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ST1E - overview clarifications

You will find here an overview of all ST1E clarifications (clarifications to specific cards). Please keep in mind, that this section depends on the data of the Interactive-Card-Database - only clarifications that are edited there, can be shown here. So, if you miss something maybe because there was a current rule update - feel free to add on the one hand this new rule to our database (use tab "New document") and also feel free to add this rule on the other hand to the concerned card in our interactive card database.

At this time there are 569 Clarifications listed here. Please klick on the card name to read the text of the corresponding Clarification (under "Rule hints" inside the cards Library) for that card.

1 Tribble (Bonus)TribbleThe Trouble with Tribbles
1 Tribble (Discard)TribbleThe Trouble with Tribbles
1 Tribble (Go)TribbleThe Trouble with Tribbles
35th Rule of AcquisitionEventMirror, Mirror
'45 Dom PerignonEquipmentHolodeck Adventures
62nd Rule of AcquisitionEventThe Trouble with Tribbles
75th Rule of AcquisitionEventRules of Acquisition
Abandon Ship!DilemmaOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Access DeniedIncidentBlaze of Glory
Activate SubcommandsEventFirst Contact
Activate Tractor BeamInterruptDeep Space Nine
Adapt: Modulate ShieldsInterruptFirst Contact
Adapt: Negate ObstructionInterruptFirst Contact
Add DistinctivenessIncidentEnhanced First Contact
Admiral RikerPersonnelThe Dominion
A Fast Ship Would Be NiceDilemmaMirror, Mirror
AirlockDoorwayDeep Space Nine
AjurPersonnelAlternate Universe
Alien ParasitesDilemmaPremiere BB
Alien ProbeEventPremiere BB
Alliance InterceptorShipMirror, Mirror
All ThreesInterruptHolodeck Adventures
Alternate Universe DoorDoorwayAlternate Universe
Altonian Brain TeaserDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Amanda RogersInterruptPremiere BB
Amanda's ParentsQ-CardQ-Continuum
Ambush ShipMissionVoyager
Anastasia KomananovPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Anti-Matter SpreadInterruptAlternate Universe
Anti-Time AnomalyEventPremiere BB
Aphasia DeviceDilemmaDeep Space Nine
ArachniaPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Arbiter Of SuccessionInterruptQ-Continuum
Arne DarvinPersonnelThe Trouble with Tribbles
Assign Mission SpecialistsObjectiveFirst Contact
Assimilate CounterpartObjectiveFirst Contact
Assimilate HomeworldObjectiveFirst Contact
Assimilate PlanetObjectiveFirst Contact
Assimilate SpeciesObjectiveThe Borg
Assimilate StarshipObjectiveFirst Contact
Asteroid SanctuaryInterruptPremiere BB
Atmospheric IonizationEventPremiere BB
Bajoran InterceptorShipDeep Space Nine
Bajoran RaiderShipThe Trouble with Tribbles
Bajoran Resistance CellObjectiveHolodeck Adventures
Bajoran ShrineSiteThe Trouble with Tribbles
Bajoran WormholeDoorwayDeep Space Nine
Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror UniverseDoorwayMirror, Mirror
Balancing ActDilemmaFirst Contact
Barclay Transporter PhobiaInterruptAlternate Universe
BareilPersonnelMirror, Mirror
Baryon BuildupEventAlternate Universe
Barzan WormholeDoorwayVoyager
Bashir FounderPersonnelSecond Anthology
Battle Bridge DoorDoorwayBlaze of Glory
Beware of QObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Beyond The SubatomicInterruptVoyager
Black HoleDoorwayThe Fajo Collection
BlendedDilemmaFirst Contact
Blood ScreeningEventMirror, Mirror
BokPersonnelPremiere BB
BoratusPersonnelAlternate Universe
Borg CubeShipFirst Contact
Borg NanoprobesEquipmentThe Borg
Borg QueenPersonnelShades of Gray
Borg Scout VesselShipFirst Contact
Borg Tactical CubeShipThe Borg
Borg VinculumEquipmentThe Borg
Brain DrainInterruptAlternate Universe
Breen CRM114EquipmentRules of Acquisition
B'relShipRules of Acquisition
Build Interplexing BeaconObjectiveFirst Contact
Caithlin DarPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Captain KirkPersonnelThe Dominion
Captain's LogEventAlternate Universe
Caretaker's ArrayIncidentVoyager
Cargo BaySiteRules of Acquisition
CarlosPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Cha'JohShipDeep Space Nine
Chamber of MinistersFacilityDeep Space Nine
Characterize Neutrino EmissionsMissionDeep Space Nine
Chief O'BrienPersonnelBlaze of Glory
Children of LightIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Chula: The AbyssDilemmaBlaze of Glory
Chula: The ChandraDilemmaThe Dominion
Chula: The Way HomeDilemmaThe Trouble with Tribbles
Chula: TrickeryDilemmaHolodeck Adventures
Classic CommunicatorEquipmentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Classic Medical TricorderEquipmentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Classic TricorderEquipmentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Clone MachineIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Coalescent OrganismDilemmaAlternate Universe
Commandeer ShipObjectiveBlaze of Glory
Commander DataPersonnelTwo-Player Game
Computer CrashEventDeep Space Nine
Construct DepotMissionThe Dominion
Construct StarshipObjectiveMirror, Mirror
Containment FieldIncidentVoyager
ConundrumDilemmaAlternate Universe
Council of WarriorsObjectiveThe Trouble with Tribbles
CountermandaInterruptWarp Pack
Crew ReassignmentEventThe Dominion
CrisisDilemmaThe Dominion
CrosisInterruptPremiere BB
CrossoverIncidentMirror, Mirror
CryosatelliteArtifactAlternate Universe
Crystalline EntityDilemmaPremiere BB
CytheriansDilemmaPremiere BB
Cytoplasmic Life-formDilemmaHolodeck Adventures
DaboIncidentRules of Acquisition
Dal'RokDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Data's BodyPersonnelQ-Continuum
Data's HeadArtifactAlternate Universe
DathonPersonnelAlternate Universe
David MarcusPersonnelLife From Lifelessness
D'deridex AdvancedShipThe Dominion
Dead EndDilemmaFirst Contact
Dead in BedInterruptAlternate Universe
Deanna TroiPersonnelFirst Contact
Deep Space 9 / Terok NorFacilityVirtual Promos
Deep Space 9 / Terok NorFacilityDeep Space Nine
Deep Space Station K-7FacilityThe Trouble with Tribbles
Defend HomeworldObjectiveThe Trouble with Tribbles
DejarenDilemmaHolodeck Adventures
Deliver SuppliesMissionDeep Space Nine
Denevan Neural ParasitesDilemmaMirror, Mirror
Destroy Radioactive Garbage ScowInterruptAlternate Universe
Devidian DoorDoorwayAlternate Universe
DeyosPersonnelRules of Acquisition
Diplomatic ConferenceMissionAlternate Universe
Disrupt AllianceMissionMirror, Mirror
Disruptor OverloadInterruptPremiere BB
Distortion FieldEventPremiere BB
Distortion Of Space/Time ContinuumInterruptPremiere BB
Dixon HillPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Dixon Hill's Business CardEvent-InterruptThe Fajo Collection
DNA CluesDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Docking PadsSiteDeep Space Nine
Dominion War EffortsEventHolodeck Adventures
Dr. McCoyPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Drought TreeEventQ-Continuum
Dr. Q, Medicine EntityQ-CardQ-Continuum
Dr. SoongPersonnelThe Fajo Collection
D'TanPersonnelAlternate Universe
DuranjaEventDeep Space Nine
Echo Papa 607 Killer DroneEquipmentAlternate Universe
Edo ProbeDilemmaAlternate Universe
Edo VesselShipAlternate Universe
Eli HollanderPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Elim GarakPersonnelDeep Space Nine
Eliminate StarshipObjectiveFirst Contact
Emblem of the EmpireIncidentMirror, Mirror
Emergency Transporter ArmbandsInterruptPremiere BB
E.M.H. ProgramPersonnelFirst Contact
Empok NorFacilityThe Dominion
End TransmissionInterruptQ-Continuum
Energy VortexInterruptPremiere BB
Engage CloakObjectiveThe Dominion
Engage Shuttle OperationsEventAlternate Universe
Engage Shuttle Operations: DominionEventBlaze of Glory
Ensign TuvokPersonnelFirst Anthology
Equinox DoctorPersonnelThe Borg
Establish Tractor LockObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Establish Trade RouteObjectiveRules of Acquisition
ExocompPersonnelPremiere BB
Explore Gamma QuadrantObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Explore Interstellar MatterMissionOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
ExtraditionDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Eyes in the DarkInterruptAlternate Universe
EzriPersonnelMirror, Mirror
