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ST2E - Tournament-Report database

At this time there are 58 ST2E Tournament-Reports in our database.
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By default the 20 last published Tournament-Reports are shown here:

createdTournament-ReportCorresponding Tournamentauthoreventlanguage
Oct, 2018Worlds 2018 - day 1Worlds 2018 - Day 1Greg DillonWorlds 2018article in english language
Jan, 2012Friedliche WeihnachtenJahresausklang/ Weihnachtsturnierbashircommanderarticle in german language
Jan, 2012Turnierbericht vom Bremer 2E Constructed am 21. August 2005Bremen #40Jaglom Shrekarticle in german language
Mar, 2011Frühling in HannoverAuf in den Frühling...bashircommanderarticle in german language
Feb, 2011Dessau LigaeventMitteldeutsches Star-Trek Liga TurnierChairman Nilvaarticle in german language
Nov, 2010Sickbay-Meeting DessauGerman League Mitteldeutschlandzippercommanderarticle in german language
Nov, 2010"Holding CELLE"GRAND PRIX XI - Main Eventbashircommanderarticle in german language
Nov, 2010Silence - I KILL YOU! ...GRAND PRIX XI - Main EventDukatGP2010article in german language
Oct, 2010Report from the Weltbiermeisterschaft 20102E Standard tournament - Biermeister - 2010 Worlds Side EventTribbleWorlds 2010article in english language
Sep, 2010Der Weg des KriegersTurnier Hannoverbashircommanderarticle in german language
Jul, 2010European Continental Championships (day 2)European Continental 2010 - Day 2RedDwarfEC 2010article in english language
Jul, 2010European Continental Championships (day 1)European Continental 2010 - Day 1RedDwarfEC 2010article in english language
Jun, 2010The Central CommandGerman NationalbashircommanderDM 2010article in german language
Apr, 2010Dessau Regional - Resistance is futileRegional Middle German - German League EventzippercommanderRegionals 2010article in german language
Feb, 2010How to increase your rating by losing games ...Koblenz TurnierJaglom Shrekarticle in english language
Feb, 2010Bremen, die 57.Bremen #58Chairman NilvaLeague 2009/2010article in german language
Jan, 2010Welcome Back Turnier in KaiserslauternWelcome Back TournamentJaglom Shrekarticle in german language
Dec, 2009Diebe und Schmuggler zur WeihnachtszeitHannoveraner Weihnachtsturnierbashircommanderarticle in german language
Dec, 2009German League EastGerman League EastChairman NilvaLeague 2009/2010article in german language
Nov, 2009ErgebnisseGerman League EastbashircommanderLeague 2009/2010article in german language