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[Life From Lifelessness] Life From Lifelessness (LfL)

    Regular expansion of 54 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2010-06-11).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    ST1E 17 V 1Off-zel VaseVirtualArtifact
    ST1E 17 V 2Damaged ReputationVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 3DisplacedVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 4Distracted By Thoughts Of HomeVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 5Important GuestsVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 6Medical CrisisVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 7Oh No!VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 8Skeleton CrewVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 9The Arsenal: Separated (first print)VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 10Vastly OutnumberedVirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 11Virus (first print)VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 17 V 12Body ArmorVirtualEquipment
    ST1E 17 V 1345th Rule Of AcquisitionVirtualEvent
    ST1E 17 V 14Romulan "Reunification"VirtualEvent
    ST1E 17 V 15For The SiskoVirtualIncident
    ST1E 17 V 16InspectionVirtualIncident
    ST1E 17 V 17The Genesis EffectVirtualIncident
    ST1E 17 V 18Critical AssistanceVirtualInterrupt
    ST1E 17 V 19DrivenVirtualInterrupt
    ST1E 17 V 20I Feel YoungVirtualInterrupt
    ST1E 17 V 21Aftermath IIVirtualMission
    ST1E 17 V 22Changeling Research IIVirtualMission
    ST1E 17 V 23Find Hidden Base (first print)VirtualMission
    ST1E 17 V 24KurnVirtualPersonnelBajoran icon
    ST1E 17 V 25Brunt of BorgVirtualPersonnelBorg icon
    ST1E 17 V 26Agent Garak (first print)VirtualPersonnelCardassian icon Federation icon
    ST1E 17 V 27❖ EmokVirtualPersonnelCardassian icon
    ST1E 17 V 28❖ TholunVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST1E 17 V 29❖ Turan'EkanVirtualPersonnelDominion icon
    ST1E 17 V 30Admiral KirkVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST1E 17 V 31Dexter RemmickVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST1E 17 V 32Sergey And HelenaVirtualPersonnelFederation icon
    ST1E 17 V 33Captain Nog (first print)VirtualPersonnelFerengi icon Federation icon
    ST1E 17 V 34Dr. Reyga (first print)VirtualPersonnelFerengi icon
    ST1E 17 V 35❖ ZivanVirtualPersonnelHirogen icon
    ST1E 17 V 36❖ KazatVirtualPersonnelKazon icon
    ST1E 17 V 37Captain B'Etor (errata / first print)VirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
    ST1E 17 V 38Duras (first print)VirtualPersonnelKlingon icon
    ST1E 17 V 39Porthos (first print)VirtualPersonnelNeutral icon
    ST1E 17 V 40❖ 0413-Theta (first print)VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 41AllamillVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 42Carol MarcusVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 43David MarcusVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 44FalowVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 45❖ IllandraVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 46VashVirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 47SelaVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
    ST1E 17 V 48Subcommander DeciusVirtualPersonnelRomulan icon
    ST1E 17 V 49Danica EricksonVirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 17 V 50❖ DelanhVirtualPersonnelVidiian icon
    ST1E 17 V 51Vetar (errata)VirtualShipCardassian icon
    ST1E 17 V 52Renegade Borg SphereVirtualShipNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 17 V 53SarajevoVirtualShipStarfleet icon
    ST1E 17 V 54Determined AssaultVirtualTactic

    Booster LfL

    Let me show you something... that'll make you feel young as when the world was new."
    - Carol Marcus

    "We are proud and thrilled to announce that the first, full virtual expansion for First Edition will be released on Friday, June 11th. Life From Lifelessness will be a full, fifty-four (54) card virtual expansion, and will be available for free download from The Continuing Committee's website on the date of its release!

    As would be expected, the bulk of the cards in each of The Continuing Committee's First Edition virtual expansions will be new and will bring new characters, ships and moments from the Star Trek universe into the game. However, each of our First Edition virtual expansions will also contain conversion cards, new versions of backwards-compatible cards, adjusted for First Edition game play and on First Edition templates!"

    by Charlie Plaine, Chairman (14th May 2010)