattoimage (first print)
    Tatooine (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 1 R2 35Premiere (first print)Rare-2Character
    SW 3 U2 28A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 7  C 40Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 41Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  U 42Jabba’s PalaceUncommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 43Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 44Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 7  R 45Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 7  R 46Jabba’s PalaceRareCharacter
    SW 1 U2 36
    •Wuherimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Character
    SW 15  U 28CoruscantUncommonCharacter
    SW 15  C 29CoruscantCommonCharacter
    SW 7  C 47Jabba’s PalaceCommonCharacter
    SW 5  R 17
    [?]Zuckussimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCharacter
    SW 5  C 18
    [?]Bog-wingimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 7  U 48Jabba’s PalaceUncommonCreature
    SW 3 R2 29
    [?]Dianogaimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Creature
    SW 5  R 19
    [?]Dragonsnakeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareCreature
    SW 10  R 49Special EditionRareCreature
    SW 5  C 20
    [?]Mynockimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 10  R 50Special EditionRareCreature
    SW 7  R 49Jabba’s PalaceRareCreature
    SW 10  F 51Special EditionFixedCreature
    SW 10  R 52Special EditionRareCreature
    SW 5  C 21
    [?]Sleenimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 5  U 22
    [?]Space Slugimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonCreature
    SW 5  C 23
    [?]Vine Snakeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonCreature
    SW 4 R2 12
    [?]Wampaimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Creature
    SW 10  C 53Special EditionCommonCreature
    SW 6  C 16Cloud CityCommonDevice
    SW 1 U1 37
    Blaster Scopeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 1 U2 38
    Callerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 6  U 17Cloud CityUncommonDevice
    SW 1 C1 39
    Comlinkimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Device
    SW 3 R2 30A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Device
    SW 4 U2 13Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 1 C2 40
    Droid Detectorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 4 U1 14
    [?]Electro-Rangefinderimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 10  C 54Special EditionCommonDevice
    SW 1 C2 41Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 10  R 55Special EditionRareDevice
    SW 3 R1 31
    [?]Hypoimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Device
    SW 6  R 18Cloud CityRareDevice
    SW 7  U 50Jabba’s PalaceUncommonDevice
    SW 3 U2 32
    [?]Laser Gateimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 3 R2 33
    [?]Magnetic Suction Tubeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Device
    SW 6  R 19Cloud CityRareDevice
    SW 14  C 13TatooineCommonDevice
    SW 1 U2 42
    Observation Holocamimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 4 C2 15Hoth (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 4 U2 16
    [?]Probe Antennaeimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Device
    SW 1 C2 43
    Restraining Boltimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 44
    Stormtrooper Backpackimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 1 C2 45Premiere (first print)Common-2Device
    SW 3 U1 34
    [?]Tractor Beamimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Device
    SW 15  P 108Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 107Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 109Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 110Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 111Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 112Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 113Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 114Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 115Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 116Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 117Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 118Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 119Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 121Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 120Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 122Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 123Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 15  P 124Reflections IIIPromotionDefensive Shield
    SW 5  C 24
    [?]3,720 To 1image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 6  C 20Cloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 56Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 6  U 21Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 15  U 30CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 16  C 24Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 57Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 46Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 16  R 25Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 10  C 58Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 15  U 31CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 22Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 7  U 51Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 14  R 14TatooineRareEffect
    SW 11  U 26EndorUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 27EndorRareEffect
    SW 3 U2 35
    [?]Astromech Shortageimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 16  C 26Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 5  C 25Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 5  R 26
    [?]Bad Feeling Have Iimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 C2 47
    Baniss Keegimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 10  R 59Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 11  U 28
    [?]Battle Orderimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 32CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 15  U 33CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 3 R2 36
    [?]Besiegedimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 11  U 29EndorUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U2 48
    •Blast Door Controlsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 1 U1 49
    Blaster Rackimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 10  U 60Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 27
    [?]Bombing Runimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 6  C 23Cloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 4 U2 17
    [?]Breached Defensesimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 5  R 28
    [?]Broken Concentrationimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 7  U 52Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 6  U 24Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 30EndorRareEffect
