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[Cloud City] Cloud City (CC)

Regular expansion of 180 cards published by Decipher (1997-11).

Overview card types:
CharacterDeviceEffectEpic EventInterruptLocationStarshipVehicleWeapon
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
SW 6  R 1[?]Boba FettRareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  R 2[?]Captain BewilRareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  R 3[?]Chief RetwinRareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  C 4[?]Cloud City EngineerCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  C 5[?]Cloud City TrooperCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  U 6[?]Commander DesanneUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  R 7[?]E-3P0RareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  U 8[?]Imperial Trooper Guard DainsomUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  R 9[?]Lando CalrissianRareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  U 10[?]Lieutenant CeciusUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  R 11[?]Lieutenant SheckilRareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  C 12[?]Tibanna Gas MinerCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  U 13[?]Trooper Jerrol BlendinUncommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  R 14[?]UglosteRareCharacterDark Side
SW 6  C 15[?]UgnaughtCommonCharacterDark Side
SW 6  C 16[?]BindersCommonDeviceDark Side
SW 6  U 17[?]Carbonite Chamber ConsoleUncommonDeviceDark Side
SW 6  R 18[?]Interrogation ArrayRareDeviceDark Side
SW 6  R 19[?]Mandalorian ArmorRareDeviceDark Side
SW 6  C 20[?]Ability, Ability, AbilityCommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  U 21[?]AbyssUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 22[?]All Too EasyRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  C 23[?]BountyCommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  U 24[?]Carbon-FreezingUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 25[?]Dark DealRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 26[?]DespairRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 27[?]Forced LandingRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 28[?]I Am Your FatherRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 29[?]I Had No ChoiceRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  U 30[?]Imperial Decree (first print)UncommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 31[?]Mostly ArmlessRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  C 32[?]Restricted AccessCommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  C 33[?]Special DeliveryCommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 34[?]The Emperor's PrizeRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 35[?]Vader's BountyRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 36[?]Vader's CapeRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  U 37[?]Weather VaneUncommonEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 38[?]We're The BaitRareEffectDark Side
SW 6  R 39[?]Epic DuelRareEpic EventDark Side
SW 6  R 40[?]Aiiii! Aaa! Agggggggggg!RareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 41[?]Atmospheric AssaultRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 42[?]Blasted DroidCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 43[?]Brief Loss Of ControlRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 44[?]Cloud City SabaccUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 45[?]Dark StrikeCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 46[?]Double BackUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 47[?]Double-Crossing, No-Good SwindlerCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 48[?]E Chu TaCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 49[?]End This Destructive ConflictRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 50[?]Flight EscortRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 51[?]Focused AttackRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 52[?]Force FieldRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 53[?]He's All Yours, Bounty HunterRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 54[?]Heart Of The ChasmUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 55[?]Human ShieldCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 56[?]Levitation AttackUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 57[?]Point ManRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 58[?]Prepare The ChamberUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 59[?]Projective TelepathyUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 60[?]Release Your AngerRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 61[?]Rite Of PassageCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 62[?]Shattered HopeUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 63[?]Shocking RevelationCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 64[?]Slip Sliding AwayRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 65[?]Sonic BombardmentUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 66[?]SurpriseRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 67[?]This Is Still WrongRareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 68[?]TIE Sentry ShipsCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  C 69[?]Trooper AssaultCommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 70[?]Weapon LevitationUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 71[?]Weapon Of An Ungrateful SonUncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  R 72[?]Why Didn't You Tell Me?RareInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 73[?]You Are Beaten (first print)UncommonInterruptDark Side
SW 6  U 74[?]BespinUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  U 75[?]Bespin: Cloud CityUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  U 76[?]Cloud City: Carbonite ChamberUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  C 77[?]Cloud City: Chasm WalkwayCommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  R 78[?]Cloud City: Dining RoomRareLocationDark Side
SW 6  C 79[?]Cloud City: East Platform (Docking Bay)CommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  C 80[?]Cloud City: IncineratorCommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  U 81[?]Cloud City: Lower CorridorUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  C 82[?]Cloud City: Security TowerCommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  U 83[?]Cloud City: Upper Plaza CorridorUncommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  C 84[?]CloudsCommonLocationDark Side
SW 6  R 85[?]Obsidian 7RareStarshipDark Side
SW 6  R 86[?]Obsidian 8RareStarshipDark Side
SW 6  R 87[?]Slave IRareStarshipDark Side
SW 6  C 88[?]Cloud CarCommonVehicleDark Side
SW 6  R 89[?]Boba Fett's Blaster RifleRareWeaponDark Side
SW 6  C 90[?]Cloud City BlasterCommonWeaponDark Side
