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[The Borg] The Borg (Borg)

Regular expansion of 143 physical cards published by Decipher (2001-09-19).

Overview card types:
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeAffiliation
ST1E 13 R 1Ankari "Spirits"RareDilemma
ST1E 13 U 2Impressive TrophiesUncommonDilemma
ST1E 13 U 3Invasive ProceduresUncommonDilemma
ST1E 13 U 4Photonic Energy BeingUncommonDilemma
ST1E 13 R 5Replicator AccidentRareDilemma
ST1E 13 U 6Sabotaged NegotiationsUncommonDilemma
ST1E 13 U 7The Clown: Beneath the MaskUncommonDilemma
ST1E 13 R 8The Clown: My FestivalRareDilemma
ST1E 13 R 9The Weak Will PerishRareDilemma
ST1E 13 C 10Transwarp Network Gateway (reprint)CommonDoorway
ST1E 13 U 11Borg Data NodeUncommonEquipment
ST1E 13 U 12Borg Nanoprobes (first print)UncommonEquipment
ST1E 13 C 13Borg VinculumCommonEquipment
ST1E 13 U 14Hirogen Disruptor RifleUncommonEquipment
ST1E 13 C 15Hirogen TalonCommonEquipment
ST1E 13 U 16Maturation ChamberUncommonEquipment
ST1E 13 C 17Activate Subcommands (reprint)CommonEvent
ST1E 13 U 18Alas, Poor DroneUncommonEvent
ST1E 13 C 19Cranial Transceiver ImplantCommonEvent
ST1E 13 U 20MeditationUncommonEvent
ST1E 13 U 21Omega ParticleUncommonEvent
ST1E 13 C 22Quantum Slipstream DriveCommonEvent
ST1E 13 C 23❖ Borg Outpost (reprint)CommonFacilityBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 24enigmaUnicomplex (first print)Rare PlusFacilityBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 25❖ Hirogen Outpost (first print)CommonFacilityHirogen icon
ST1E 13 C 26Cortical Node ImplantCommonIncident
ST1E 13 U 27Feedback Surge (first print)UncommonIncident
ST1E 13 C 28Hirogen HuntCommonIncident
ST1E 13 U 29Relics of the ChaseUncommonIncident
ST1E 13 C 30Rituals of the HuntCommonIncident
ST1E 13 U 31Adapt: Modulate Shields (reprint)UncommonInterrupt
ST1E 13 C 32Adapt: Negate Obstruction (reprint)CommonInterrupt
ST1E 13 C 33Awaken (reprint)CommonInterrupt
ST1E 13 U 34Multivector Assault ModeUncommonInterrupt
ST1E 13 U 35Narrow EscapeUncommonInterrupt
ST1E 13 U 36Corner Enemy ShipUncommonMission
ST1E 13 U 37Establish SettlementUncommonMission
ST1E 13 U 38Hunt AlienUncommonMission
ST1E 13 U 39Maintenance OverhaulUncommonMission
ST1E 13 U 40Repair Null Space CatapultUncommonMission
ST1E 13 C 41❖ Secure StationCommonMission
ST1E 13 C 42Assimilate Planet (reprint)CommonObjective
ST1E 13 R 43Assimilate SpeciesRareObjective
ST1E 13 U 44Assimilate Starship (reprint)UncommonObjective
ST1E 13 U 45Eliminate Starship (reprint)UncommonObjective
ST1E 13 C 46Establish Gateway (reprint)CommonObjective
ST1E 13 R 47Harness Particle 010RareObjective
ST1E 13 U 48Omega DirectiveUncommonObjective
ST1E 13 U 49Reassimilate Lost DroneUncommonObjective
ST1E 13 R+ 50enigmaBorg QueenRare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 51❖ Eight of EighteenCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 52❖ Eight of FifteenCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 53❖ Eleven of EighteenCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 54❖ Eleven of TwelveCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 55FifthRare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 56FirstRare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 57Four of Nine (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 58❖ Nine of FifteenCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 59❖ Nine of TwelveCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 60SecondRare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 61Seven of Nine (reprint)Rare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 62❖ Seventeen of EighteenCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 63❖ Six of TwelveCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 64Third and FourthRare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 65Three of NineRare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 66Two of Nine (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 67❖ Two of TwelveCommonPersonnelBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 68❖ Angelo Tassoni (first print)CommonPersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 69Deanna TroiRare PlusPersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 13 R+ 70Equinox Doctor (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 C 71❖ Hogan (first print)CommonPersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 U R72Reginald Barclay (first print)Ultra RarePersonnelFederation icon
ST1E 13 R 73GegisRarePersonnelFerengi icon
ST1E 13 U 74NunkUncommonPersonnelFerengi icon
ST1E 13 U 75YeggieUncommonPersonnelFerengi icon