    SW 10  R 61Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 15  P 125Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 13  C 30Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 10  C 62Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 3 C2 37
    [?]Come With Meimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 15  P 126Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 5  R 29
    [?]Corrosive Damageimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 11  R 31EndorRareEffect
    SW 6  R 25Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 1 U2 50
    •Dark Hoursimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 3 R2 38
    [?]Dark Watersimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 4 R1 18
    [?]Death Markimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 4 U1 19
    [?]Death Squadronimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 U1 51
    •Death Star Sentryimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 7  U 53Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 63Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 26Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 13  C 31Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 10  R 64Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 52
    Disarmedimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  R 34CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 10  R 65Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 16  R 27Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 15  U 35CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 32
    [?]Early Warning Networkimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareEffect
    SW 13  U 32Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 33EndorRareEffect
    SW 13  U 33Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 15  P 127Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  U 36CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 15  U 37CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 34EndorRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 53
    •Expand The Empireimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  R 30
    [?]Failure At The Caveimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  C 15TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 15  P 128Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 1 R2 54Premiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 5  R 31
    [?]Field Promotionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 16  U 28Theed PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 10  C 66Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 67Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  R 32
    [?]Flagshipimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 13  R 34Death Star IIRareEffect
    SW 6  R 27Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 4 C2 20
    [?]Frostbiteimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 4 R1 21
    [?]Frozen Dinnerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  C 33
    [?]He Is Not Readyimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 22
    [?]High Anxietyimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 14  C 16TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 7  R 54Jabba’s PalaceRareEffect
    SW 3 U1 39
    [?]Hyperwave Scanimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 6  R 28Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 4 U1 23
    [?]Ice Stormimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 R1 55Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  R 29Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 4 R2 24Hoth (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 11  C 35EndorCommonEffect
    SW 11  U 36
    [?]Imperial Arrest Orderimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 38CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 6  U 30
    [?]Imperial Decreeimage (first print)
    Cloud City (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 4 U1 25
    [?]Imperial Dominationimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 3 C2 40
    [?]Imperial Justiceimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 10  R 68Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 14  R 18TatooineRareEffect
    SW 13  C 35Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 7  U 55Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 13  U 36Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 56
    I've Lost Artoo!image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 5  R 34
    [?]I Want That Shipimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  R 17TatooineRareEffect
    SW 10  R 69Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 U1 57
    •Jawa Packimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 R2 58
    •Juri Juiceimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 1 C2 59
    Ket Malissimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 5  C 35
    [?]Knowledge And Defenseimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 3 U1 41
    [?]Krayt Dragon Bonesimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 10  R 70Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 1 R2 60
    •Lateral Damageimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 13  C 37Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 5  R 36Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  R 37
    [?]Lost In Spaceimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 1 U1 61
    [?]Luke? Luuuuke!image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 1 C2 62
    [?]Macroscanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 3 R2 42
    [?]Maneuver Checkimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 4 R1 26
    [?]Meteor Impact?image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 39CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 13  C 38Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 1 R1 63
    [?]Molatorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  R 31Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 15  U 40CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 27
    [?]Mournful Roarimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  R 38
    [?]Much Anger In Himimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 16  R 29Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 14  C 19TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 71Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 37EndorRareEffect
    SW 15  P 129Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 16  C 30Theed PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 10  U 72Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 1 R1 64Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 41CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 13  R 39Death Star IIRareEffect
    SW 11  R 38EndorRareEffect
    SW 11  U 39EndorUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 73Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 5  U 39
    [?]Precision Targetingimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 15  P 130Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 1 R1 65
    [?]Presence Of The Forceimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 10  C 74Special EditionCommonEffect
