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ST1E - overview erratas

You will find here an overview of all ST1E erratas (rule changes to specific cards). Please keep in mind, that this section depends on the data of the Interactive-Card-Database - only erratas that are edited there, can be shown here. So, if you miss something maybe because there was a current rule update - feel free to add on the one hand this new rule to our database (use tab "New document") and also feel free to add this rule on the other hand to the concerned card in our interactive card database.

At this time there are 211 Erratas listed here. Please klick on the card name to follow into the cards Library, where you will find the Errata (as current game play text) and the former card text under Rule hints (the game play text of this card before the errata).

22nd-Century San FranciscoTime LocationStraight and Steady
Access DeniedIncidentBlaze of Glory
A Change of PlansInterruptFirst Contact
Adapt: Negate ObstructionInterruptFirst Contact
Admiral RikerPersonnelThe Dominion
AjurPersonnelAlternate Universe
Alien AbductionDilemmaPremiere BB
Amanda RogersInterruptPremiere BB
Amanda's ParentsQ-CardQ-Continuum
Ambassador SarekPersonnelHomefront II
Ancestral VisionEventVoyager
Ankari "Spirits"DilemmaThe Borg
Anti-Time AnomalyEventPremiere BB
Armus - Skin of EvilDilemmaPremiere BB
Assign Mission SpecialistsObjectiveFirst Contact
Assimilate PlanetObjectiveFirst Contact
Assimilate StarshipObjectiveFirst Contact
Atmospheric IonizationEventPremiere BB
Attention All HandsIncidentThe Next Generation
Auto-Destruct SequenceInterruptPremiere BB
Bajoran OutpostFacilityDeep Space Nine
Bajoran Resistance CellObjectiveHolodeck Adventures
Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror UniverseDoorwayMirror, Mirror
Baryon BuildupEventAlternate Universe
Barzan WormholeDoorwayVoyager
Beyond The SubatomicInterruptVoyager
Birth of "Junior"DilemmaPremiere BB
Blood OathIncidentBlaze of Glory
BoratusPersonnelAlternate Universe
Borg CubeShipFirst Contact
Borg OutpostFacilityFirst Contact
Borg ShipDilemmaPremiere BB
Brain DrainInterruptAlternate Universe
BrilgarPersonnelShades of Gray
Bynars Weapon EnhancementEventPremiere BB
Captain B'EtorPersonnelLife From Lifelessness
Captain's LogEventAlternate Universe
Cardassian OutpostFacilityDeep Space Nine
Caretaker's ArrayIncidentVoyager
Cargo RendezvousMissionTwo-Player Game
Chief Engineer TuckerPersonnelThe Terran Empire
Chinese Finger PuzzleDilemmaQ-Continuum
Clan PeopleDilemmaDeep Space Nine
Cloaked MissionMissionPremiere BB
Continuing MissionIncidentThe Next Generation
ConundrumDilemmaAlternate Universe
Covert InstallationMissionPremiere BB
Crewman BiggsPersonnelThe Terran Empire
CryosatelliteArtifactAlternate Universe
Cybernetics ExpertiseIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Cyrus RedblockPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Delta Quadrant Spatial ScissionIncidentVoyager
Diplomatic ConferenceMissionAlternate Universe
Disrupt AllianceMissionMirror, Mirror
Disruptor OverloadInterruptPremiere BB
Distortion FieldEventPremiere BB
Distortion Of Space/Time ContinuumInterruptPremiere BB
Docking PadsSiteDeep Space Nine
Dosi Trade VesselShipThe Gamma Quadrant
Edo ProbeDilemmaAlternate Universe
Emergency Transporter ArmbandsInterruptPremiere BB
End TransmissionInterruptQ-Continuum
Ensign KelbyPersonnelThe Terran Empire
Ensign TuvokPersonnelFirst Anthology
EnterpriseShipThe Enterprise Collection
Espionage MissionMissionFirst Contact
Establish GatewayObjectiveFirst Contact
EvacuationMissionPremiere BB
Explore Typhon ExpanseMissionPremiere BB
Fair PlayEventThe Dominion
Federation OutpostFacilityPremiere BB
Female's Love InterestDilemmaPremiere BB
Female's Love Interest & Garbage ScowDilemmaEnhanced Premiere
Ferengi Military OperationsIncidentThe Next Generation
Ferengi OutpostFacilityRules of Acquisition
FirestormDilemmaPremiere BB
Frame of MindDilemmaAlternate Universe
Full Planet ScanInterruptPremiere BB
GarakPersonnelFirst Anthology
GiustiPersonnelPremiere BB
Going To The TopInterruptDeep Space Nine
GozarPersonnelThe Next Generation
Halkan CouncilTime LocationMirror, Mirror
Hirogen HuntIncidentThe Borg
Holodeck DoorDoorwayHolodeck Adventures
Holoprogram: The Fortress of DoomIncidentHolodeck Adventures
Holo-ProjectorsEventPremiere BB
HolosuiteSiteHolodeck Adventures
HQ: Defensive MeasuresObjectiveDeep Space Nine
Husnock OutpostFacilityOfficial Tournament Sealed Deck
Iconia InvestigationMissionPremiere BB
I.K.C. BortasShipPremiere BB