Fair PlayEventThe Dominion
Fajo's GalleryEventBlaze of Glory
Feedback SurgeIncidentThe Borg
Ferengi BugDilemmaRules of Acquisition
Ferengi ConferenceObjectiveRules of Acquisition
Ferengi Financial Data NetEventHolodeck Adventures
Ferengi IngenuityDilemmaBlaze of Glory
Ferengi Trading PostFacilityPremiere Starter Deck II
FGC-47 ResearchMissionAlternate Universe
FifthPersonnelThe Borg
FirestormDilemmaPremiere BB
Five of ElevenPersonnelFirst Contact
For Cardassia!ObjectiveMirror, Mirror
Forced-Labor CampObjectiveRules of Acquisition
Fractal Encryption CodeInterruptFirst Contact
Frame of MindDilemmaAlternate Universe
Frank HollanderPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Friendly FireDilemmaThe Dominion
Gaps in Normal SpaceEventPremiere BB
Garak Has Some IssuesDilemmaDeep Space Nine
GegisPersonnelThe Borg
General KorrdPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Genetronic ReplicatorEventPremiere BB
George and GraciePersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Gift Of The TormentorQ-CardQ-Continuum
Gi'ralPersonnelTwo-Player Game
Going To The TopInterruptDeep Space Nine
GomtuuShipAlternate Universe
GrebnedlogPersonnelThe Trouble with Tribbles
Guest QuartersSiteDeep Space Nine
HailInterruptAlternate Universe
Harness Particle 010ObjectiveThe Borg
Hate CrimeDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Hero of the EmpireObjectiveThe Trouble with Tribbles
He Will Make an Excellent DroneInterruptFirst Contact
Hidden FighterInterruptDeep Space Nine
Hide and SeekQ-CardOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Hippocratic OathDilemmaOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
His Honor, The High Sheriff Of NottinghamQ-CardQ-Continuum
Holodeck DoorDoorwayHolodeck Adventures
Holoprogram: 221B Baker StreetIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Holoprogram: The Office of Dixon HillIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Holo-ProjectorsEventPremiere BB
HolosuiteSiteHolodeck Adventures
HomefrontIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Horga'hnArtifactPremiere BB
HQ: Defensive MeasuresObjectiveDeep Space Nine
HQ: Ferengi Credit ExchangeIncidentRules of Acquisition
HQ: Orbital Weapons PlatformIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
HQ: Return Orb to BajorObjectiveDeep Space Nine
HQ: Secure HomeworldObjectiveDeep Space Nine
HughInterruptPremiere BB
Hunter GangsDilemmaAlternate Universe
Husnock OutpostFacilityOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Hyper-AgingDilemmaPremiere BB
I Do Not Take Orders From You!InterruptThe Motion Pictures
I.K.C. T'OngShipQ-Continuum
Impersonate CaptiveObjectiveBlaze of Glory
Impose OrderMissionOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Impressive TrophiesDilemmaThe Borg
Incoming Message: Attack AuthorizationInterruptAlternate Universe
Incoming Message - BajoranInterruptDeep Space Nine
Incoming Message - CardassianInterruptDeep Space Nine
Incoming Message - FederationInterruptPremiere BB
Incoming Message - FerengiInterruptRules of Acquisition
Incoming Message - KlingonInterruptPremiere BB
Incoming Message - RomulanInterruptPremiere BB
Intercept MaquisMissionDeep Space Nine
Intermix RatioEventFirst Contact
InterrogationEventAlternate Universe
In the ZoneIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Into The BreachQ-CardQ-Continuum
Intruder Alert!IncidentBlaze of Glory
Intruder Force FieldEventAlternate Universe
Invasive Beam-InEventThe Dominion
Investigate IncursionMissionOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Investigate LegendMissionQ-Continuum
Investigate Time ContinuumMissionPremiere BB
IsabellaInterruptAlternate Universe
IshkaPersonnelRules of Acquisition
Isolytic BurstTacticThe Motion Pictures
Issue Secret OrdersObjectiveThe Dominion
Jake and NogPersonnelDeep Space Nine
James T. KirkPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Ja'rodPersonnelTwo-Player Game
Jean-Luc PicardPersonnelFirst Contact
Juliana TainerPersonnelQ-Continuum
Kai WinnPersonnelThe Dominion
Keldon AdvancedShipThe Dominion
Ketracel-WhiteEquipmentThe Dominion