    SW 3 U1 43
    [?]Program Trapimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 7  C 56Jabba’s PalaceCommonEffect
    SW 14  U 20TatooineUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U2 66
    [?]Reactor Terminalimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 10  R 75Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 11  R 40EndorRareEffect
    SW 10  R 76Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 7  U 57Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 28Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  C 32Cloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 10  R 77Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 5  C 40
    [?]Rogue Asteroidimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW 13  C 40Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 15  P 131Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 7  U 58Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 7  R 59Jabba’s PalaceRareEffect
    SW 11  U 41EndorUncommonEffect
    SW 10  U 78Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 42EndorRareEffect
    SW 16  R 31Theed PalaceRareEffect
    SW 1 R1 67Premiere (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 5  U 41
    [?]Shot In The Darkimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 10  R 79Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 4 U2 29
    [?]Silence Is Goldenimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 13  C 41Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 6  C 33Cloud CityCommonEffect
    SW 3 R1 44
    [?]Spice Mines Of Kesselimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 10  R 80Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 5  U 42
    [?]Sudden Impactimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 68
    [?]Sunsdownimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW S14  P 118Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionEffect
    SW 3 C2 45
    [?]Swilla Coreyimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 1 R2 69
    [?]Tactical Recallimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Effect
    SW 10  U 81Special EditionUncommonEffect
    SW 10  R 82Special EditionRareEffect
    SW 3 C2 46
    [?]Tentacleimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Effect
    SW 5  R 43
    [?]The Dark Pathimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 6  R 34Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 15  P 132Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  R 42
    [?]The Phantom Menaceimage (first print)
    Coruscant (first print)RareEffect
    SW 5  C 44
    [?]There Is No Tryimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonEffect
    SW S14  P 119Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionEffect
    SW 3 U2 47A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 4 U1 30Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 15  P 133Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  R 43CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 4 R1 31
    [?]This Is Just Wrongimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 15  U 44CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 4 U1 32
    [?]Too Cold For Speedersimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 3 U2 48
    [?]Undercoverimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Effect
    SW 6  R 35Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 6  R 36Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 5  R 45
    [?]Visage Of The Emperorimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareEffect
    SW 14  C 21TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 4 R1 33
    [?]Weapon Malfunctionimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Effect
    SW 6  U 37Cloud CityUncommonEffect
    SW 11  R 43EndorRareEffect
    SW 7  U 60Jabba’s PalaceUncommonEffect
    SW 6  R 38Cloud CityRareEffect
    SW 14  R 22TatooineRareEffect
    SW 15  P 134Reflections IIIPromotionEffect
    SW 15  U 45CoruscantUncommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 70
    [?]Wrong Turnimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 13  U 42Death Star IIUncommonEffect
    SW 15  R 46CoruscantRareEffect
    SW 14  R 23TatooineRareEffect
    SW 13  C 43Death Star IICommonEffect
    SW 1 U1 71Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Effect
    SW 14  C 24TatooineCommonEffect
    SW 14  R 25TatooineRareEpic Event
    SW 3 R2 49A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Epic Event
    SW 6  R 39Cloud CityRareEpic Event
    SW 14  U 26TatooineUncommonEpic Event
    SW 4 R2 34Hoth (first print)Rare-2Epic Event
    SW 13  R 44Death Star IIRareEpic Event
    SW 7  U 61Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 120Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  C 44EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 5  C 46
    [?]A Dangerous Timeimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C1 35Hoth (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 40Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 84Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  U 47CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 72
    [?]Alterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 121Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  R 45EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 47
    [?]Apology Acceptedimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 83Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 41Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 7  C 62Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 42Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 85Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 136Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 73Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 43Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 16  C 32Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 74
    [?]Charming To The Lastimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 5  C 48
    [?]Close Callimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 44Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 36
    [?]Cold Feetimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R2 37
    [?]Collapsing Corridorimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 75
    [?]Collateral Damageimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  C 46EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 47EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 38
    [?]ComScan Detectionimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  U 48CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  U 49
    [?]Controlimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 122Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 10  C 86Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 76
    [?]Counter Assaultimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 48EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 10  R 87Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 39
    [?]Crash Landingimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 77