SW 6  R 91[?]Captain Han SoloRareCharacterLight Side
SW 6  C 92[?]Cloud City TechnicianCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  C 93[?]Cloud City TrooperCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  U 94[?]KebycUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  R 95[?]Lando CalrissianRareCharacterLight Side
SW 6  R 96[?]LobotRareCharacterLight Side
SW 6  R 97[?]Princess LeiaRareCharacterLight Side
SW 6  C 98[?]Tibanna Gas MinerCommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  U 99[?]Treva HormeUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  U 100[?]Trooper Utris M'tocUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  U 101[?]WiorkettleUncommonCharacterLight Side
SW 6  R 102[?]Bionic HandRareDeviceLight Side
SW 6  U 103[?]Cyborg ConstructUncommonDeviceLight Side
SW 6  U 104[?]Lando's Wrist ComlinkUncommonDeviceLight Side
SW 6  C 105[?]Access DeniedCommonEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 106[?]AdvantageRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 107[?]All My UrchinsRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 108[?]Beldon's EyeRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  U 109[?]ChasmUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 6  C 110[?]Civil DisorderCommonEffectLight Side
SW 6  U 111[?]Crack ShotUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 112[?]Dismantle On SightRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 113[?]Frozen AssetsRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 114[?]HavenRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  U 115[?]Hero Of A Thousand DevicesUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 116[?]HindsightRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 117[?]Hopping MadRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 118[?]Leia Of AlderaanRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 119[?]Uncontrollable FuryRareEffectLight Side
SW 6  U 120[?]Weather VaneUncommonEffectLight Side
SW 6  R 121[?]AmbushRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 122[?]Armed And DangerousUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 123[?]Artoo, Come Back At Once!RareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 124[?]As Good As GoneCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 125[?]Blaster ProficiencyCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 126[?]Captive FuryUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 127[?]Captive PursuitCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 128[?]Clash Of Sabers (first print)UncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 129[?]Cloud City SabaccUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 130[?]Computer InterfaceCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 131[?]Courage Of A SkywalkerRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 132[?]Dark ApproachRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 133[?]DashCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 134[?]Desperate ReachUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 135[?]DodgeCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 136[?]Fall Of The EmpireUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 137[?]Fall Of The LegendUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 138[?]Gambler's LuckRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 139[?]Glancing BlowRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 140[?]Higher GroundRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 141[?]I Don't Need Their Scum, EitherRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 142[?]Impressive, Most ImpressiveRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 143[?]Innocent ScoundrelUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 144[?]Into The Ventilation Shaft, LeftyRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 145[?]It's A Trap!UncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 146[?]Keep Your Eyes OpenCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 147[?]Lift Tube EscapeCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 148[?]NOOOOOOOOOOOO!RareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 149[?]Off The EdgeRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 150[?]Old PiratesRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 151[?]Out Of SomewhereUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 152[?]Path Of Least ResistanceCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 153[?]ProtectorRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 154[?]Punch It!RareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 155[?]Put That DownCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 156[?]Rendezvous Point On TatooineRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 157[?]Rescue In The CloudsCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 158[?]Shocking InformationCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 159[?]Smoke ScreenRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  C 160[?]SomersaultCommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 161[?]Surreptitious GlanceRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 162[?]Swing-And-A-MissUncommonInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 163[?]This Is Even BetterRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 164[?]We'll Find HanRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  R 165[?]Wookiee StrangleRareInterruptLight Side
SW 6  U 166[?]BespinUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  U 167[?]Bespin: Cloud CityUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  U 168[?]Cloud City: Carbonite ChamberUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  C 169[?]Cloud City: Chasm WalkwayCommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  R 170[?]Cloud City: Guest QuartersRareLocationLight Side
SW 6  C 171[?]Cloud City: IncineratorCommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  U 172[?]Cloud City: Lower CorridorUncommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  C 173[?]Cloud City: Platform 327 (Docking Bay)CommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  C 174[?]Cloud City: Upper Plaza CorridorCommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  C 175[?]CloudsCommonLocationLight Side
SW 6  R 176[?]Bright HopeRareStarshipLight Side
SW 6  R 177[?]RedemptionRareStarshipLight Side
SW 6  C 178[?]Cloud CarCommonVehicleLight Side
SW 6  C 179[?]Cloud City BlasterCommonWeaponLight Side
SW 6  R 180[?]Luke's Blaster PistolRareWeaponLight Side

Limited Edition Released November 1997

  • Booster Packs (MSRP $2.50): 9 cards (5 commons, 3 Uncommons, 1 Rare).
  • Booster Box: 60 Booster Packs and a fold-out Rules Supplement/Card List


Set Information: 180 cards (90 Dark Side and 90 Light Side)

  • 80 Rares
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Commons

Each card appeared an equal number of times on its respective sheet