Kevin UxbridgeInterruptPremiere BB
Kevin Uxbridge: ConvergenceInterruptAlternate Universe
KhanPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Kira NerysPersonnelDeep Space Nine
Kivas FajoPersonnelThe Fajo Collection
Klaestron OutpostFacilityDeep Space Nine
Klingon Civil WarEventQ-Continuum
Klingon Death YellInterruptPremiere BB
Klingon OutpostFacilityPremiere BB
Klingon PainstikInterruptQ-Continuum
Kova ThollPersonnelQ-Continuum
Kressari RendezvousMissionDeep Space Nine
Kurlan NaiskosArtifactPremiere BB
Lack of PreparationDilemmaFirst Contact
La Forge ManeuverInterruptAlternate Universe
LansorPersonnelThe Borg
Launch PortalDoorwayFirst Contact
Li'seriaShipThe Motion Pictures
Live Long and ProsperInterruptThe Trouble with Tribbles
Locutus' Borg CubeShipBlaze of Glory
Locutus of BorgPersonnelThe Fajo Collection
Lon SuderPersonnelVoyager
LorePersonnelThe Fajo Collection
Lore ReturnsEventPremiere BB
Lore's FingernailEventPremiere BB
LumbaPersonnelThe Trouble with Tribbles
Madam PulaskiPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Magic Carpet Ride OCDArtifactFirst Contact
Major RakalPersonnelAlternate Universe
MakbarPersonnelDeep Space Nine
Make It SoIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Make Us GoDilemmaOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Mandarin BailiffQ-CardQ-Continuum
Manheim's Dimensional DoorDoorwayQ-Continuum
MarikaPersonnelThe Borg
MartiaPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Masaka TransformationsEventPremiere BB
Mas'udPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Matthew DoughertyPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Memory WipeEventPremiere Starter Deck II
Mickey D.PersonnelAlternate Universe
MilaPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Mining SurveyMissionThe Dominion
Mirasta YalePersonnelQ-Continuum
Mirror ImageEventFirst Contact
Mission DebriefingEventFirst Contact
Mission FatigueDilemmaThe Dominion
Mobile Holo-EmitterEquipmentVoyager
Mona LisaArtifactQ-Continuum
Montana Missile ComplexTime LocationFirst Contact
Mortal QPersonnelQ-Continuum
Mr. ScottPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Multidimensional Transport DeviceEquipmentMirror, Mirror
Mysterious OrbArtifactDeep Space Nine
Naomi WildmanPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
NapremShipRules of Acquisition
Navigate Plasma StormsObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Near-Warp TransportInterruptPremiere BB
Neural Servo DeviceEventPremiere BB
Neutral OutpostFacilityWarp Pack
NightmareIncidentEnhanced First Contact
Nine of ElevenPersonnelFirst Contact
Nine of SeventeenPersonnelFirst Contact
No Way OutIncidentMirror, Mirror
Obelisk of MasakaIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Observe RitualMissionThe Motion Pictures
Omega ParticleEventThe Borg
OnePersonnelThe Borg
One of ElevenPersonnelFirst Contact
… On The BridgeTroubleThe Trouble with Tribbles
Open Diplomatic RelationsObjectiveOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Operate Wormhole RelaysObjectiveThe Dominion
Ophidian CaneArtifactAlternate Universe
OpsSiteDeep Space Nine
Orb NegotiationsMissionDeep Space Nine
Orb of Prophecy and ChangeArtifactFirst Anthology
Ore Processing UnitSiteDeep Space Nine
Organ TheftObjectiveVoyager
Outpost RaidDilemmaAlternate Universe
Palor Toff - Alien TraderInterruptPremiere BB
Panel OverloadIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Parallax ArguersInterruptQ-Continuum
Particle FountainInterruptPremiere BB
Patrol Neutral ZoneMissionFirst Contact
Paul RicePersonnelAlternate Universe
P'ChanPersonnelThe Borg
Penalty BoxQ-CardQ-Continuum
Persistence of MemoryArtifactThe Fajo Collection
Phased MatterDilemmaPremiere BB
PhoenixShipFirst Contact
Picard's Artificial HeartQ-CardThe Fajo Collection
Plain, Simple GarakPersonnelDeep Space Nine
Plans of the Obsidian OrderObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Plans of the Tal ShiarObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Plasma FireEventPremiere BB
Post GarrisonObjectiveThe Dominion
Prefix Code TransmissionInterruptThe Motion Pictures