    [?]Dark Collaborationimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 78
    [?]Dark Jedi Presenceimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 79
    [?]Dark Maneuversimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 123Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 15  P 137Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 45Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 49EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 80
    [?]Dead Jawaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R2 40
    [?]Debris Zoneimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 15  P 135Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  C 50
    [?]Defensive Fireimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW S14  P 124Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 15  R 49CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 41
    [?]Direct Hitimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 11  C 50EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 46Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 47Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 33Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  C 63Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 48Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 51EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 81
    [?]Elis Helrotimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 U1 82
    [?]Emergency Deploymentimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 52EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 49Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 83
    [?]Evacuate?image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 3 U1 50
    [?]Evaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 125Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 4 U2 42
    [?]Exhaustionimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 4 U1 43
    [?]Exposureimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 5  C 51
    [?]Fearimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 88Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 50Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 51Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 52Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 13  R 45Death Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 15  P 138Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  U 53EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 52
    [?]Frustrationimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 84
    [?]Full Scale Alertimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 4 R2 44
    [?]Furry Furyimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 51
    [?]Ghhhkimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 126Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 11  C 54EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 85
    [?]Gravel Stormimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 16  C 34Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 54Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 89Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 45Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  R 53Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 64Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  U 55EndorUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 27TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  U 53
    [?]HoloNet Transmissionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 56
    [?]Hot Pursuitimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 55Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 90Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 65Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 91Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 46Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 86
    [?]I Have You Nowimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 5  U 54
    [?]Imbalanceimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 R1 52
    [?]I'm On The Leaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 15  R 50CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 88
    [?]Imperial Barrierimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 89Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  R 46Death Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 90Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 4 C1 47
    [?]Imperial Supplyimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  C 57EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 53
    [?]Informantimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 92Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 11  R 58EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 91
    [?]It's Worseimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 87Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  U 66Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  U 93Special EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  U 94Special EditionUncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 28TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  C 51CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 92
    [?]Kintan Striderimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 15  U 52CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 55
    [?]Lando System?image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 6  U 56Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 48
    [?]Lightsaber Deficiencyimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 14  C 29TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 93
    [?]Limited Resourcesimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 15  C 53CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 94
    [?]Local Troubleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 95
    [?]Lone Pilotimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R2 96
    [?]Lone Warriorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 97
    [?]Look Sir, Droidsimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 11  U 59
    [?]Main Courseimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 16  R 35Theed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 95
    [?]Masterful Moveimage (first print)
    Special Edition (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 54CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 15  R 55CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 98
    [?]Moment of Triumphimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 54
    [?]Monnokimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  U 56CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R2 99
    [?]Nevar Yalnalimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 55
    [?]Ng'okimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  C 57CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 139Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 7  C 67Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 49
    [?]Oh, Switch Offimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 100
