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Worlds 2018 - day 1

    This Tournament-Report article was written by Greg Dillon and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (" at Oct 13th, 2018.

    Tournament-Report from the Tournament "Worlds 2018 - Day 1". (imageBig-Event Worlds 2018)


    More details to come later probably.

    Round 1 Relativity related card Peter Hill TT (0)
    A true tie, I'd completely shut Pete out of the full win by getting him to an empty deck, one card in hand and a Trolarak sitting at his final planet mission. I didn't have any bonus points to fuel Power Shift to help me complete my missions fast enough for the win or to just put me ahead with 2 missions complete each.

    Round 2   Harshana Randeni MW (+95)
    This match was a little tricky, I could stop the attempts and kill people just as easy as any other game but when Hash rebuilt it was with a Kaze'Kime and some engagement events as well. So I booked it out of there and relied on Imperial Entanglements and Harried and Harassed to get me back to the nission when needed.

    Round 3 Relativity related card Amber Van Breemen FW (+100)
    I got probably my best draw of the weekend in this game and was ready to chase Amber around with the Terix before her first attempt. I targetted Security to quite good effect and emptied her deck/hand before she completed the first mission.

    Round 4 Carddassian Steve Hartmann MW (+40)
    Should've had a full win here by decking myself when I was ahead with planet done instead of attempting space and letting him Back to Basics all of the people I so diligently slaugtered.

    Round 5 Carddassian Michael Van Breemen ML (-10)
    I started this game so well, play and deaw wise, but then cockiness/tiredness/something really screwed me in the back end of the match with quite a few mistakes but two particularly costly ones.

    Round 6 Carddassian Kieren FW (+60)
    Kieren captured some of my people, I definitely had it coming after what I did in the first 5 games but his Cardassians got chewed up by the buzz saw just like the last two decks and emptied his deck before he completed the first mission.