Prepare Assault TeamsObjectiveFirst Contact
Prepare the PrisonerObjectiveBlaze of Glory
Primary Supply DepotFacilityThe Dominion
Process OreObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Protect ShipmentMissionThe Dominion
ProtouniverseInterruptDeep Space Nine
"Pup"DilemmaDeep Space Nine
Q2InterruptPremiere BB
Qapla'!InterruptThe Fajo Collection
Q-NetEventPremiere BB
Q's Fantasy WomenQ-CardHolodeck Adventures
Q's PlanetQ-CardQ-Continuum
Q's TentDoorwayQ-Continuum
Q the RefereeIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Quantum FissureDilemmaMirror, Mirror
Quantum Singularity LifeformsDilemmaAlternate Universe
Quantum Slipstream DriveEventThe Borg
Quark's BarSiteRules of Acquisition
Quark's Isolinear RodsIncidentRules of Acquisition
Quash ConspiracyMissionAlternate Universe
Queen's Borg CubeShipFirst Contact
Radioactive Garbage ScowDilemmaPremiere BB
Raise the StakesEventPremiere BB
Reaction Control ThrustersEventDeep Space Nine
Reactor OverloadIncidentRules of Acquisition
Ready Room DoorDoorwayFirst Contact
Reassimilate Lost DroneObjectiveThe Borg
Rebel InterceptorShipMirror, Mirror
Receptacle StonesArtifactAlternate Universe
Recruit MercenariesEventDeep Space Nine
Red Alert!EventPremiere BB
Reflection TherapyObjectiveOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Refuse ImmigrationMissionDeep Space Nine
RegenerateEventFirst Contact
Regent WorfPersonnelMirror, Mirror
Reginald BarclayPersonnelThe Borg
Release This PainIncidentThe Motion Pictures
Relics of the ChaseIncidentThe Borg
REM Fatigue HallucinationsDilemmaPremiere BB
Remote Supply DepotFacilityThe Dominion
Resistance is FutileIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Ressikan FluteArtifactAlternate Universe
RetaskEventFirst Contact
ReunionMissionAlternate Universe
Revolving DoorEventAlternate Universe
Rituals of the HuntIncidentThe Borg
Rogue Borg MercenariesInterruptPremiere BB
Romulan AmbushInterruptAlternate Universe
Royale Casino: BlackjackDilemmaAlternate Universe
Royale Casino: CrapsDilemmaQ-Continuum
Royale Casino: SlotsDilemmaMirror, Mirror
SaavikPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Saltah'na ClockArtifactDeep Space Nine
Salvage StarshipObjectiveFirst Contact
Samaritan SnareMissionQ-Continuum
Samuel Clemens' PocketwatchArtifactAlternate Universe
Science LabSiteDeep Space Nine
Scorched HandInterruptFirst Contact
Scout EncounterDilemmaFirst Contact
Seal RiftMissionHolodeck Adventures
Search for RebelsMissionMirror, Mirror
Search for WeaponsMissionPremiere Starter Deck II
Secret Agent Julian BashirPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Secure StationMissionThe Borg
Security OfficeSiteDeep Space Nine
Seismic QuakeDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Seize WesleyInterruptAlternate Universe
Senior Staff MeetingInterruptAlternate Universe
Seven of NinePersonnelVoyager
Seven of NinePersonnelThe Dominion
Sherlock HolmesPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
ShipwreckInterruptFirst Contact
Sigmund FreudPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Sisko 197 SubroutineEventThe Dominion
Sisters of DurasPersonnelThe Fajo Collection
Six of SeventeenPersonnelFirst Contact
Sixteen of NineteenPersonnelFirst Contact
Soong-type AndroidPersonnelQ-Continuum
SpacedockEventPremiere BB
SpacedoorDoorwayOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Space-Time PortalDoorwayOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Sphere EncounterIncidentEnhanced First Contact
SpotPersonnelThe Fajo Collection
Starship ExcelsiorShipThe Motion Pictures
Static Warp BubbleEventPremiere BB
Stefan DeSevePersonnelAlternate Universe
St. John TalbotPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Stolen Attack ShipShipThe Trouble with Tribbles
Stone Knives and BearskinsEventThe Sky's the Limit
Stop First ContactObjectiveFirst Contact
Storage Compartment DoorDoorwayThe Trouble with Tribbles
StrategemaIncidentAll Good Things
Study Plasma StormMissionDeep Space Nine
Study ProtonebulaMissionHolodeck Adventures
Subjugate PlanetObjectiveThe Dominion