    [?]Ommni Boximage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW S14  P 127Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 15  C 58CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 56
    [?]Oo-ta Goo-ta, Solo?image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  C 47Death Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 50Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  C 60EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 101
    [?]Overloadimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  C 96Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 102
    [?]Physical Chokeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  U 30TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 11  C 61EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 31TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 57Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 103
    [?]Precise Attackimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 13  C 48Death Star IICommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 58Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 51
    [?]Probe Telemetryimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 59Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 97Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 140Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  R 60Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 10  C 98Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 56
    [?]Res Luk Ra'aufimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 3 R1 57
    [?]Retract The Bridgeimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 13  R 49Death Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 6  C 61Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  R 36Theed PalaceRareInterrupt
    SW 10  F 99Special EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 104
    [?]Scanning Crewimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 11  C 62EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R2 52Hoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 4 U1 53Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 15  U 59CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 105
    [?]Senseimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 128Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 106
    [?]Set For Stunimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 62Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  C 63Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 10  R 100Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 15  R 60CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 5  U 57Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 32TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 64Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 11  C 63EndorCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 58
    [?]Sniperimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW S14  P 129Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionInterrupt
    SW 5  U 58
    [?]Something Hit Us!image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 65Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 15  R 61CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 14  U 33TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 C2 54
    [?]Stop Motionimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 3 C2 59
    [?]Stunning Leaderimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  R 101Special EditionRareInterrupt
    SW 6  R 66Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 4 R2 55
    [?]Tactical Supportimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 107
    [?]Takeelimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 5  C 59
    [?]Take Evasive Actionimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 37Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 C2 108
    [?]Tallon Rollimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 10  C 102Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U2 56Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 1 R1 109Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 15  P 141Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 110
    [?]The Empire's Backimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 15  C 62CoruscantCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  C 34TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  U 38Theed PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 103Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 15  U 63CoruscantUncommonInterrupt
    SW 10  C 104Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  C 39Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 3 U1 60
    [?]This Is Some Rescue!image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  R 67Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 60Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 15  P 142Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 6  C 68Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 7  C 68Jabba’s PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 16  U 40Theed PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R1 57
    [?]Trampleimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 7  U 69Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U1 111
    [?]Trinto Duabaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 6  C 69Cloud CityCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 U2 112
    [?]Trooper Chargeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Interrupt
    SW 10  F 105Special EditionFixedInterrupt
    SW 4 C1 58Hoth (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 1 C2 113
    [?]Tusken Scavengersimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 7  C 70
    [?]Twi'lek Advisorimage (first print)
    Jabba’s Palace (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 5  C 61Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 5  R 62Dagobah (first print)RareInterrupt
    SW 15  P 143Reflections IIIPromotionInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 114
    [?]Utinni!image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  C 35TatooineCommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 115
    [?]Vader's Eyeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 15  R 64CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 5  C 63
    [?]Voyeurimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonInterrupt
    SW 4 U1 59
    [?]Walker Barrageimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 4 U1 60
    [?]Wall Of Fireimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Interrupt
    SW 10  C 106Special EditionCommonInterrupt
    SW 14  U 36TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 70Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 6  U 71Cloud CityUncommonInterrupt
    SW 3 C2 61
    [?]We Have A Prisonerimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Interrupt
    SW 15  R 65CoruscantRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 116Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 16  C 41Theed PalaceCommonInterrupt
    SW 6  R 72Cloud CityRareInterrupt
