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By the time the player groups all over the world define a lot of different House-Rules for thier meetings. Different multi player formats and special rules for weaknesses of the game or for over powered cards see the light of the world.

Publish you House-Rule here and discuss your ideas with players around the world to learn more about the regional differences how to play this game.


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imageMercenary Draft (V.2)

This House-Rule article was written by openCards user thsch.

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imageOrbital Shift - a new tournament format

This House-Rule article was written by openCards user KaiserK.

The Orbital Shift tournament is first and foremost intended to be fun. In this format, winning is secondary to having a good time and playing as many players and decks as possible over the course of a 3-round tournament.

Every player brings a regular constructed deck to the tournament, and the first-round pairings will be determined at random, as usual.

During each round, an “orbital shift” will be announced about every 10-20 minutes. Once the tournament director calls out a “shift”, all games are immediately suspended, and each player moves one table to the left, where he will jump immediately into the game that is being played there. While the players move, the cards and decks stay where they are.
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imageThe Biermeister Tournament

This House-Rule article was written by openCards user Tribble at May 7th, 2007.

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