Intermix RatioEventFirst Contact
Intruder Alert!IncidentBlaze of Glory
Investigate "Shattered Space"MissionPremiere BB
Investigate SightingMissionPremiere BB
Investigate Time ContinuumMissionPremiere BB
Investigate Unknown ElementMissionCaptain's Log - ST1E compatible
Jonathan ArcherPersonnelThe Enterprise Collection
Kazon WarshipShipVoyager
Kevin UxbridgeInterruptPremiere BB
Khitomer ResearchMissionPremiere BB
Klaestron OutpostFacilityDeep Space Nine
Klim DokachinEventAlternate Universe
Klingon OutpostFacilityPremiere BB
Kobayashi Maru ScenarioIncidentAll Good Things
Latinum PayoffInterruptAlternate Universe
Launch PortalDoorwayFirst Contact
LibertyShipThe Borg
Locutus' Borg CubeShipBlaze of Glory
Loss of Orbital StabilityInterruptPremiere BB
Lower DecksEventAlternate Universe
Lwaxana TroiPersonnelPremiere BB
maH nlvIncidentShades of Gray
Major RakalPersonnelAlternate Universe
Male's Love InterestDilemmaPremiere BB
MartokPersonnelThe Dominion
Memory WipeEventPremiere Starter Deck II
MendonPersonnelPremiere BB
Menthar Booby TrapDilemmaPremiere BB
Mercenary RaidersIncidentThe Next Generation
Metaphasic ShieldsEventPremiere BB
Mimetic SimbiotDilemmaStraight and Steady
Mirror ImageEventFirst Contact
Multidimensional Transport DeviceEquipmentMirror, Mirror
Neutral OutpostFacilityWarp Pack
Neutral OutpostFacilityAlternate Universe
Nutational ShieldsEventPremiere BB
Obelisk of MasakaIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Oof!InterruptDeep Space Nine
Operate Wormhole RelaysObjectiveThe Dominion
OutgunnedInterruptBlaze of Glory
Patrol Neutral ZoneMissionFirst Contact
Phased MatterDilemmaPremiere BB
Phaser BurnsInterruptAlternate Universe
Picard ManeuverTacticBlaze of Glory
Primary Supply DepotFacilityThe Dominion
QDilemmaPremiere BB
Q2InterruptPremiere BB
Q's Fantasy WomenQ-CardHolodeck Adventures
Q the RefereeIncidentThe Trouble with Tribbles
Queen's Borg CubeShipFirst Contact
Radioactive Garbage ScowDilemmaPremiere BB
Ready Room DoorDoorwayVoyager
Ready Room DoorDoorwayFirst Contact
Red Alert!EventPremiere BB
Regina BarthalomewPersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Release This PainIncidentThe Motion Pictures
Relics of the ChaseIncidentThe Borg
REM Fatigue HallucinationsDilemmaPremiere BB
RemodulationInterruptFirst Contact
Remote Supply DepotFacilityThe Dominion
Reported ActivityMissionTwo-Player Game
Ressikan FluteArtifactAlternate Universe
ReunionMissionAlternate Universe
Revisionist HistoryEventThe Enterprise Collection
Rishon UxbridgeEventAlternate Universe
Romulan OutpostFacilityPremiere BB
Sam LavellePersonnelHolodeck Adventures
ScanInterruptPremiere BB
Scorched HandInterruptFirst Contact
Seat of StarfleetFacilityThe Enterprise Collection
Senior Staff MeetingInterruptAlternate Universe
Sense the BorgInterruptFirst Contact
Six of ElevenPersonnelFirst Contact
Spatial RiftDilemmaVoyager
Starfleet Phaser PistolEquipmentThe Enterprise Collection
Starfleet Type II PhaserEquipmentPremiere BB
StrategemaIncidentAll Good Things
SunadPersonnelThe Next Generation: Supplemental
SunadPersonnelAll Good Things
Tarellian Plague ShipDilemmaPremiere BB
Tasha Yar-AlternatePersonnelAlternate Universe
Temporal RiftInterruptPremiere BB
Temporal VortexDoorwayFirst Contact
The Discovery of Sha Ka ReeMissionThe Motion Pictures
The JugglerInterruptPremiere BB
The Kazon CollectiveIncidentVoyager
The Next EmanationEventVoyager
The Vidiian SodalityIncidentVoyager
The Wake of the BorgInterruptBlaze of Glory
The Weak Will PerishDilemmaThe Borg
Thine Own SelfInterruptAlternate Universe
Third of FivePersonnelThe Trouble with Tribbles
Thought FireDilemmaAlternate Universe
ToralPersonnelPremiere BB
T'PanPersonnelPremiere BB
T'Pol/Soong ManeuverTacticThe Enterprise Collection
Transwarp Network GatewayDoorwayFirst Contact
Tsiolkovsky InfectionDilemmaPremiere BB
Two-Dimensional CreaturesDilemmaPremiere BB
U.S.S. DanubeShipDeep Space Nine
U.S.S. OberthShipPremiere BB
VetarShipLife From Lifelessness
Vic FontainePersonnelHolodeck Adventures
Visit Cochrane MemorialObjectiveFirst Contact
Vulcan MindmeldInterruptPremiere BB
Vulcan Nerve PinchInterruptAlternate Universe
Vulcan TricorderEquipmentStraight and Steady
Wesley CrusherPersonnelPremiere BB
Where Opportunities are MadeIncidentThe Gamma Quadrant
Wind DancerDilemmaPremiere BB
WormholeInterruptPremiere BB
Wormhole NegotiationsMissionPremiere BB
Yellow AlertEventAlternate Universe
Your Galaxy Is ImpureDilemmaHolodeck Adventures
ZaldanDilemmaAlternate Universe
Zefram Cochrane's TelescopeArtifactFirst Contact