    SW 11  R 64EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 7  U 71Jabba’s PalaceUncommonInterrupt
    SW 4 R2 61
    [?]Yaggle Gakkleimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Interrupt
    SW 6  U 73
    [?]You Are Beatenimage (first print)
    Cloud City (first print)UncommonInterrupt
    SW 13  R 50Death Star IIRareInterrupt
    SW 1 C1 117Premiere (first print)Common-1Interrupt
    SW 11  R 65EndorRareInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 118Premiere (first print)Rare-1Interrupt
    SW 14  U 37TatooineUncommonInterrupt
    SW 1 R1 119
    [?]Alderaanimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 5  U 64
    [?]Anoatimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  C 65
    [?]Asteroid Fieldimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 6  U 74Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 6  U 75Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 66
    [?]Big Oneimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 67Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 15  R 66CoruscantRareLocation
    SW 16  U 42Theed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 15  P 144Reflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 11  U 66EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 6  U 76Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 107Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 6  C 77Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  R 78Cloud CityRareLocation
    SW 10  R 108Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 6  C 79Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 80Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 109Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 6  U 81Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 110Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 6  C 82Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 6  U 83Cloud CityUncommonLocation
    SW 10  C 111Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 112Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 6  C 84Cloud CityCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 67CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  R 113Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 15  C 68CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  C 114Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 69CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  U 115Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 10  R 116Special EditionRareLocation
    SW 10  U 117Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 5  R 68
    [?]Dagobah: Caveimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 1 U1 120
    [?]Dantooineimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 3 R2 62
    [?]Death Starimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 1 U2 121Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 3 U1 63A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 10  C 118Special EditionCommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 122Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 1 C2 123Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 13  R 51Death Star IIRareLocation
    SW 13  C 52Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  C 53Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  C 54Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  C 55Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 13  R 56Death Star IIRareLocation
    SW 1 U1 124Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Location
    SW 1 U2 125
    [?]Death Star: War Roomimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 10  F 119Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 11  U 67EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 68EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 69EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 70EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  R 71EndorRareLocation
    SW 11  C 72EndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  U 73EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  U 74EndorUncommonLocation
    SW 11  C 75EndorCommonLocation
    SW 11  C 76Endor (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 5  U 69Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 5  U 70Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 10  U 120Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 5  R 71
    [?]Executor: Holotheatreimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 5  C 72Dagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 5  R 73Dagobah (first print)RareLocation
    SW 10  U 121Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 10  F 122Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 13  C 57Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 4 U2 62
    [?]Hothimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 63Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 U2 64Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 U2 65
    [?]Hoth: Echo Corridorimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 4 C2 66Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 67
    [?]Hoth: Ice Plainsimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 C2 68
    [?]Hoth: North Ridgeimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 4 R2 69
    [?]Hoth: Wampa Caveimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 3 R1 64
    [?]Imperial Holotableimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 7  U 72Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 73Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 74Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 75Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 76Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  R 77Jabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 10  F 123Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 3 C1 65
    [?]Kashyyykimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 1 U2 126
    [?]Kesselimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 3 R1 66
    [?]Kiffeximage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 10  U 124Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 15  U 70CoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 13  C 58Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 15  U 71CoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 72CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 73CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 74CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 75CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 15  P 145Reflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 15  P 146Reflections IIIPromotionLocation
    SW 16  U 43Theed PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 15  C 76CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 7  R 78Jabba’s PalaceRareLocation
    SW 4 C2 70
    [?]Ord Mantellimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 5  U 74
    [?]Raithalimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonLocation
    SW 3 C1 67