ST1E 13 C 76❖ DavarCommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R 77Decaren (first print)RarePersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R+ 78DonikRare PlusPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R 79GannRarePersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R+ 80Hajur (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelHirogen icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 C 81❖ HarkanCommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R 82IdrinRarePersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 C 83❖ JetarnCommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R 84JorikRarePersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R 85KaronRarePersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R+ 86KarrRare PlusPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 C 87❖ KonuricCommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R+ 88NetekRare PlusPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 C 89❖ RanjenCommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 U 90❖ TakiracUncommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 U 91TuranjUncommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 C 92❖ VurondCommonPersonnelHirogen icon
ST1E 13 U 93LagrenUncommonPersonnelKazon icon
ST1E 13 R 94SuratRarePersonnelKazon icon
ST1E 13 C 95❖ TanarCommonPersonnelKazon icon
ST1E 13 U 96Ch'ReghaUncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 13 C 97❖ KamokCommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 13 R 98KohlarRarePersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 13 U 99MorakUncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 13 U 100T'GrethUncommonPersonnelKlingon icon
ST1E 13 R+ 101B'ElannaRare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 102Captain ChakotayRare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R 103FennimRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 104Icheb (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R+ 105KesRare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 U 106LansorUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 U 107MabusUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 108Marika (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R+ 109Mezoti (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R+ 110OneRare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 111Orum (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Romulan icon
ST1E 13 U 112P'ChanUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 113Rebi and Azan (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R+ 114Riley Frazier (first print)Rare PlusPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R 115SullinRarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 U 116The Artificial IntelligenceUncommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 C 117❖ ThenelakCommonPersonnelRomulan icon
ST1E 13 C 118❖ DilanumCommonPersonnelVidiian icon
ST1E 13 C 119❖ SinarenCommonPersonnelVidiian icon
ST1E 13 U 120❖ Borg Cube (reprint)UncommonShipBorg icon
ST1E 13 C 121❖ Borg ProbeCommonShipBorg icon
ST1E 13 R 122Borg Queen's ShipRareShipBorg icon
ST1E 13 R 123❖ Borg Tactical CubeRareShipBorg icon
ST1E 13 R+ 124U.S.S. Prometheus (first print)Rare PlusShipFederation icon Romulan icon
ST1E 13 C 125❖ Hunting VesselCommonShipHirogen icon
ST1E 13 R 126❖ Venatic HunterRareShipHirogen icon
ST1E 13 U 127❖ Kazon FighterUncommonShipKazon icon
ST1E 13 R+ 128I.K.C. Voq'lengRare PlusShipKlingon icon
ST1E 13 R+ 129LibertyRare PlusShipNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R 130The Think Tank's ShipRareShipNon-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R+ 131U.S.S. Dauntless (first print)Rare PlusShipNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R* 104Icheb (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R* 108Marika (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R* 109Mezoti (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R* 113Rebi and Azan (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R* 114Riley Frazier (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 C* 68❖ Angelo Tassoni (reprint)Alternate Affiliation CommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R* 70Equinox Doctor (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R* 80Hajur (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelNon-Aligned icon Hirogen icon
ST1E 13 C* 71❖ Hogan (reprint)Alternate Affiliation CommonPersonnelNon-Aligned icon Federation icon
ST1E 13 R* 111Orum (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RarePersonnelRomulan icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R* 131U.S.S. Dauntless (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RareShipFederation icon Non-Aligned icon
ST1E 13 R* 124U.S.S. Prometheus (reprint)Alternate Affiliation RareShipRomulan icon Federation icon

The Borg display The Borg booster

This set re-introduced the Borg affiliation to be both Voyager-only viable as well as compatible and balanced with the overall game environment. It also introduced the Hirogen as an all-new affiliation. With the release of this expansion the Borg affiliation enjoyed a revision of gameplay features that had limited their gameplay viability (e.g. previous complications in assimilating personnel). The inflation of ship stats continued with the incredible weapons (28) and shields (28) of the Borg Tactical Cube. This overcame the increased ease of obtaining the magic figure of shields 12 sufficient to save a ship from an initial Borg assault. Consequently a Borg player was able to devastate an opponent in a style to which there was limited defence. 130 cards (plus 13 alternate affiliation cards).