Subspace SchismInterruptPremiere BB
"Subspace Seaweed"DilemmaDeep Space Nine
Subspace TransporterEventThe Trouble with Tribbles
Subspace Warp RiftEventPremiere BB
SunaPersonnelOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
SupernovaEventPremiere BB
Symbiont DiagnosisMissionDeep Space Nine
Talosian CageDilemmaHolodeck Adventures
TamaShipAlternate Universe
Tantalus FieldArtifactMirror, Mirror
Tarchannen StudyMissionQ-Continuum
Tarellian Plague ShipDilemmaPremiere BB
TargPersonnelAlternate Universe
Tekeny GhemorPersonnelDeep Space Nine
Telepathic Alien KidnappersEventPremiere BB
Temporal Causality LoopDilemmaPremiere BB
Temporal Micro-WormholeDoorwayVoyager
Temporal NarcosisInterruptAlternate Universe
Temporal RiftInterruptPremiere BB
Temporal VortexDoorwayFirst Contact
Temporal WakeInterruptFirst Contact
Terraforming StationFacilityQ-Continuum
Terran Rebellion HQFacilityMirror, Mirror
Tetryon FieldEventPremiere BB
The Artificial IntelligencePersonnelThe Borg
The Art of DiplomacyIncidentMirror, Mirror
The Big PictureEventBlaze of Glory
The Clown: Playing DoctorDilemmaHolodeck Adventures
The DoctorPersonnelVoyager
The Earring of Li NalasArtifactThe Dominion
The E.C.H.PersonnelHolodeck Adventures
The EmissaryPersonnelAway Team Pack
The Emperor's New CloakObjectiveMirror, Mirror
The Genesis DeviceArtifactThe Motion Pictures
The Guardian of ForeverDoorwayMirror, Mirror
The Issue Is PatriotismQ-CardQ-Continuum
The Mask of KorganoEventAlternate Universe
The Needs of the Many…InterruptThe Motion Pictures
The NexusDoorwayThe Motion Pictures
The SheliakDilemmaQ-Continuum
Theta-Radiation PoisoningDilemmaFirst Contact
The TravelerPersonnelAway Team Pack
The Traveler: TranscendenceEventPremiere BB
The Twin Mistresses of EvilPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
The Wake of the BorgInterruptBlaze of Glory
The Walls Have EarsInterruptDeep Space Nine
The Whale ProbeDilemmaThe Motion Pictures
Thine Own SelfInterruptAlternate Universe
Third of FivePersonnelThe Trouble with Tribbles
Time to ReconsiderInterruptDeep Space Nine
Time Travel PodArtifactPremiere BB
TommygunEquipmentFirst Contact
TongoIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Topological Anomaly 4747DilemmaStraight and Steady
ToralPersonnelPremiere BB
TortureEventBlaze of Glory
Tox UthatArtifactPremiere BB
Transporter DronesEquipmentThe Motion Pictures
Transporter MixupIncidentMirror, Mirror
Transwarp Network GatewayDoorwayFirst Contact
Treaty: Federation/Romulan/KlingonEventOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Tribble BombIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Tribunal of QIncidentVirtual Promos
Trust MeQ-CardQ-Continuum
Tsiolkovsky InfectionDilemmaPremiere BB
TurrelPersonnelDeep Space Nine
Two of NineteenPersonnelFirst Contact
Two of SeventeenPersonnelFirst Contact
Type 18 ShuttlepodShipMirror, Mirror
UltimatumIncidentBlaze of Glory
Undetected Beam-InDilemmaFirst Contact
U.S.S. DauntlessShipThe Borg
U.S.S. Enterprise-BShipThe Motion Pictures
U.S.S. Enterprise-CShipAlternate Universe
U.S.S. PasteurShipThe Fajo Collection
U.S.S. Yangtzee KiangShipDeep Space Nine
ValerisPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Vantika's Neural PathwaysDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Vic FontainePersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Victory Is LifeInterruptBlaze of Glory
Vidiian Boarding ClawIncidentVoyager
Vidiian HarvesterEquipmentVoyager
Vorgon RaidersInterruptAlternate Universe
VR HeadsetEquipmentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Vulcan MindmeldInterruptPremiere BB
WajahutPersonnelThe Motion Pictures
Warp Core BreachEventPremiere BB
Warped SpaceMissionAlternate Universe
Wartime ConditionsEventAlternate Universe
Weak SpotInterruptFirst Contact
We Look for ThingsIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Where No One Has Gone BeforeEventPremiere BB
White DeprivationIncidentHolodeck Adventures
WormholeInterruptPremiere BB
Writ of AccountabilityIncidentRules of Acquisition
You Dirty RatInterruptThe Dominion
Your Galaxy Is ImpureDilemmaHolodeck Adventures