    [?]Ralltiirimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  F 125Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 3 R1 68A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 10  F 126Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 127Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 128Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 10  F 129Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 5  C 75Dagobah (first print)CommonLocation
    SW 13  C 59Death Star IICommonLocation
    SW 10  F 130Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 15  U 77CoruscantUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C2 127
    [?]Tatooineimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 3 R1 69
    [?]Tatooine: Bluffsimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Location
    SW 1 R2 128
    [?]Tatooine: Cantinaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Location
    SW 7  C 79Jabba’s PalaceCommonLocation
    SW 14  R 38TatooineRareLocation
    SW 1 C2 129Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 7  U 80Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 7  U 81Jabba’s PalaceUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 130
    [?]Tatooine: Jawa Campimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  U 131Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 131Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 10  F 132Special EditionFixedLocation
    SW 1 U2 132Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW 15  C 78CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 1 C1 133
    [?]Tatooine: Mos Eisleyimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-1Location
    SW 14  C 39TatooineCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 79CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 14  C 40TatooineCommonLocation
    SW 15  C 80CoruscantCommonLocation
    SW 10  U 133Special EditionUncommonLocation
    SW 1 C2 134
    [?]Yavin 4image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 C2 135
    [?]Yavin 4: Docking Bayimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Location
    SW 1 U2 136
    [?]Yavin 4: Jungleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Location
    SW S14  P 130Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionObjective
    SW 13  R 60Death Star IIRareObjective
    SW 10  R 134Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 11  R 77EndorRareObjective
    SW 10  R 135Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 10  R 136Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 16  U 44Theed PalaceUncommonObjective
    SW 10  R 137Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 15  P 147Reflections IIIPromotionObjective
    SW 15  U 81CoruscantUncommonObjective
    SW 15  U 82CoruscantUncommonObjective
    SW 10  R 138Special EditionRareObjective
    SW 14  C 41TatooineCommonPodracer
    SW 14  C 42TatooineCommonPodracer
    SW 14  R 43TatooineRarePodracer
    SW 14  C 44TatooineCommonPodracer
    SW 13  R 61Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 5  R 76
    [?]Avengerimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  R 62Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 1 R1 137
    [?]Black 2image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 1 U1 138
    [?]Black 3image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 3 U2 70
    [?]Black 4image (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-2Starship
    SW 16  R 45Theed PalaceRareStarship
    SW 10  R 139Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 13  R 63Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 3 R1 71
    [?]Conquestimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 10  R 140Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 10  R 141Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 1 R1 139
    [?]Devastatorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 16  U 46Theed PalaceUncommonStarship
    SW 16  R 47Theed PalaceRareStarship
    SW 16  C 48Theed PalaceCommonStarship
    SW 16  C 49Theed PalaceCommonStarship
    SW 13  R 64Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 15  C 83CoruscantCommonStarship
    SW 13  R 65Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 5  R 77
    [?]Executorimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  R 66Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 5  R 78
    [?]Hound's Toothimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 5  R 79
    [?]IG-2000image (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 1 U1 140Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 10  R 142Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 13  R 67Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 11  C 78EndorCommonStarship
    SW 15  R 84CoruscantRareStarship
    SW 5  R 80
    [?]Mist Hunterimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  U 68Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 6  R 85Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 6  R 86Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 13  R 69Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 70Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 10  R 143Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 10  R 144Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 5  R 81
    [?]Punishing Oneimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareStarship
    SW 13  R 71Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  U 72Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 73Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 74Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 75Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 76Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  C 77Death Star IICommonStarship
    SW 13  U 78Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  U 79Death Star IIUncommonStarship
    SW 13  C 80Death Star IICommonStarship
    SW 10  F 145Special EditionFixedStarship
    SW 6  R 87Cloud CityRareStarship
    SW 4 R1 71
    [?]Stalkerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW S14  P 131Reflections II: Expanding the UniversePromotionStarship
    SW 13  R 81Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 82Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 13  R 83Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 1 U2 141
    [?]TIE Advanced x1image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Starship
    SW 3 U1 72
    [?]TIE Assault Squadronimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 5  C 82
    [?]TIE Avengerimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)CommonStarship
    SW 5  U 83
    [?]TIE Bomberimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonStarship
    SW 10  F 146Special EditionFixedStarship
    SW 1 C2 142
    [?]TIE Fighterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 13  C 84Death Star IICommonStarship
    SW 1 C2 143
    [?]TIE Scoutimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 3 C2 73
    [?]TIE Vanguardimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Starship
    SW 15  U 85CoruscantUncommonStarship
    SW 15  R 86CoruscantRareStarship
    SW 16  C 50Theed PalaceCommonStarship
    SW 4 R1 72
    [?]Tyrantimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 1 R1 144
