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[Homefront VI] Homefront VI (HF6)

Special set of 48 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2015-05-30).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST1E 0 VR 347Orb of Prophecy and Change (reprint)VirtualArtifact
ST1E 0 VR 348A Bad EndVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 349A Good Day to Lie (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 350Ancient Computer (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 351Armus - Sticky Situation (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 352Crew AdvancementVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 353Don't Let It End This WayVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 354Frame of Mind (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 355History Repeats ItselfVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 356It's GreenVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 357Justice or VengeanceVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 358Lack of Preparation (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 359Malfunctioning Door (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 360Occupational HazardsVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 361Primitive Culture (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 362Q (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 363Seismic Quake (reprint)VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 364Shields Up!VirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 365Unorthodox PreservationVirtualDilemma
ST1E 0 VR 366Alternate Universe Door (reprint)VirtualDoorway
ST1E 0 VR 367Dyson Sphere Door (reprint)VirtualDoorway
ST1E 0 VR 368Holding Cell Door (reprint)VirtualDoorway
ST1E 0 VR 369A Second Chance at LifeVirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 370Cellular Peptide CakeVirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 371Defiant Dedication Plaque (reprint)VirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 372Holo-Projectors (reprint)VirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 373Line of DefenseVirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 374Raktajino (reprint)VirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 375Where No One Has Gone Before (reprint)VirtualEvent
ST1E 0 VR 376Bajoran Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityBajoran icon
ST1E 0 VR 377Borg Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityBorg icon
ST1E 0 VR 378Cardassian Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityCardassian icon
ST1E 0 VR 379❖ Dominion OutpostVirtualFacilityDominion icon
ST1E 0 VR 380Federation Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityFederation icon
ST1E 0 VR 381Terran Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityFederation icon
ST1E 0 VR 382Ferengi Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityFerengi icon
ST1E 0 VR 383Hirogen Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityHirogen icon
ST1E 0 VR 384Kazon Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityKazon icon
ST1E 0 VR 385Klingon Empire Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityKlingon icon
ST1E 0 VR 386Klingon Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityKlingon icon
ST1E 0 VR 387Romulan Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityRomulan icon
ST1E 0 VR 388Vidiian Outpost (reprint)VirtualFacilityVidiian icon
ST1E 0 VR 389Call for Reinforcements (reprint)VirtualIncident
ST1E 0 VR 390Continuing Mission (reprint)VirtualIncident
ST1E 0 VR 391New Arrivals (reprint)VirtualIncident
ST1E 0 VR 392Reshape the Quadrant (reprint)VirtualIncident
ST1E 0 VR 393Escape Pod (reprint)VirtualInterrupt
ST1E 0 VR 394Reflection Therapy (reprint)VirtualObjective

“You don’t trust me, do you?
I don’t blame you.
If there is to be a brave new world, our generation is going to have the hardest time living in it.“

The Star Trek: Customizable Card Game universe gets a whole lot bigger with Homefront VI, the first Core Block expansion built from the ground up with Block play in mind. Forty-eight (48) newly printable cards combining the old with the converted, focused on adding new and exciting dilemmas to the mix.