    [?]Vader's Custom TIEimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Starship
    SW 10  R 147Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 10  R 148Special EditionRareStarship
    SW 3 U1 74A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Starship
    SW 13  R 85Death Star IIRareStarship
    SW 16  R 51Theed PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 16  U 52Theed PalaceUncommonVehicle
    SW 1 U2 145
    [?]Banthaimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Vehicle
    SW 3 C2 75A New Hope (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 4 R1 73
    [?]Blizzard 1image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Vehicle
    SW 4 R2 74
    [?]Blizzard 2image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-2Vehicle
    SW 15  P 148Reflections IIIPromotionVehicle
    SW 4 R1 75
    [?]Blizzard Scout 1image (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Rare-1Vehicle
    SW 4 U2 76
    [?]Blizzard Walkerimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Vehicle
    SW 6  C 88Cloud CityCommonVehicle
    SW 10  F 149Special EditionFixedVehicle
    SW 10  C 150Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 10  R 151Special EditionRareVehicle
    SW 10  C 152Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 7  R 82Jabba’s PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 1 C2 146
    [?]Lift Tubeimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 3 C2 76A New Hope (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 16  U 53Theed PalaceUncommonVehicle
    SW 10  C 153Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 10  C 154Special EditionCommonVehicle
    SW 1 R2 147
    [?]Sandcrawlerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Vehicle
    SW 16  C 54Theed PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 7  C 83Jabba’s PalaceCommonVehicle
    SW 11  C 79
    [?]Speeder Bikeimage (first print)
    Endor (first print)CommonVehicle
    SW 11  R 80
    [?]Tempest 1image (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareVehicle
    SW 11  U 81EndorUncommonVehicle
    SW 11  R 82EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 83EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 84EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 85
    [?]Tempest Scout 4image (first print)
    Endor (first print)RareVehicle
    SW 11  R 86EndorRareVehicle
    SW 11  R 87EndorRareVehicle
    SW 16  R 55Theed PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 16  R 56Theed PalaceRareVehicle
    SW 1 C2 148
    [?]Ubrikkian 9000 Z001image (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Vehicle
    SW 10  R 155Special EditionRareVehicle
    SW 10  R 156Special EditionRareVehicle
    SW 5  R 84Dagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 16  U 57Theed PalaceUncommonWeapon
    SW 7  U 84Jabba’s PalaceUncommonWeapon
    SW 1 R2 149
    [?]Assault Rifleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 4 U1 77
    [?]AT-AT Cannonimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 11  R 88EndorRareWeapon
    SW 15  P 149Reflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 15  C 87CoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 1 C2 150
    [?]Blaster Rifleimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 6  R 89Cloud CityRareWeapon
    SW 1 U1 151
    [?]Boosted TIE Cannonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 5  R 85
    [?]Bossk's Mortar Gunimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 6  C 90Cloud CityCommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 86Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 1 U1 152
    [?]Dark Jedi Lightsaberimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 13  R 87Death Star IIRareWeapon
    SW 5  R 86Dagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 7  R 85Jabba’s PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 10  F 157Special EditionFixedWeapon
    SW 7  R 86Jabba’s PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 10  U 158Special EditionUncommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 58Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 59Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 3 C2 77A New Hope (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 4 C1 78
    [?]E-web Blasterimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-1Weapon
    SW 10  U 159Special EditionUncommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 88Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 1 C2 153
    [?]Gaderffii Stickimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 7  C 87Jabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 1 R2 154
    [?]Han Seekerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 13  C 89Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 5  R 87Dagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 5  R 88
    [?]IG-88's Pulse Cannonimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareWeapon
    SW 1 C2 155
    [?]Imperial Blasterimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 4 C2 79
    [?]Infantry Mineimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 10  F 160Special EditionFixedWeapon
    SW 1 U1 156
    [?]Ion Cannonimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 3 C2 78
    [?]Jawa Blasterimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 15  U 88CoruscantUncommonWeapon
    SW 1 U2 157
    [?]Laser Projectorimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Uncommon-2Weapon
    SW 3 R2 79
    [?]Leia Seekerimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 1 R1 158Premiere (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 1 R2 159
    [?]Luke Seekerimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 15  P 150Reflections IIIPromotionWeapon
    SW 14  R 45TatooineRareWeapon
    SW 7  C 88Jabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 15  C 89CoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 15  C 90CoruscantCommonWeapon
    SW 10  U 161Special EditionUncommonWeapon
    SW 4 U2 80
    [?]Probe Droid Laserimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Uncommon-2Weapon
    SW 5  U 89
    [?]Proton Bombsimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)UncommonWeapon
    SW 11  C 89EndorCommonWeapon
    SW 13  C 90Death Star IICommonWeapon
    SW 10  C 162Special EditionCommonWeapon
    SW 11  U 90EndorUncommonWeapon
    SW 16  C 60Theed PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 3 R2 80
    [?]Superlaserimage (first print)
    A New Hope (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 13  U 91Death Star IIUncommonWeapon
    SW 7  R 89Jabba’s PalaceRareWeapon
    SW 1 C2 160
    [?]Timer Mineimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 1 R2 161
    [?]Turbolaser Batteryimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-2Weapon
    SW 3 U1 81A New Hope (first print)Uncommon-1Weapon
    SW 1 R1 162
    [?]Vader's Lightsaberimage (first print)
    Premiere (first print)Rare-1Weapon
    SW 4 C2 81
    [?]Vehicle Mineimage (first print)
    Hoth (first print)Common-2Weapon
    SW 7  C 90Jabba’s PalaceCommonWeapon
    SW 5  R 90
    [?]Zuckuss' Snare Rifleimage (first print)
    Dagobah (first print)RareWeapon